True champions celebrate winners

I’m attempting to wrap my head around this
but in truth,
I think it’s just fucked up.

Maybe it’s because I’ve always been in a ‘competitive’ field of one kind or another.
From the age of six my life consisted of hours of sweat, pain, blood and tears in rehearsal halls for a few minutes on the stage.
Butterflies in your tummy making you appear weightless to the audience,
whilst the eyes of your competitors burn in the back of your body.

Don’t underestimate the steel in the hearts of those pretty ballerinas Darling.

there can always be only one winner.

On the days it’s you,
you feel incredible.

On the days it’s another,
you feel disappointed for yourself yet joyous for the winner as they simply showed up better on this occasion.
You congratulate with a full and overflowing heart.

Whether you won this time around or not,
you go back to the rehearsal hall and you work even harder.

This was revived in competitive cycling, running and tri’s.
Admittedly I don’t exactly fit in with the ‘fun’ distances which requires very little effort, attracting the masses who are simply not my people.
My home is with the ultra-endurance athletes.
Where nothing less than true commitment gets you to the finish.

As you stand at the start waiting,
you’re surrounded by a relatively small field of tense and focussed bodies,
for whom you have enormous respect because
you know
what it takes JUST to get to this line.
The sacrifices.
The determination.
The commitment.
The discipline.

When the canon goes off it’s GAME FUCKING ON BITCHES.
No mercy is shown.
It’s you against you and everyone else.
You NEVER sit up to wait for another – that would be insulting to the max.
You NEVER feel pity for another – fallen comrades are internally bowed to, respect and compassion, for shit happens, and today was simply not their day.

There can be only ONE winner per event.
Yet every champion congratulates the winner.

Do you get this?
Or is this not making sense?
I feel as though I’m not explaining myself well as I simply can’t wrap my head arround the opposite.

Those who live in honour ALWAYS celebrate their ‘opponents’ for competition amongst alphas is fierce yet friendly.
It’s ALWAYS competition which encourages everyone to raise their standards, to become better,
there’s NO breaking down of another,
breaking down is for those weak of character.
There’s NO jealousy for every win is fucking EARNED and we admire that!

We understand that when we celebrate another
we celebrate WHO WE CHOOSE TO BE!

Champions ALWAYS give credit to their coaches, their teams, their supporters, their fans for they KNOW that they in and of themselves would not get to the podium!
Those who stand behind them never have to ASK for recognition and gratitude. It’s just given because it’s the fucking honourable thing to do and keeps you humble.

Which is why I’m really befuddled by the LACK of celebration and acknowledgement in the business world online.
Here we have an incredible platform for global celebration for the efforts of another yet the masses choose to applaud fluffy posts that makes ZERO difference in the UPLIFTMENT TO EXCELLENCE and there’s crickets when someone shares their joy in a REAL win.

People don’t promote others because
What the fuck are you afraid of?
That they’re going to make a sale and you won’t?
That’s really screwy and what keeps the economy contracted for you either believe in abundance and understand that the more abundance is created through another, the more abundance is created for all, or you believe in scarcity.

I LOVE promoting others who I see as living in integrity and adding value to the world as quite frankly,
not everyone is MY soulmate client,
and even if you are and you’re not currently working with me for whatever reason,
doesn’t mean I want to leave you on the ground to increase your suffering,
when I know there’s another who can assist you RIGHT NOW.
How can I then go to sleep at night knowing that I DIDN’T increase opportunities for thrive for another?

It’s fucked up!

It all comes down to this for me:
The cult of mediocrity has been winning up till now.
Let’s just swallow THAT shit for a moment.
The cult which thrives on fear, scarcity, Tall Poppie suck-nuts, jealousy, breaking down of others, conformity, belonging to the herd.
They have NO HONOUR.
They know not INTEGRITY.
They lack RESPECT.

Yes, they have the number thing going for them,
but they are void of the power of ENERGY and LOVE!

My questions to my alphas as follow:
If we’ve allowed average to reign suppreme up till now,
what are we going to DO differently moving forward?
How will we BE different?
How will we SHOW UP differently?

More importantly,
WHEN will we show the fuck up???
For if not today,
then it’s never.
Only our choices right now matters for they define who we choose to be.

The interesting thing is,
I know that those who will comment on this piece,
are the ones already applauding others freely,
those who are already promoting others,
without questioning it for it’s just who they choose to be.
Part of their DNA.


Then let’s show those average-minded flip-flop-bellied non-alphas just what celebration of champions looks and feels like.

I want to hear from you –
Who do you choose to celebrate today?
Who do you choose to promote today?
Who do you choose to acknowledgement today for their honour and integrity

For death might be inevitable.
But thrive is the choice of the alpha female infused with the blood of a victor.

Live with honour,

PS: Unleashed through Love

PM me for details.