What are you waiting for now?

Every now and again a song gets released that has people sit up and take notice of their lives.

An artist that combines the beauty of words with the power of sound to stir up a heightened level of emotion in a time when majority of people are doing everything they can to numb out that which they don’t want to feel.





One such song was released in 2014 – ‘What are you waiting?’ for by Nickelback.

“Are you waiting on a lightening strike?
Are you waiting for the perfect night?
Are you waiting till the time is right?
What are you waiting for?
Don’t you wanna learn to deal with fear?
Don’t you wanna take the wheel and steer?
Don’t you wait another minute here!
What are you waiting for?”

I sat in wonder at how many people were raising their hands and exclaiming that they’re done waiting.

That hell yes they’re ready to face their greatest fears.

That yes they are taking control of their lives, turning it around, taking it next level.

2014 was going to be the year that everything was going to change for them.

And then what did they do?

The same shit they’ve done up to that point.

They set New Years resolutions.

They printed a free program off the internet and joined the gym.

They went to the pharmacy and bought the starter pack – fat burners, appetite suppressants, protein shake.

They smoked the last cigarette and threw away the lighters.

They decided that they were going to start paying off their debt.

They were going to work harder to be noticed and tell their boss that this year they want a raise.

Maybe they even quite their jobs and decided that they’re finally going to start their dream company and become the entrepreneur they were born to be.

They joined another group program.

Nickelback was the petrol needed to light their fire!

But do you know what happens when you throw fuel on fire Darling?

There is this big poof of smoke and flames which burns ferociously.

For a few minutes.

Then, if you didn’t take the time to build the pyre properly, and if you don’t continue to feed the flames, it burns out in record time.

This is exactly what happened to all those people

In fact, if you take their lives today and you put it next to 2014, there’s little to zero difference.

I’m not writing this to be a bitch.

I’m not writing this to criticise.

I’m writing this piece because I have so much love for humanity in me and it breaks my fucking heart to see how many people truly want to wake up, truly desire to turn their lives around, to stop existing, but they have no idea how to do it.  They do the best with what they have from where they’re at, but that’s simply not enough to make lasting change.

So I’m going to break it down for you today.

And if you’re truly serious about drawing that line in the sand and turn it around, you will not only follow these steps, but you will invest in yourself and work with a coach to ensure you stay on track.

  1.  Start where you’re at!  You have to get real with yourself.  You have to stop bullshitting yourself that things aren’t so bad.  If you’re not lit up by your life it’s a fucking catastrophe.  You want to have a look at what’s truly happening in your livelihood, in your abundance (money), in your health, in your relationships, in your appearance.  Stop saying you don’t look too bad for your age – you’re either hot AF or you’re out of shape.  You’re either lit up by the conversations or you’re bored.  You’re either financially free or you’re enslaved by bills.
  2. Figure out what’s truly important to you!  Your values.  Your true values.  For various reasons – one being that you want to set the goals that are in alignment with your values.  Not doing so will result in self-sabotage along the way.  Your ego driven goals will never be more powerful than your soulful values.  Secondly, when you’re secure in your values you won’t give a shit about the criticism of others who have different values from you.  You stop living your life by the rules of others, you stay in your own business, and you do what has you sleeping like a baby at night and jumping in joy during the day.
  3. Set your goals!  Proper goals.  SMART goals. Specific.  Measurable.  Attainable.  Relevant.  Timed.  If they don’t meet these criteria they’re not goals.  They’re dreams.  Like Puff The Magic Dragon.  What is your resistance to setting SMART goals? Is it too much commitment for you?  Have you historically not achieved them and so you’ve lost faith in yourself?  Do you really want to continue creating your life based on the past or are you ready to look forward?
  4. Get an Indestructible Mind-set!
    1. Drive – this comes back to purpose.  What drives you?  What makes your goal an absolute non-negotiable for you?  Honestly, if your goals don’t bring radical change to you and your life then you’re just wasting your time.  You’re just splashing around in the baby pool.  Jump into the deep side and fucking fight for your life!  Because you are.  When will you understand that not thriving is death?
    2. Dedication – I’m talking obsession Darling!  I’m talking eating, sleeping, talking your goals until average people simply cannot stand to be in your company any more.  I’m talking that you dedicate your life to doing whatever the hell it takes to achieve your goals.  You bring the best support team on board.  You cancel Netflix and you study at night.  You let go of the vampires, the leeches, the bullshit and you are 100% focussed.
    3. Discipline – no magnificent goal is ever achieved without discipline.  Making the routines non-negotiable.  Showing up for yourself and your dream every single day regardless of the weather, of your bank balance, of what everyone around you is saying.  It’s about going to bed at the right time so you can get up at 5 am feeling completely rested.  It’s about cleaning out the food cupboard so that you’re not tempted because you simply don’t want to waste your precious willpower.  It’s about just showing up and doing the work.  Every day.  EVERY FUCKING DAY.
    4. Determination – grit Baby.   Stop bitching and moaning about all the challenges.  Challenges are your best friend.  They show you how much you want it.  They thin out the playing field.  They give you the opportunity to dig deeper and get creative and do things that you’ve never thought of doing before.  But as long as you complain like a two year old who wants his lolly you’re not making the most of the journey.  How much do you want it?  How hungry are you?  Because if you’re not, you will give up.  Thank you for sitting down again so that the true achievers can get even further ahead.
  5. Take action, take stock, adjust, take more action.  Every day you look at your goals and you ask yourself the following questions:
    1. Which actions have I taken so far that got excellent results?  How can I do more of that?  How can I do it even better?
    2. Which actions have I taken so far that got jack?  Why didn’t they get results?  How can I do them differently?  What else can I do?

That’s it.

You take action until you achieve your goal.

Never stopping before then.


It’s time for you to start fighting for your life Darling.  It’s time you start fighting for you dreams.  It’s time you stop waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect person, the perfect illusion.

Create what you desire.

You’re THAT powerful.

For death truly is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love,


PS:  It’s been my experience that most people fail in achieving their goals because they don’t take the time to build the pyre properly.  They think that they can simply take ten minutes in a moment of inspired passion fuelled by a song and write out their next goals and this time around it will be different.

But I know you’re not that person.  I know that you’re ready to do it better.  I know that you’re ready to do the foundational work which is required for epic achievement.

For the remainder of 2017 I’m offering Ignite sessions.  90 minutes of total clarity and rock-solid goals which will set you on track for success.

You will receive an orientation document which has you connect with your values and your desires.  We take off the rose-colored glasses and get you into your reality.  And then we set the SMART goals for your future self.

This is a stand-alone service which I’m offering for those who are ready to invest in their dreams and if you feel I’m the coach to get you to the finish line, I will offset Ignite on your coaching package.