What I ACTUALLY mean when I say there are no victims…

I suspect it must be challenging to live life thinking THIS is all there is.

That you’re nothing more than skin, bones and muscle.

It must suck to wake in the morning and think that what you see with your eyes IS universal truth.

I can’t even imagine…


Periodically I allow myself to open energetically and connect with everyone,

their suffering so thick that I want to vomit.

Which is why I want to shake them to their core and SCREAM


YOU are not a victim.

There are NO victims in this world.

Let me say that again.



Available to all who choose to receive.


they buy into the BULLSHIT they’re being fed of what they can and can’t do.

Of where they have to stay,

of what they can achieve.

And all of this, in my opinion,

is sooooo fucking disrespectful of the power that resides within every person.

EVERYTHING seems impossible until someone has the AUDACITY to go against popular belief,

and DO IT!

Why has every great inventor, creative, artist,

been called crazy by their peers, friends, families and societies?


that what we see is only the tip of what is possible.

But we’ve become SOFT AF.

Mediocrity cultivating a society laced with codependency, martyrdom,

fucking horse-manure,

to ensure the machine has enough minions to stand in lines.

They keep you tranquil with their drugs,

and when you don’t want to willingly take them,

they pump that shit into your food.

They keep you docile with exhaustion by having you sit on your arse 99% of your day.

No muscle tone.

No core strength.




They brainwash you with their entertainment,

cleverly designed stimulus that makes you FEEL like you’re thriving whilst hooked into their frequency,

dopamine pumping your brain,

creating an illusion of momentary happiness,

whilst back at the ranch,

your physical life is falling to pieces.

And then,

because you wake up in the morning,

wondering if this is all there is,

looking in the mirror,

laced with disappointment,

you feel like shit,

and because you don’t like the feeling,

you decide to switch on the news,

because god knows somewhere,

someone has to be doing worse than you,

so you can take the focus off yourself,

by feeling sorry for them.




And the sooner you stop focusing outwards,

the sooner you become SELFISH AF,

the sooner you bring your attention to your life,

and ONLY your life,

committed to making it the BEST,

most adventurous,

most joyous life,

the better for all of humanity.

But Anel,

what about the starving children in Africa?

Not your problem.


Well tell me this,

is your fretting about the children making a damn difference in their life?

Is you NOT showing up as your BEST version self,

making a child on the other side of the world less hungry?


They don’t know about you.

They don’t care about you.

Yet the prevalent energy of scarcity which you insist on creating,

IS keeping them stuck as well.

Because YOU telling them they should feel sorry for themselves,

YOU telling them that they are powerless,

because life was unfair by having them born there,

is an INSULT to their greatness.

And NONE of this will make any sense,

unless you believe in soul.

Unless you believe in the unlimited, magnificent power that resides within every single person walking this earth.

Stop judging their choice of living.

You don’t know what they desired to experience at this time.

Get your head in your own game.

Take out that bucket list and start living it.

Take out that list of new year’s resolutions and start being it.

Take out that bike, dust it off and start riding it.

Take your lovers hand, switch off the television, and start making love to her.

I’ve found that the hardest thing for people to do at this time,

is take complete personal responsibility.

Because few want to take it.

Few want to be seen as selfish

as the masses simply don’t understand

that being selfish

truly selfish

from a space of radical self-love,

is THE most loving thing we can do for the world.

It’s just so much easier to point the finger to everyone else,

to shine the spotlight elsewhere.

To ask everyone else what THEY are doing,

instead of figuring out what YOU want to be doing.

My invitation to you is, for the next 30 days,

bring your focus inwards,

to yourself,

your life

your dreams

your actions

your thoughts

your emotions

and ONLY yours.

To become the most selfish person you know,

from a space of true love,

and to see the difference it makes

not only in your OWN life,

but in the lives of everyone around you.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of those brave enough to go against the grain.

With deep love and appreciation,