True endurance comes from falling in love with the process, the journey.

I struggle to understand most people.

Those who are constantly complaining about life.

Moaning about doing the work.

Unhappy – unless disconnected from their physical reality through booze or drugs or porn or online gaming.

I struggle to understand why everyone is so goddamned impatient with themselves and their growth.

I see them get angry each time they do introspection and discover another hidden fear, another bullshit belief, another cleverly designed means of self-sabotage.

They want it all to go away.


Thinking that once they’ve released all their internal interferences, life is going to be grande.

Not understanding that the entire point of this thing called life,

in my humble opinion,

IS the introspection.

It’s the process of uncovering more desires and then identifying more interferences, and realigning with a purer version of yourself to receive your dreams.

Except, before it’s even fully manifested, you already desire more.

Which means you get to keep doing the work over and over again,

until the day you die.

And quite frankly,

when the work is complete,

the way everyone seems to want it,

there’s no more for your soul to rediscover,

and therefor,

surely it’s inevitable that you will press the reset button so it can all start again?

From this perspective, your impatience with the work, is impatience with life itself!

Stubbornly convinced that you just have to get rid of ONE more belief or ONE more block and THEN,


you’re going to be so happy!

Life is going to be fine and dandy.

Choosing to be miserable until that day comes, holding out for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

And the truth is, you can absolutely choose to live in this way.

You can choose to wake up in the morning feeling discouraged, frustrated, angry and depressed,

thinking of all the shit that’s piled up on top of you once again,

all the annoying demands of others,

that you need to work through.

I know that used to be my default setting as well.

This approach made life a living hell.

I don’t believe that anymore.

Instead, I have chosen to fall in love with the work.

I’ve chosen to fall in love with the journey.

I’ve chosen to fall in love with my life.

I actually ADORE doing the mindset work each and every morning.  Like an explorer from days gone by, I go into my subconscious mind and discover new things that I get to investigate and either keep or release.  I get to take a different view on my life and I get to choose what I want to stay the same and what I want to change.

Isn’t that exciting???

I ADORE building my business!  I love connecting to her essence every day and asking her what else she wants to do at this wonderful time.  I love the new puzzles she presents to me all the time, her changing dynamics, the new obstacles she presents with so much love gifting the chance to find solutions I didn’t have before.  I love when she brings to me  potential opportunities that light me up and I have to find the courage to say yes to.  The ones that really has me step up.  The ones that really bring me a depth I didn’t have before.

Isn’t that exciting???

I ADORE training my ass off on my bikes, on my runs, on my yoga mat.  I am thrilled every time that I encounter the pain and have to find a way to move through it in order for me to gain more and bring more to the start line.  I find it exhilarating to experiment with my nutrition and supplements and then feeling the changes it brings to my focus and stamina when I take the right one that gives me a new edge.

Isn’t that exciting???

I ADORE relationships in all shapes and forms.  The ones that just feel yummy every day, having me smile, having me sing.  And also the ones that really hurt like a trooper.  The ones that has me pulling out my greying hair.  The ones that feels like a slap in the face.  Knowing that all of my relationships happen for me.  They are beautiful mirrors of what’s going on inside myself – sometimes reflecting a behaviour I didn’t want to acknowledge, sometimes reflecting a lack of boundaries because I didn’t think I was worthy of having those, sometimes reflecting a nasty habit of kissing arse, taking responsibility for the feelings of others, or just wanting to be approved of.

Isn’t that exciting???

Does this mean I never cry?  Never scream in fear or frustration or anger?  Does it mean that I stay on even keel every moment of every day?

Are you kidding me???

Have you met me???

Hell Darling, I AM the storm and the rain and the sunshine and the hurricane and the cool evening breeze all rolled into one.

And that is perfect too.

My point is not that you have to become this zombified body walking around without emotions.

Well, actually, if you look around most people are so drugged and desensitised from mere existence, this is how they actually go through life.

My point is that if you just cut yourself some slack, if you just learn to laugh at yourself a little more, if you stop thinking you have to get to the finish line before you can be happy,

you can choose to be happy NOW!

You can choose to love the work and the process and the journey,

thereby wanting to do it even more,

because it’s fun.

Expecting to do it for the rest of your life thereby removing the impatience.


I promise you,

you WILL get way better results.

After all, only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

With deep love and appreciation,