We are who we choose to be…

As the garage door slowly rolls up
the gust of wind creates a moment of chaos around me.

the weather app screwed up again.
The prediction said 11 am.
It’s now 7 am and already nature is blowing like a baby hurricane.

Which means,
it’s going to be one helluva ride!

I set my intention to complete the ride,
to not turn around before hitting the new halfway mark,
regardless of how hard it feels,
regardless of how scary when being blown about.
Commit dammit.
And then,
just be the woman who completes the ride.

As I set out it takes a whole ten seconds to discover that it will be a headwind going out.
Which of course also happens to be the direction of the most climbing.

In all transparency of the fact that I’m more like you than you would like to admit,
it felt like chewing tough old leather shoes and more than a single cuss was uttered.
I kept holding on to the thought that the Universe is fair
which means
for every headwind,
there will be a tailwind.

All I have to do is to keep recommitting,
every kilometer,
to not turn around early.
Even as my ego shouts I’m burning too many matches.
That I’m going to hit the wall if I keep this up.
Which means,
I won’t have the energy to get back home.

Keep going.
Every kilometer completed a small victory in and of itself.

I’ll be going out further than before
which means the countryside is unknown territory.
More fear piled on the heap of tinder burning inside my mind.
And then,
just to show you that I’m NOT what anyone would call ‘fearless’
which by the way
is a complete and utter fallacy,
I pull up next to the field of

with sharp horns
and cold eyes
each head lifting,
gaze following my every move,
as I go by.

The teeny tiny fence looks ridiculously puny to me
as all I can think of
is the charging bulls of Spain
pearcing human flesh.

I know
I know
pretty pathetic right?

Except I have a VIVID imagination Darling,
remind me one day to tell you about how werewolves chased me on the beach LOL.

As I finally reach the end of the field with a sigh of relief,
having pumped my legs even harder
just in case one of the bulls decided to give chase,
I reach the halfway mark
and have to turn around.


No time to rest.
Turn aroud and peddle even faster as some of those horny bastards are starting to walk towards the fence.

Which is when I feel it.
The BLISS of a tailwind
giving my legs renewed strength
and I FLY across the road!!!

Two things register:
one – I’m having so much fun I’m actually laughing and howling out loud as I get into my ZONE of JOY, and
two – instead of sitting up and having a break, I keep pushing harder and faster and my body switches over into the sweet sensation of high performance.

Do you know what I’m talking about Sweetheart?
That feeling you get from hours of training and focus and proper rest and hydration and fueling coming together to flip the switch and for a time you know that THIS is what you’re here to experience.

Oh sweet orgasm,
this is the stuff I THRIVE for.

As I finally come out of an exhilirating seventy kilometers later,
I notice that except for one group of racing snakes
I’ve not seen any other riders out on the road.

Of course,
because the weather is not ‘ideal’
which means majority of ‘fun’ riders
won’t venture out.

Their refusal to embrace the headwind means
they’ll NEVER experience the sensational thrill of a tailwind.

And this my friend,
is how most people choose to live,
I mean
in their lifetimes.

They only want what’s easy in the moment.
They only do that which doesn’t take any effort or training or discipline.
They have no desire to go out and consciously choose scary situations.
They have no inclination to embrace the pain as muscle-fibre tear to grow stronger.

More importantly,
they’ll NEVER truly know what they’re missing out on.

Which I guess is perfect for them.

But sure as fuck not for us!

We’re all born equal.
We’re all perfect and powerful beyond human comprehension.
We’re all creators of our life experiences.

Yet this is NOT what will give you a life of thrive.
The determining factor is who you CHOOSE to be.
Every moment of every day.
You can choose to feel the power of the wind
and stay at home
not getting any stronger
not testing your limits
not increasing your confidence
not feeling the satisfaction of the ride
and yes,
this is a metaphor,
you can choose to be an Alpha.

You can choose to commit to the vision,
the outcome
to becoming a little better today than you were yesterday.
You can look at ALL the Universe gifts you
and BELIEVE that it’s all for your highest good
and instead of bitching and moaning about the headwinds,
the obstacles,
the puzzles,
you can drop into appreciation that this will make you STRONGER and set you further apart from those who choose to live in a state of mediocrity
and you can get your sweet arse on the saddle
and ride your heart out.

Only death is inevitable Sweetheart,
thriving is the choice of the Alpha who CHOOSES to BE alpha.

Live with honour,


Anel is the Instigator of a Thrive Evolution for Alpha Females.

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