When you’re ready to get dirty and un-fuck yourself.

Hmmmm mmmm mmmmm
Do you feel it Darling?
Do you feel the renewed energy flowing through everything?
Do you feel the expanded passion coursing through your veins?
Do you feel the increased clarity in your mind of what you desire and what you’ve had enough of?


Well then maybe it’s time for you to pull out that god-awful drip of mediocrity pumping poison through your system.

Jesus woman,
what will it take for you to say
‘enough and no more’
and from a space of absolute reclamation
rise alpha female???

Just how much more will you tolerate,
continuously numbing the pain of disbelief in yourself,
with more BS philosophies and strategies and tea parties and everything that takes you further and further away from who you truly are?

How much longer will you settle for anything less than
fucking spectacular
because of the ludicrous ideology of scarcity,
the absurdity of the happiness of another can make you happy,
the insanity of self-sacrifice in the name of the little children,
when you and I both know
that you NOT living your absolute best life,
you NOT being your absolute best self,
in whatever form that takes for you,
is screwing the little children over royally????

Whatever the fuck.
Here’s what I want you to think about today Darling:


You’re not a consumer.
You’re not an immitator.
You’re not one of them.
So why on frog testicles
would you play by their rules
and think that anything they say will ever make you happy?

Now just to be clear here,
I’m not saying that I hold the key to YOUR joy
and that I will give you the blueprint to YOUR success.
I’m not going to sprinkle fairy dust on your head and turn you into a queen.
I’m not going to slay your dragons for you and kiss your arse to wake you up from slumber.
I’m not going to save you from yourself.

I would NEVER disrespect you in that fashion.
I do NOT see you as this pathetic damsel in distress.

I see YOU,
right in the core of your being,
and I am in awe of your magnificence.

YOU are so perfect.
YOU are so beautiful.
YOU are so magnetic.
YOU are so brilliant.

The only reason you’re not seeing it,
is you have a muddied view of yoursef
as you’ve chosen to believe all the fuck-nutts who didn’t want to focus on themselves and their own disfunctioning beliefs,
so instead
they look at everyone else,
all the time waiting for a gap to criticise and tell you how you’re broken, imperfect, and you know,
screwed up.

Are you ready to let that shit go?
To let it just wash off you?
To see clearly once more???

Well, if I was with you today here’s what we would do,
and since I’m NOT there with you,
I’m going to invite you to do this for yourself,
but only if you’re actually at a point where you don’t care how silly this might look to others because you’re committed to your happiness.

Are you?
Do you want to play with me?


Step One

BWAHAHAHAHA I’m giving you steps, wtf?
Get a bucket, put in dirt, add water and mix to a sloppy muddy consistency.
I’m not kidding.
You want to come clean?
Then you have to get dirrrrrty first.

Step Two

Get a BIG mirror and place it on some grass or if you don’t have one, go stand outside in front of a window where you can clearly see your own reflection.

Step Three

Take a handful of mud, think of a shitty lie that someone told you,
where they told you that you’re full of yourself,
where they told you that you’re not that clever,
where they told you that you’re never going to be successful,
whatever they said,
speak it out loud into the mud seeing the thought, the pain, the energy of that leave your mouth, leave your body, leave your mind, leave your heart, infusing the mud,
and sling it straight at your reflection.


And Again…
And Again…
Over and over again…
Go wild.
Scream that shit out of your body because that energy is stuck in your cells and it’s time to UNFUCK YOURSELF.

Until there is NOTHING left in the bucket.
Not a smudge of mud.

Now look at your reflection Darling.
How much of yourself can you still see clearly?
I bet that if you allowed yourself to fully commit to this, there’s not much left.

And this is how most people go through life.
Day in and day out,
muddied and hidden by the insentive bullshit of others.

Oh we’re not going to go into the blame game.
You’re a big girl,
take responsibility for your life experience,
appreciate them for getting you to this moment,

Step Four

Get out the hose-pipe and wash the mud off your reflection.
Literally see how all of that pain, all of the lies, all of the obstruction to YOU
simply slides off and returns to the earth to be transmuted into love once more.


Welcome yourself back as you are revealed.

And when you’re done,
just stare into your eyes
the way a lover looks at you in the most tenderest of moments,
touch your face and affirm:

‘There you are.
Thank you for always being here,
even when I didn’t see you.
I appreciate you.
I honour you.
I love you.
Thank you.’

By the end of this process you’ll either feel completely elated, energised and bouncing off the walls,
in which case I would invite you to put on some music and dance until you drop,
you’ll feel absolutely exhausted having cried and released,
in which case I would invite you to set the intention to reintegrate,
go curl up under a soft blanket, and give yourself permission to sleep.

Both of these are perfectly normal and both are perfect.

I have to admit,
I didn’t intend to write this today and sadly not even 0.000001% of people who read this will IMPLEMENT.
But it’s the message that came through which means that somewhere in the world
a woman,
or a man,
is going to read this and decide to give it a go,
and at the end of the day,
they will have powerfully changed the trajectory of their life forever and end up on a higher point than would have otherwise been possible for them.

It is my wish that that person,
will be you.

After all Darling,
death is inevitable,
but thriving is the choice of the Alpha committed to doing the work that others won’t.

Live with honour,


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