To what degree would your life transform if you stopped settling?

What are you available for?

I’m not talking about the amazing things you SAY you’re available for.

I’m referring to what’s actually showing up in your physical reality.


The depth of your relationships.

The shape of your body.

The quality of your work.

The stimulation of your conversations.

The state of your home.


I don’t understand why we’ve allowed average to become an acceptable standard.

I don’t understand why society decided that breeding minions was more desirable than nurturing artists.

I don’t understand why we continue to embrace a culture of fear,

where few dare stand out,

fewer dare speak their truth,

simply because it’s not the same as everyone else’s truth.


I don’t understand why we’re told from infancy to stop being so greedy,

and to just be grateful for what we have.

Is it any fucking wonder that so many believe in scarcity,

in limited resources,

that we’re consuming too much and therefor we’re all going to end up living on Mars

or die on a decaying earth?


I don’t understand why our schooling system still exists when quite frankly it’s failing our children.

I don’t understand why drugs that subdue emotions have not only become legal, but acceptable.


I don’t understand why the hell we think it’s okay for millions to be depressed,

because it’s easier to deal with those who have no will left to live,

they’re very quiet,


ready to fight for what they ACTUALLY deserve.


Looking back I finally understand why kick-boxing shifted me out of my depressed (oppressed, suppressed) state.

It’s simply not possible to go from SAD to GLAD.

But, you sure as hell can shift your arse from SAD to MAD.

And kickboxing was the PERFECT vehicle for this.

I could finally connect to the FURY inside me and unleash it onto that big, red bag.


I recall a specific day when I asked my then husband to hold the bag for me,

I was working through a somewhat demonic state of suppression of my truth with a particular individual,

the bag swinging wildly out of control.

After less than a minute he stood back,

stated he simply couldn’t stand to see the anger on my face.

He didn’t like this side of me.

It’s not what he wanted in a wife.

He walked away.


That’s it!

People would rather have us docile and subdued,

than passionate, outspoken, standing in our true power.


Fuck that.


For it was only once I harnessed the power in my anger,

accepting and appreciating the FULL range of my emotions,

that I could finally move from MAD to GLAD.


Where does the anger come from?




Where does the sad come from?




We hold our tongues.

We settle for less.

We make our desires wrong.

We feel bad about the fact that beauty and abundance and art and excellence and meaningful conversations actually matter to us.

We stop believing in ourselves.

We stop valuing our own opinions.

We stop accepting ourselves.

And the abandonment of self for the belonging to the tribe,

rips us apart,

and in the separation from the self,

we find death of our joy.





Look Sunshine,

I believe that you are powerful.

I believe that you are worthy of ALL your desires.

Furthermore, regardless of WHAT your desires are,

I believe they are good and crucial for YOUR expansion and growth.


I believe that the “EMPOWERED” everyone’s talking about,

you know,

the empowered masculine and the empowered feminine,

is simply the BEST of ourselves.

Fully empowered means completely liberated from bullshit.

Fully empowered means completely FREE to choose.

Fully empowered means complete responsibility for self.

Fully empowered means radical self-acceptance, self-appreciation and self-love.


It’s not about being stronger than anyone else.

It’s about bloody time we take everyone else out of the equation.

This is our time to return to ourselves.

To start with ourselves.

To look after ourselves.

From this space,

we can ONLY create magnificence,

and those who choose to share our experience,

will be grateful for our selfish stance.


Where are you settling?


Be honest with yourself.


This shit matters.

Settling doesn’t make you a good person.

It doesn’t make you humble.

It makes you a selfish and irresponsible ass!

As long as YOU settle,

YOU are not being YOUR BEST self.

Which means YOU are screwing over yourself and EVERYONE you claim to love.




Become unavailable for martyrdom.

Become unavailable for average relationships.

Become unavailable for okay conversations.

Become unavailable for sub-standard work.

Become unavailable for being out of shape.

Become unavailable for imitation.

Become unavailable for anyone who is not committed to THEIR personal thrive.


Nothing will ever change until individuals choose to stop the cycle of codependency.

Nothing will ever change until individuals start focusing on sorting out their own instead of rescuing everyone else.

Nothing will ever change until individuals speak out their truth regardless of how upstream it is.

Nothing will ever change until YOU accept YOU’RE THE INDIVIDUAL.




It’s time for the return of magnificence.

It’s time for YOUR return to thrive.


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the Alphas.


Live with honour.



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