Creating your toolbox of THRIVE!

As I lightly puke into my mouth
the thought crosses my mind
-spit or swallow-
the only thing that matters
the ONLY thing that actually matters
is that I finish what I started.

Finish the interval.
Finish the session.

Rain-splattered glasses making every turn in the road an act of faith.
Faith that if today is my last day, that it will be swift.
Faith that if today is not my last day, that I will instinctively be guided to look up, to swerve, at the critical moment.
Faith that the drivers are wide awake,
seeing the slight swerve of my bike as the wind keeps pushing and pulling me out of my line.

Most people will look at this and think I’m bat-shit crazy,
irresponsible even,
not understanding that my body is my most powerful instrument for remembering and reconnecting to my true self.

I have trained my body to push to the point of no return and when she has nothing left to give me,
when my human self is no longer enough,
I release
and my higher self takes centre stage.

They call it being in the zone.
Time slowing down.
Senses heightened so that everything comes into sharp focus,
a deeper appreciation of what this world has to offer.

And the more often I allow myself to get into my state of bliss,
the easier it becomes for me to release my human tendency of micro-controlling life.
For if you think about it Darling,
you have ZERO control
and ALL the control.

after all,
is your life.

Which you are creating through your choices yes,
AND there’s a larger part of you at play
which most will never tap into.

I’ve come to the realisation that we are all eternal and universal energy having a human experience.
Part of this human experience is various instruments for a richer sensation such as
our minds
our bodies
our emotions
our sexuality
our spirituality
our insatiable hunger to grow and create more.

Think of life as this big scavenger hunt,
just for fun.
You came here to create new treasures through your desires,
and then to find those treasures and bring them into manifested form for everyone to enjoy.

Your soul knew this before you were born.
She also knew that she wanted to be your partner in thrive,
so she put little tools along the way for you to find
and use to help get you to the next delicious treasure.

Not that I play video games,
but kinda like what I see my kids do.

They’re always looking to unlock some tool or armour or whatever that will help them conquer what is on this level and go to the next.

Now one of MY tools
is my body,
more specifically,
extreme physical training.

It’s getting out on my bikes
or into a mountain
and pushing myself to the limit
and beyond.

My mind goes through this incredible journey
of enthusiasm,
more hope,

It’s really fun.
Plus you get to create so much evidence of what a powerhouse you actually are,
so quickly,
which you then carry with you into every area of your life.

Why do women become more confident when working with me and doing their squats?
Because they FEEL the strength in their bodies,
they amaze themselves of what they can achieve with a little consistency and dedication,
plus who doens’t feel sexy with a tigther derriere???
You should try it some time 😉

Another one of my tools is my mind.
Especially through mindset work which will include my training,
and also my journaling where I DECIDE
WHAT I am creating next,
WHO I choose to be,
WHAT I choose to receive,
WHAT I now choose to believe,
do you see I never say HOW?

Then there’s meditation – okay in all honesty, this is a HUGE work in progress.
But hey,
I’m improving every day which is what matters.
So I’m not perfect.
So I don’t have it all down like a ‘guru’.
Bite me.

I could go on and on sharing all the trinkets in my little box of tricks and tools,
but who cares?

I’m more interested in YOU filling YOUR toolbox with instruments of power activation.

How do you find them?
Well Hunny,
you have to get curious as to what is available out there.
You have to be willing to experiment without NEEDING shit to work.
You have to give yourself permission to use various tools, tweaking what others have and making it your own, and then practicing them every day.
You have to start participating in your scavenger hunt with an air of childlike enthusiasm instead of being such a grumpasaurus.

Seriously Buttercup,
what’s the worst thing that could happen to you if you gave yourself permission to say
fuck it,
and just start having fun????

You could lose some ‘friends’ – good riddance I say.
You could fail a few times – well halle-fucking-lujah. You’re finally out of ego and opening yourself up to learning.
You could have some sore muscles – hahaha, welcome to my world.
You could meet some extraordinary people who live from a space of radical self-acceptance, self-appreciation, self-love, and self-respect and feel what it’s like to be surrounded by Alphas.
You could wake up in the morning with your toes curled in delightful anticipation of what the day has in store for you.
You could find out you lurv something that you’ve never even considered before.
You could live a life of thrive!

Fuck me georgie –
can you imagine????

Now tell me again why you want to hold on to your stifling old ways and bullshit limitations?
Tell me again why you want to tippy-toe around in life so that nobody will stop dead in their tracks and pay attention to you?
Tell me again why you will allow your fear of death prevent you from fully living?

blah blah blah.

Death is inevitable.
Will you choose to thrive?

Live with honour,

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