If you truly want to transform the world, transform yourself.

We keep talking about what’s wrong with the world.

All the hardship,

The suffering,

The lack,

The abandonment,

The obesity,

The addiction,

The psychological diseases,

The scarcity.

Still not understanding that every word we utter,

spins the web of all these conditions

even tighter.

For what we give energy to, grows.

We’re feeding the beast with the vibration of our words and thoughts.

Which, in case you haven’t noticed yet, does NOT improve the situation.

So today I invite you to take a different approach,

but only if you’re serious about transforming the world.

Only if you’re committed to creating abundance, well-being, love, joy.

If not,

if you’re going to be one of the billions inflated with hot air,

lacking substance and follow-through,

don’t even bother reading further.

The only transformation that you are responsible for,

is transforming,

you’ve got it Sunshine,


Contrary to popular belief, you’re not responsible for everyone else.

This whole ideology of we’re more inclined to do for others than ourselves,

is nothing but a programmed disconnect from self.

That’s because some clever Dickson,

in generations past,

figured out just how powerful the individual is when connected to soul,

to purpose,

to personal desire,

to love starting with the self.

And he had a teeny weeny little pecker,

making him feel inferior to others.

So he decided to start a rumour,

which said that we should lay down our lives in service (be servants) to others.

That not doing so,

meant we are selfish and should be banished from the tribe.

Well Darling,

you and I both know just how quickly a rumour can spread when backed by a little passion,

and more and more,

generations of small pecker (figuratively speaking) individuals

proclaimed this to be truth.

That in order for you to be of any value to your society,

in order for you to have any value,

in order for you to be valuable,

in order for you to have worth,

in order for you to be worthy,

in order for you to be enough,

you had to melt into the collective and become part of the whole.

Except in the process,

the individual lost their wholeness.

Now all of a sudden everyone is frantically scurrying around looking for their better half.


Your better half is the one inside of you who actually loves and appreciates YOU!

Your better half is


And the responsibility of being that best version,

lies squarely in your lap.

Question is,

are you brave enough,

determined enough,

to put aside all shame and blame,

and march your sweet arse to the mirror,

strip down to your birthday suite,

and ask yourself,

“Is this the absolute BEST I can be?”

Where I want to challenge you,

is to leave behind all your judgements of what BEST should look like in a ‘GOOD’ person.

You know exactly what I’m talking about…

We live in a material world which means your BEST self,

which requires the finest nutrition,



creative teams,

fun and adventure,

training equipment,




you name it,

requires money!

Which means that for you to get real about what your BEST version self looks like,

you have to get over your nonsense about having copious amounts of money.

I want you to look in the mirror as if you actually believe in abundance.

If you had all the money and resources in the world,

what would your best version self look like?

Your physique,

your health,

your relationships,

your passion,

your business,

your environment,

your conversations,

your circle of genius,

your work that you put out into the world,

all of it.

And if you’re not there yet,

don’t freak out,

because in truth,

we never are!

Wherever we are,

there’s room for expansion, growth, improvement.

It’s called life.

All you have to do is to identity the NEXT best you,

and start taking action on stepping into that version,


Identify where you are NOT that version yet,

and clean up your eating,

clean out your wardrobe and bring in higher vibrational materials,

let go of the toxic relationships and invite in stimulating fun loving relationships,

stop being a lazy arse and commit to doing some form of exercise every day,

watch a little less TV and meditate a little longer,

stop drinking at night and learn something new or practice a skill,

whatever it takes for YOUR transformation.

Can you see how if every single person started taking this stance of

personal transformation,

that the world will be transformed?

A word of warning though:

don’t do it with the expectation that others will follow suite.

Don’t do it so you can get on a little soap-box and scream at everyone else that they have to do it too.

A – it’s not your place

B – free will Baby.

Plus you will find that when you truly transform to your next BEST version self,

the choices others make for themselves,

doesn’t really matter.

We respect the journey of others.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Time to strip down and go look your gorgeous self in the eye.

Transformation doesn’t occur without action.

Only death is inevitable.

And I suspect you’re starting to see why thriving is the choice of the brave.

With deep love and appreciation for you,


PS:  All cursing omitted for my beautiful black-and-white friends – you guys fucking rock!