Understanding the relentless voice of doubt

Oh for the love of all that is holy on planet earth.

I can hardly believe I’m here,


The voice is back.

The one that fills me with dread.

You know the one,

or is it just me?

She starts off all sweet and tender,

telling me how well I’m doing,


all that’s happening,

all that’s been.

She lulls me into tender complacency,

making me think I deserve a noddy badge for being such a good girl.


somewhere along the line

her syrup becomes too thick to swallow.

I find myself gagging

on her bullshit.

The tone changes.

Acid slowly burning me up inside.

Telling me that I’m fucking up,


That I’m fooling myself thinking I can pull off the big one.

That I don’t really have what it takes.

After all,

just look at the state of my relationships.

‘What relationships?’ she taunts.

‘Don’t make me laugh.

You’re nothing more than an unsocial bitch,

who nobody wants to hang with

because you’re too intense,

too obsessed,

not fun.’

She gets into every nook and cranny,

ripping chunks of confidence from my core,

chewing them up,

spitting them out,

lying dried out and worthless on the floor.

This my friend,

is the insanity which resides within every achiever I know.


How do we land up here?


In my experience, no matter how much others admire us,

how much they tell us we’re inspirational,

that our results are astounding,

we never feel that we’re doing good enough.

Because quite frankly,

we’re not.

Torn between giving free reign to the power that is inside us,

and restraining it because we don’t want to hurt those around us.

Think Jean Grey from the X-men.

Especially as women, and I know this is equally as relevant for our magnificent male counterparts, there’s a fallacy that if we don’t restrain our powers, if we can’t learn to control our emotions, if we can’t put a muzzle on our truth, we will destroy all around us, including those we love.

And this power-struggle within,

feeds the voice.

Because we hardly ever play full out.

Instead, we’ve trained our ego’s to keep us in check.

To break down our confidence,

to feed the doubt.

I want you to start understanding that the voice,

is never going to be silenced.

She is a creature of your humanity determined to splash mud on your masterpiece.

And it’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to outwit her.

Paying close attention to your thoughts, your emotions,

knowing when she’s come back to play.

It’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to sit your ass down and do the introspection.

Questioning the stories running rampage in your head.

And then,

from a space of clarity,

tell her to shut the fuck up.

To turn that bullshit around into truth.

The truth which is that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH.




And when you commit to being your BEST version self,

it is IN SERVICE to all of humanity.

Those who choose to stay average,

need to be left behind.

Because we respect their free choice,

just as we respect our own.

It is not about drowning out the voice.

It’s not about killing her off.

For that would once again be abandoning a part of your experience.

Instead, I want to invite you to open yourself up to playing full-out.

Integrating all of you.

Even your voice of ‘unreasonable doubt’.

For she gifts you with so many opportunities to strengthen your will,

reaffirm your commitment to thrive.

This is part of the work that I do with my clients.

I work with high achievers because I understand how tough we are on ourselves.

How hard it is to admit our fears even to ourselves – never mind someone else.

Thinking that it will make us look weak.

Except I know that vulnerability is the only way to grow and the most courageous choice in this life.

I understand the last thing you need to hear is someone telling you that it’s all a figment of your imagination.

That you can just fake your way out of it.

That if you just say affirmations long and loud enough, it will all work out.

Instead I teach my clients the mindset, body-set and soul-set strategies to shift gears, go deep, reach high and take massive aligned action.

I stretch them further than anyone has ever stretched them before.

I challenge them where others back down.

The result?

My clients run the Great Wall of China and rule the boardroom.

My clients lose weight, firm up their glutes, and take their businesses global.

My clients fall in love with themselves, show up as the powerhouses they were born to be, and build empires increasing their energy, their bank balances and their time-freedom.

If you’re done fighting the insanity,

ready to embrace all of you,

and have me simplify the process for you,

let’s connect.

After all,

only death is inevitable.

Thriving remains the choice of the brave.

With love and appreciation,