Want a different future? Change your past today…

Let’s keep today short and sweet as I’m sure you’re wanting to get on with your party plans.

It’s the final day of 2018.

As I sat with my journal this morning, revisiting my wins, my accomplishments, my learnings, I was proud AF.

2018 has been like no year before.

It’s the year I reclaimed my freedom.

Recognising that love doesn’t exist within the confinements of a cage.

And I was never born for captivity.

With this new found freedom, there’s so much expansive energy and space in my life,

that nothing can ever be the same again.

Which quite frankly, is exactly how I wanted it to be.

You see Darling, I decided that I wanted a different future,

and I knew the only way to create that,

was by creating a different past.

Every day.

Tomorrow will reflect the results of our actions today.

Which means if you’re serious about changing the outcomes going forward,

you have to be committed to change your actions today,

which will be your past, tomorrow.

Add to this the fact that EVERYTHING is energy,

understanding that your energy dictates what you attract and what you repel,

and you start seeing the importance of choosing your energy, your actions, your focus,


to predict your results in 2019.

Now, if you choose to go out the same way you did last year,

and the year before,

and the year before,

telling yourself the same bullshit story you have for the past ten years,

that tomorrow is the first of January,

EVERYTHING will be different THEN,

you’ll stop the excessive eating,

you’ll stop being so lazy,

you’re going to put yourself first,

you’re going to drink less,

watch less Netflix,

you’re going to make more money,

you’re finally going to get that body you’ve been talking about,

you’re lying.

Plain and simple.

For change doesn’t happen tomorrow.

The pure fact that you’re saying so, tells me you’re not committed to jack shit!

Except to remain the same.

Think about it,

if you’re taking your hung-over  ‘dear god please kill me now and the evil little bastard hitting my head with a hammer’ arse

energy into 2019,

you’re simply recreating the same pattern as every other year.

And of course you’re more than welcome to do that.

Your life,

your choices.

I simply don’t want to hear one more word of how things are going to be different next year if you’re not prepared to be different today.

I’m only interested in the now.

THAT is what shows me your truth.

No judgement.

Just keeping it real.

Who do you choose to be in 2019?

More importantly,

Who do you choose to be today?

For if those two are not mirror images,

stop torturing yourself!

Just admit the fact that you have no intention of doing anything different from how you’ve done it before.

The pain you’re feeling is the constant denial of truth.

It’s the judgement you feel by comparing yourself to others who do things differently and who, quite frankly, don’t even look at what you’re doing because it doesn’t matter to them even when you like to think it does.

Stop looking at everyone else.

Stop asking me what my goals are for 2019.

Stop giving a shit about what my ‘New Years resolutions’ (yawn) are for 2019.

Get your head into your own game.

And choose consciously.

No more blaming.

Fuck the shaming.

Radical self-acceptance.

Today sees me cleaning out the final cobwebs under the roof.

My house is clean.

My mind is clear.

My body is light.

THIS is how I will greet 2019.

On the beach.

Writing my vision in my journal as the sun creeps over the water.




And you Darling?

Today is the day to choose.

Not tomorrow.

If you’re serious about creating a different, more successful, more vibrant, more joyous 2019,

I invite you to identify what needs to change right now.

How do you need to change your beliefs, your stories, your actions, your focus, your eating, your training, your sex, your relationships, your business,

and make those changes today!

Rip off the plaster.

No tippy toeing, little mini baby steps.

Just jump!

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice that happens in the now.

With deep love and appreciation for you,