What the hell are you trying to prove?

It is time to stop
the insanity.
Draining you
of every single creative ounce.

Stuck in the dimensional bullshit
of thinking,
that you have to prove yourself
to god knows WHO
or peanuts knows WHAT
in order for you to finally
let go

I see you
working yourself to the bone
from dusk to dawn
not because the muse is making sweet love THROUGH you
but from a space of thinking
if you can just nail the next goal
if you can just get one more award
if you can just get one more raise
you will feel like a goddamned empress
and then,
– oh dare I even go there?
Fuck yes I dare –
you will meet your Divine Alpha Male.

The one you hunger for,
the one that has your pussy drip at the mere idea of him.
Waking all hot and bothered,
going to bed frustrated AF,
because you believe you have to FIRST
build the empire
do all the healing things
make all the money
have the rocking body
and then
you will have proven yourself to the forces of the Universe and he will be delivered to you as your reward for being a good girl.

Done with the codependent crap
the little boys in grown-ass bodies
the assholes who keep ghosting you
the ones who are all adoring at the start
and then shrink away because you’re just too much
too crazy
too weird
for them to handle.

The infantile addicts
who in their unwillingness to fight their own demons
turn on you in the dead of night
beating you down
a sobbing heap of raw pain
as you plead for THEM to stop
plead for IT to stop
whether with their fists
or their words,
pulling your armour a little closer to your heart
thinking that once your heart is fully protected
you’ll be okay.
In the morning they wake
with their hangover and drunken insomnia
expecting you to love them
and praise them
and support them
and heaven helps you if you don’t.
For the next bottle is already lined up for tonight
when the monster will be let out of his cage once more.

I know Darling.
I’ve lived it too.

It’s time for you to stop settling
starting with

For as long as you think results will light your world on fire
you’re keeping yourself out of your own game.

is good enough for you.

Believe this.

Know this as well:
your Alpha partner,
the one who feels the pull in his chest
the dull ache
as hearts desire to break out of bodies to connect with each other,
energetically linked,
even if
you’ve never met in person,
he doesn’t give a left testicle
about your accomplishments.

He FEELS you Alpha,
he FEELS the love radiating through your armour
as no amount of pain can ever dull your true frequency.
He FEELS you
and he wants to be the Supreme Masculine
by your side
an interdependent union
of magnificence.

It’s once you meet him
that you remember
the tango.
The dance of beauty and passion
as he chooses to lead
and you choose to trust
not only him
but yourself
to have the lines of your body framed and showed off to perfection.

Sadly, majority of Alpha Females have surrounded themselves with weak men,
who needed us to step up for them
and prop them up from behind
(behind every successful man…blah blah blah)
and in the process
they’ve sacrificed their exquisite feminine energy
for a male dominant one.

It takes a true Gentleman
for us to release
and unveil our Ultimate Feminine.

We have fallen prey to the social indoctrination swinging from
let’s all be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen
let’s all show the men that we don’t need them
and both of these
do not
apply to Alpha Females.

We are LOVE.
We secretly crave ROMANCE as this is the energy and frequency in which we truly blossom thereby allowing ourselves to radiate globally without giving a damn about those who say we’re hurting their eyes.
No more dimming our bright.
Nothing to prove.
Nobody to please.

What would happen
if you released
all the shit in your head
that’s keeping you prisoner
in the fear of approval and belonging with the tribe?

What would happen
if you released
all the senseless hustle
following their seven steps to the gallows
and instead
allowed yourself to make it up as you go along
following the voice of your intuition,
it’s called woman’s intuition for a reason,
infusing your life with magic
in ALL areas

What would happen
if you actually chose
to stop giving a fuck about appearance
and what anyone else thinks about you
as quite frankly
they’re going to think whatever the hell they want to think,
it has nothing to do with you,
and start living

What would happen?

Tell you what:
if you’re ready to find out,
if you’re ready to say ‘fuck mediocrity’,
if you’re ready to start living

if you’re ready to risk it all
as you understand this is YOUR life after all,
and that the One is ready to step up
the moment you DECIDE to receive him,
then let’s connect.

My name is Anel, and I’m the instigator of a THRIVE evolution of and for Alpha Females.

Oh, and when I say thrive, I’m referring to MASSIVE GROWTH so be ready to play hard, play dirty, play with zero restriction.

Let’s tumble…