It’s time to eradicate all the lazy energy vampires.

There comes a time in every leader’s life when they have to start getting real about what walking in front actually entails.

It would appear that most of us still have this ingrained belief that we have to help and save those who are sitting on their asses on the sideline waiting for someone to score a goal and give them the credit.

I’m all for empowering people.

I’m all for showing people the myriad of choices available to them in any given moment.

I’m all for reframing so that people can see that there’s always a gift in everything that happens for them.

For I honestly believe that we live in a universe that has a deep desire for us to be thrive.

A universe that wants us to dance in celebration of achievement.

A universe provides us everything that we need to succeed.

Except sometimes it doesn’t come wrapped in gold paper with a red ribbon.

Most people just turn their noses up at these gifts.

They sulk and skulk around and then when they see others celebrating, they bring out their fangs and sink it deep into the flesh of joy and suck!

They suck all the positive energy until there’s nothing left in their prey.

Until those who were once elated are exhausted, worn out.

Too tired to continue doing the work which had them celebrating in the first place.

Not the to-do lists.

The deep work.

The real work.

The mind-set work which gave them the strength to question all the bullshit handed down to them by those who are keeping our society united in mediocrity.

Let me tell you now Darling, that doing this type of work on a consistent basis is not easy by anyones measure.

It takes shit tons of discipline.

It takes so much determination to get knocked down on a continuous basis, rising again and again, going back to the darkness within to find the light.

Which is why so few people are actually doing it.

Instead they choose to sleep late and wake up miserable because they know, somewhere in their day there will be a high vibrational person they can go suck on.

They know that they don’t have to do the work because like a leech they can go take their daily requirement of up-liftment from some unsuspecting lightworker who thinks that love means helping and giving and giving until there is nothing left to give.

Fuck that shit.

I’m done with it.

I’m done bearing my neck for those who coo words of love in my ears and then look at me for their energy because you know, they don’t believe in coaching and all the airy-fairy shit I believe in.

Because they are too busy to exercise – even for twenty minutes a day.  It’s much better spent in front of the TV or having a calming glass of wine.

Because they know it all, so why do they have to read the books or listen to the thought leaders.

At the end of the day my life purpose was never to be a feed-zone for the lazy bitches who have no intention of breaking free from the addiction of existence.  Instead they choose to stay entranced by distraction eagerly awaiting physical death.

My life purpose was never to help those who don’t want to help themselves.

My life purpose was never to love everyone else more than I love myself because you know what Darling, we’re all from the same Source.

We’re all made of the same stuff.

And yes, we all agreed to forget our power in this physical reality.

But we also all agreed to come here to remember.

Except remembering is a choice.

Remembering is about doing the deep work to reconnect with your truth.

If you choose to rather believe the lies that you have no choices in life, that it’s just how it is, that you have to be on the hamster wheel, I respect that completely.

But you know what, go spin your little legs to exhaustion on that wheel and let me get on with my life purpose.

Because I do go to bed at 9 pm each night so I can get up at 5 am and do the mindset work.  The introspection.  The reprogramming to the beliefs that serve me.  The beliefs that empower me.  The beliefs that is my truth.

I do make time every single day to train regardless of the weather.  Regardless of working 12 to 15 hours some days.  Regardless of how tired I might be because I respect the body that is taking me on this journey.

I choose to do all of this so that I can be the best version of myself for those who I’m truly here to serve.  The born leaders, change bringers, creatives.  The ordinary folk who see how fucked up the system is and who are prepared to do something extraordinary to bring healing.  Starting with themselves.

In fact, if everyone could just start healing themselves, start reassembling their fractured souls, start loving themselves, this world would be utopia.

Not that I think we came here for utopia.

That will probably be another lifetime.

I do think we chose to come here in a time of turmoil because we are the thrill seekers.  The adventurers.  The creatives who desire a challenge.

We are the ones who enjoy getting to the finish line battered, bruised, out of breath, sweating , bleeding and smiling like an idiot because it  was fucking EXHILARATING!

We are the ones who didn’t want the clearly marked paths and the safety of the masses.

Which means for you to be at your most spectacular form you have to leave the crowd and you have to stop doing it the way everyone else is doing it.

You have to start eating copious amounts of garlic so the energy vampires will be poisoned by your blood and run the other way.

Stop feeling sorry for the fuckers.

Stop feeling like you have to save everyone.

Stop thinking that you have to sacrifice your last drop of energy for those who are too dumb-ass lazy to do the work.

This is YOUR time.

That means you have to start making yourself your first priority.

You have to start caring for yourself first and then you start reaching out to those who actually want to be shown a different way.  Not those who want to get on your back for a free ride.

As long as we expend ourselves to the distracting masses looking for energy to suck, we are being distracted from our soul work.

Are you brave enough to actually say enough and no more?

Are you courageous enough to become unavailable for all the assholes?

Are you strong enough to love yourself?

For death is inevitable.  Thriving is a choice that starts with you, yourself, and nobody else.

With love eternal,


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