What if… today WAS in fact your very last day?

Ready to stop fucking around?

Ready to actually get real with yourself?


Understanding that every single breath is gifted to you to create an EPIC experience.


Or are you looking at the question


Because that’s the only way your fragile ego can even begin to cope.




The truth is that this message will only land for 1% of the people even bothering to read.

For the other 99%

it will just be a breath of motivation

or irritation

depending on where they find themselves today.


This message will only shift 1% in the 1% of people reading this.

For the other 99%

it will be remembered for a day

maybe lead to one aha moment

or not

and then they will slide back into the cesspool of mediocre existence.


Counting the days

until they expire.




This question is for the 1% in the 1% who are ready to actually get real with themselves.


First off Darling,

drop the motherfucking self-shaming that’s preventing you from connecting to the reality of what you have created thus far.

Drop the blaming of others,

their behaviours,

their addictions,

their perceived power over you,

understanding that YOU are 100% responsible for EVERYTHING you see around you.


Your stories,

your unquestioned beliefs,

your untapped emotions,

your feeble actions,

is what is in manifested form right now.


The faster you OWN this shit,

the faster you will OWN your true power and

FOCUS relentlessly on what you desire instead.


I want you to know right now

that you might have been your worst enemy leading up to this moment,


you can become your greatest ally

from a space of





and above all



The reason you’ve not done so before

is because you’ve been numbing the pain of self-abandonment for so long

you’ve disconnected with the truth that


could very well be





Close your eyes

Connect to this

FEEL the heart-wrenching sorrow

as your soul departs from your human form.

FEEL the reality of the dreams you’ll selfishly be taking to your grave.

The love you did not express because you were so afraid of it not being returned.

The time you wasted with BULLSHIT because you didn’t want to deal.

The clients you did NOT show up for because you were terrified of not being good enough.


FEEL it.

And then


what you will do with today…


Who will you say “I love you” to?

Say it.

Who will you gift a precious hour for deep, lasting connection?

Gift it and stop wasting your time with the rest.

What is the piece of content you would want to leave as your legacy?

Create it and post it without it being perfect.

Who is the client you would want to shift 1 degree knowing that it will change the entire trajectory of their lives?

Show up for them gifting them the opportunity to make a different choice for themselves.

What is it that you want to say to the world,

for those ready to receive,

and for those who will stumble upon it in their time of need of your words?

Say it regardless of tears streaming down your face or your fingers trembling with fear.


Make every breath COUNT.

You do not know when it will be your last.

And quite frankly,

this pissing around,

is becoming really tedious and boring.




As I connected with some extraordinary women from around the globe last night,

the one thing we all agreed on,

was that 2019 is a year of PHENOMENAL potential personal growth,

or demise.


Never before has it been so important to surround yourself with your KIND.

Those committed to success.

Those unavailable for gossip, complaint or sympathy.

Those who don’t judge others but instead judge actions as good or bad for themselves.


For the masses are desperately clinging to a system causing mass destruction,

clinging to everyone who shows an ounce of strength,

too fucking lazy to find their own.

Leading to the drowning of alphas in the sea of average.


They are NOT your responsibility

and this insistence on rescuing others

is INSULTING to the true potential within them.

Not only that,

but in your helping everyone else instead of focusing on becoming your BEST self,

they NEVER have the opportunity to strengthen their own mindset muscles.

It’s like giving money to an addict and then convincing yourself that they’re going to buy spinach instead of alcohol.

Whatever the fuck Sunshine.



What if today was your last day?

Would you want to inspire

or would you want to disempower others?



What will you do with your today

if there was no tomorrow?

I’m not interested in the stories you tell around what you will do,

nobody is.



For death IS inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the Alpha courageous enough to rise.


Live with honour,



PS:  Right now I’m interviewing new potential clients to partner with for 90 days to liberated thrive.


If you’re committed to success,

if you’re ready to face your fears and take action anyway,

if you’re up to epic in the world,

if you’re willing to DO THE WORK – body, mind and soul,

and if you’re not precious,

because honestly Darling,

I have no time or patience to cajole,

then drop me a mail anel@anelbester.com and let’s talk.


PPS:  I do play with alpha men as well, if you have the balls to be challenged 😉