The tools doesn’t make the man – but can it hinder him?

Look what I received yesterday!  Aren’t they just gorgeous???

Yeah Baby, a brand new pair of mountain bike shoes.

I suspect my previous ones had probably been my companions in excess of eight years.  And after thousands of kilometers of mud, sweat and puppies they were exhausted.

But you know what – they served me beautifully and I’m a little in love with them.  Tatty and all.

Yet the woman in me couldn’t help but squeel with delight as I unwrapped the package with my brand new babies.  I can’t believe I had the discipline to keep on working instead of jumping  on my bike and hitting the trails.  But wait, for weekend is approaching and I know they will be a joy to wear.

This gave me pause to think of my cycling (and other sports and even work journeys) and an interesting observation came to light.  I’ve always been the type of person who will find something that I want to try – knowing instinctively that it will light me up, be in alignment with my purpose and desires, and take me next level – and then wanting to start with the bare necessities.

My loving husband immediately wants to run out and buy the best equipment money can buy.  But not me.  I don’t ever want to start off with the best of the best.  Instead I invest in a low end product that gets me started.  Then I want to work my sweet ass off, see what I can achieve, reward myself with small upgrades until I feel I can fully commit to the long run, to the more serious players.

At this point I will start investing in the best of the best.  Never before.

Now you might argue with me here and say this is a lack of commitment or a scarcity mentality or whatever.

But I know myself and I also know that in my world of high achievers, working for reward is essential to the joy we receive in succeeding.

And here’s the other thing I’ve noticed.

People who start with the best of the best tend to be a little ‘lazy’.  Thing is you have to work a shit ton harder with the basic equipment.  Now whether that is an entry level bike with no trimmings or starting a company without the fancy website, the paid team of experts, etc.

When you start off with the basics you have to learn a whole new set of skills without the assistance of advanced technology.  And make no mistake, the technology that goes into even the new bikes and running shoes are absolutely astounding!  And YES, they most definitely make a difference to your performance on race day.

I have chosen to model some of the pro athletes who train or play on entry level bikes knowing that it forces their muscles to work harder.  The response is slower so their instincts need to be sharper.  It’s just a completely different workout.  Then when you get back on your machine not only do you appreciate it way more, the thrill of the ride is intensified and all of a sudden you have all the new power from training which makes you fly!

The other observation I’ve made is that people who start off ‘easy’ with the best of the best don’t always stay in the game for the long run.  Equipment can become an ego thing as well as an excuse for not showing up, for not going the distance, for not keeping at it.

Oh I don’t have the right footwear so I can’t go out.  Oh I don’t have the same level of equipment as the others so of course I was going to loose.  I don’t have money for an upgrade now so I’m just going to wait until my ship comes in and then I can go get the new kit and THEN you’ll see how awesome and dedicated I am.


What will determine your awesomeness is you showing the fuck up every single day.  What will determine your awesomeness is your dedication to yourself and your drive and your passion and your willingness to do whatever it takes from wherever you are and with whatever you have at the time.

THAT is what will ultimately determine your level of success.

Which brings me to my next point that price is not always an indication of what is best for you OR of what is the best.  I know we like to think it is.  Especially with the way that the modern world is driven by clever marketing and the ‘luxury brand image’ that is being held as the one to have.  Be careful that you’re not buying a pretty picture instead of a product or service that is driven by passion and purpose and dedicated masters who invest in always improving their craft instead of building a brand and doing clever marketing.  I’m not saying you don’t have to do the marketing.  If you want to be of service, you need to reach your people.

Having said that there’s nothing wrong with investing in the luxury brands IF they are the best fit for you.  Sometimes what enhances one person actually distracts from another.  A designer suite might make one person feel like a king and another feel like an imposter which only screws them over and has them showing up insecure.

A sad contradiction of intended outcome.

What I’m trying to encourage you to do is to start making your decisions based on what it is that you need right now, what will be best for you in this moment, and what will ultimately take you next level.  Take your ego off the table, stop comparing yourself to others.  Instead go inside and connect with your higher knowing and ask “What is it that I require for my next level thrive?”  And then trust that it will be presented to you.  If you really want me to go completely woo-woo, ask your guides, angels, whoever you believe in, to connect you with the right people and products that will serve your highest good in living your purpose.

Allow the magic to happen.

Sometimes you’ll meet someone and think “No way!  That is just coincidence.  Right?” but you’ll know in your heart that it’s not.

I love asking for help.

I love asking for guidance.

I love asking to be connected with the right people and I always am.

From friends to clients to mentors and coaches.

It’s simply magical.

Today I want you to look at your current goals that you’re working towards and start identifying who or what you need to take it next level.  Is it an assistant, a coach, a new pair of shoes (don’t underestimate the power of the shoes Darling)?


This time around I don’t want you to drop everything and run out and buy the most expensive you can afford on your remaining credit.

Instead I want you to write to your spiritual helpers asking them to show you, connect you, with the right people or products that will greatly serve you at this point of your journey.  And then open your eyes and SEE!

Now here’s the other thing you will notice, when you get shown who or what, the means are there as well.  You will never be shown something and then get told “Oops sorry, you don’t have enough money for this.  Maybe next time.”  Doesn’t work that way.  If you’re looking at your bank account and not seeing the funds, then ask for assistance with that as well.  It might not happen the way you expect it to.  Instead you might have the inspiration to sell something.  You might receive an unexpected gift.  You might receive a discount or see a sale and viola!


Then take action immediately.

Hesitation leads to devastation which I see all the time as well.

Ultimately this is the only truth:  You can BE, DO or HAVE anything that you desire.  It all starts within.  For it’s never a lack of resources which leads to defeat – only a lack of resourcefulness.

Unlock your power from within and then use the resources from outside to enhance.  Not the other way around.

Show me your amazing Darling.

For death is inevitable.  But thriving is a choice you can make right in this moment.

With love always,


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