The war against suffocation through average is upon us. #RiseAlphas!

WARNING:  This message is exclusively for Alphas

and it’s going to be a soul smack-down!


This message is for those who know,

like they know they need air to breathe,

that they’re made of the energetic particles of gods.


Those who know,

with every fibre of their being,

they’re here to start a revolution!



from their lives.


Those historically told they’re too much,

too weird,

too obsessed,

too full of themselves,

that they have to tone it down

if they want to belong.


This is for YOU Alpha.


The war against the suffocation through average is upon us,

and you’re either going to stand

with pride, honour and conviction,

doing what we came here to do,

or you’re going to hide in the shadows

with your tail between your legs,

disgusted with yourself as you wait for the masses to find you

and turn you into one of them.


Committing genocide

as our alpha pups are DYING ON OUR WATCH

just because our bullshit has been greater than our purpose.




Don’t you see it?


Don’t you see how our children and our children’s children are suffering,




rather committing suicide than fight another day for their joy

because the alpha warriors are sleeping with the sheep!


Left with lazy role models playing it at maybe 10% of their capacity,

coming home from the ‘mines of industry’


drained of life force,

falling on the couch with a beer and switching on their playstations!


one and all,

dead inside,

drained of passion,

serving a machine they’re too terrified to question.


And then we have the


to say that Gen X are lazy, entitled and hopeless.

Who’s fault is that????


It’s OURS.

And it’s about bloody time we take responsibility for our neglect


NOT doing the mindset work,

NOT doing the body set work,

NOT doing the soul set work,

NOT playing FULL OUT,

as we lived in fear of being shunned by the tribe.


The tribe.



They are not our kind.

They are but mere sheople

desiring to huddle together for security

whilst the system picks sacrificial lambs.





I’m sick and tired of women thinking they’re nothing more than incubators and housemaids,

raised with the fairy-tale idea

that the princesses will live happily every after,

pouting their way into adulthood,

instead of being the PROUD warrior QUEENS they’re meant to be.


Don’t you see that we’ve gagged ourselves for generations

leaving it up to men to fight the good fight on their own

derelict in our role as equal partners by their side

and in the process


That ring on your finger was NEVER meant to make you LESS THAN YOUR MAN!

It’s not a shield to hide behind.



Untie that motherfucking GAG,

find your voice,

it will be croaky at first,

but if you will only connect to the fire in your belly

a whimper will turn into a ferocious


and you will sing your liberated song of absolute freedom

as you feel the energy course through your veins

and you will pick up your sword of words



#RiseAlphaFemales and Speak Your Truth!


I’m sick and tired of men thinking their only responsibility is to bring home the bacon,

raised with the idea that being unemotional and calculating is anything to be proud of,

all the while serving as a warning to their children of what a life of existence will lead to.


I’m sick and tired of man-boys thinking the size of their testicles actually say ANYTHING about the size of their manhood,

whilst their balls never see the light of day,

and that these, I don’t even have a word for them, are allowed to humiliate women in public whilst our male alpha counterparts stay silent

for the sake of the brotherhood.


I’m done seeing Alpha men disconnected from their passion, pride and purpose for the sake of propriety

all the while NOT giving themselves permission to build that which is theirs to create

by raising the standards back to excellence

and NOT tolerating average ANYTHING in their companies,

in their bodies,

in their relationships.


Don’t you see the you’ve forgotten the power of your focus and discipline which got you through the trenches?

Do you think life is any less precious.

that your state of thrive,

and the state of your family,

is any less in danger,

just because they don’t have an actual gun in your face?


It’s time you end the reign of the little princes running around playing in LaLa Land

by being the PROUD warrior KING you were meant to be.


#RiseAlphaMen and Reclaim Your Passion, Pride and Purpose!


I know for sure that 99% of people who read this

actually won’t understand what I’m talking about.

At best they’ll think it’s a motivational piece,

at worst they’ll think I’m eating funny mushrooms.


I don’t care about the 99%.

I’m taking responsibility in showing up for the 1%.

I’m taking responsibility to drown my fears by fuelling my passion,

every single day,

bleeding in practice

so I WILL win on the battlefield.

I’m taking responsibility by continuously evaluating my efforts

with the intention of doing it better.

I’m taking responsibility by working with the best

so I can rise faster and higher.

I’m taking responsibility for my dreams,

my vision,

my purpose.


Are you ?


Honestly Alpha,

we can no longer afford to say next year.

We can no longer afford to say it’s not up to us.

We can no longer afford to say we don’t have the time or the money or the skills or the knowledge or the titles or whatever excuses we’ve so conveniently hidden behind.


The next generation of Alphas are DYING on our watch.


What will it take for you to rise?

What will it take for you to speak louder?

What will it take for you to train harder?

What will it take for you to build bigger?




If this message speaks to your SOUL

then tell me in the comments

what will you OWN responsibility for today?

State it publicly,

let your people find you and respect you for having the courage very few have to actually speak their truth and taking a stand for what they believe in.


Death is not honourable

if you never found the courage to thrive.




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