What will it take for you to truly step up?

Okay Sweetpea,
Sit your arse down,
it’s time.

It’s time for us to stop pussy-footing around the subject of you finally snapping the band of bullshit that has you going up and down like a mothereffing yo-yo!

It’s time for some real-woman talk instead of being so bloody nice to you all the time,
giving you a little snuggle so that the sting of the fanny-wax will not feel too bad
whilst you’re smothering in shame!

It’s time for you to hear me,
not only in your head,
but in your heart.

First off:
I know that you’ve had some of the most horrific experiences that you never talk about because you’ve got this idea that if only they knew, they would look at you differently. That their eyes would fill with pity and that would be the last straw.
That you would somehow appear weak if they saw the scars criss-crossing your soul like a smashed mirror distorting the view of who you truly are.
That they would turn their eyes away from you as your raw pain and fury would be too much for them to witness as they choose to exist with their heads up their arses, refusing to acknowledge just how fucked up the system is.

Well not me Hunny.
I see you.
I witness you.
I bow down to you Sister,
for you and I,
we came to fight side by side to end the cycles of abuse, neglect, abandonment, addiction for future generations.
You and I,
we came to stand tall whilst those who uphold the cult of conformity throw their insults, their rocks, their hatred at us when we speak the truth that grates their tits.
You and I,
we didn’t come to tick their little boxes of who we should be and how we should live for them to give us a moment of recognition.
We came to be the legends of our children.

I want to know today,
and not hypothetically,
but from your SOUL:
What the fuck is it going to take for you to truly step up and BE the woman you KNOW you came here to be?
What will it take for you to stop pretending that you can do this on your own just because you’ve not connected to the power of your story and instead of celebrating your herstory, you’re hiding it under the bed?
What will it take for you to stop struggling on your own, binging on every free resource on the internet which, instead of getting you unstuck and showing up unapologetically phenomenally YOU, has you hiding in your home ‘doing the work’ except you’re NOT doing the fucking work, you’re getting more information!

I know you think you’re doing the best you can from where you are and with what you have available to you,
and when you look around you it’s way more than anyone else,
but I’m not going to let you off the hook today Sugar,
because I know
and you secretly know
that you’re talking dog-drool!
THIS is NOT your best.

You’re just terrified of your best because you know
that the day you truly hit your
fuck this motherfucking shit
the fury you’ve been suppressing
will rip loose
and like the dragon awakening from a thousand year sleep
your hunger will roar out of your core
and your passion
your fire
will scorge all around you.

They will run in terror
calling you stark raving mad
and you think you will end up

hear me,

We’re right here.
We’ve always been here.
But you’ve got to first break free from your fear
and find us in faith.

For only then will you hear the whispers of your pack
as we run in the dark
whilst the sheople lie in their alcohol induced slumbers.

Only then will your eyes adjust to the magic
and you will connect to your Inner Alpha
who will guide every step you take
knowing that your feet will always land in the perfect place
even when the perfect place is not a well laid-out brick road.

For we are not bound to the easy pathways that keep the masses bored AF.
We are not bound by the rules and strategies preached by those who wish to keep you afraid of your true potential.
We are not bound by the mind-fuckery that has people spinning their wheels with no traction or progress.

Not us Alpha.
But first,
you have to stop lying to yourself
you have to stop being such a traitor to your true nature
you have to stop pretending that you’re just another meek and mild little woman
you have to stop using self-defeating language telling me your victimitis stories
and truly step up!

What will it take Alpha?
How much longer will you pour energetic guilt onto your children by using them as your excuse for playing small?
How much longer will you hide your scars with your masks whilst hardly breathing from the constriction of pretence?
How much longer will you keep busy with information instead of stepping up and doing the work?
How much longer will you hide amongst the smothering codepedent ladies of propriety whilst blood fills your mouth as you’re constantly biting your tongue?
How much longer?

For death is inevitable,
but this,
this choosing to exist pissing your pants in fear every day,
is NOT

Live with honour,

PS: Unleashed through Love

This program is really for the Alpha Female who knows that she is born different, that the normal rules don’t apply to her, that she has an important message, an impact to make, and she’s willing to see things differently to allow herself to FINALLY unleash herself with conviction, fun and thrive and most importantly, from LOVE.

It’s going to require you to have an open mind especially as much of what we’ll be doing is ‘out of the box’. Look, as a typical achiever I know you can outwork anyone, but when last have you played? Because quite frankly, when alphas play, it’s roughs and tumbles and shenanigans and EPIC results are created. So are you willing to play?

Are you willing to drop the ideology of perfection and instead allow yourself to be perfectly YOU knowing that you can’t get this wrong, from where all your answers will appear as you know they’re always there?

Are you willing to be vulnerable in my space knowing that I’m on your side and will say what I’m guided to say, even when at times it might sting?

If yes, then I know you’re born for this as I’ve been guided to create this for a very specific woman.

It’s twelve weeks with weekly group calls, there’s a membership site with pre-recorded trainings every week to help you dive deeper, recorded meditations, brain-hacking, mirror work, actions, journaling prompts and more. You also receive 5 1:1 calls with me. So yes, there will DEFINITELY be a requirement of your time AND it is nothing I don’t do every day.
There will also be a private Facebook group for community and camaraderie as quite frankly, I’m looking to instigate a thrive EVOLUTION born from this and you’ll know the women in your space, is on the same epic path as you.

Full details at https://anelbester.com/unleashed/

Any other questions or does this feel like a soul yes?