What will be your state of arrival at your feast?

I’m feeling rather yummy this morning.
All cozied up in bed,
the coffee is piping hot, black and strong,
just the way I love it.
I’ve had a wonderful restful sleep after an evening winding down with soothing music instead of watching Lucifer (which was the plan, but my friend Anne said I would have to tweak my nipples in public as the consequence of NOT keeping my commitment of zero TV during the week. I thought you would enjoy that TOO much, so nah).

My morning looks like a spa treatment:
longer walk with my puppies,
easy gym session,
hair done,
nails done,
light eating,


Because this afternoon we’re kicking off Unleashed through Love and my alphas deserve me to arrive on the call in my BEST state.
well nourished,
woman in thrive!

Well actually,
I DESERVE arriving in my BEST state as this is another desire come to fruition –
thank you Universe,
more please.

And so do you.

But are you Darling?

I was chatting to one of my clients yesterday,
she’s a badass driven achiever
and as always
taking names
making impact
and hustling like a demon!

Can you relate?

Oh, and she looks fucking fabulous doing all of it – just saying.

Here’s the thing though:
since working with me,
she’s had more time to herself than ever before as we got rid of distractions
we got rid of some old programming that said she has to be at it 24/7 in order for her to deserve success and results.
With the newly created space
she recognised an old pattern of procrastinating until the last minute and then performing miracles under pressure.

It goes beyond the addiction to the adrenaline which,
let’s be honest here,
a lot of alphas are addicted to.
It speaks into our desire for recognition of accomplishment, recognition of worth, recognition of us as humans.

I’ve made this interesting observation which I shared with her and maybe you’ve experienced it too…
When I’m on the go go go like a tornado
telling people how I don’t know if I’m coming or going
I get a ton of attention from other women
who sympathetically nod their exhausted heads in unification of suffering and offering me ‘help’ left right and centre.
They’re intrigued by my high levels of output,
how do I do it all?
I seem to be a bright object they want some of,
when I show up
in flow
choosing ease
they lose interest in me.

Eyes glaze over, they turn away as though THIS state, simply does not compute.
They call me a lucky bitch, selfish.
They exclude me from their circles.
It’s fascinating.

We’re living in a culture where suffering and martyrdom of thrive is the glorified norm and anything else, is rejected.
If you want to be part of the ‘club’,
you have to pay the hefty price of giving up your glorious BEST self.

Women are always telling me they wish they had more time.
They wish they could just find some time to relax.
Some time to take care of themselves.
Some time to put their feet up.

They’re lying.

Those who have no time for themselves,
don’t want time for themselves,
for it’s in the quiet moments that we have to confront ourselves.
It’s in the spaces between that we have to listen to the voice within, and if you’ve been living out of integrity with your soul,
that voice sounds harsh to the extreme.
when I first slowed down and chose silence,
I hated the voice!

Which is why I would go back to filling every moment of every day.
If you looked at my Google Calendar, I even scheduled pee time! From waking up at 5 am until sleep at 9 pm, every single hour had a colour coded block of something that had to be achieved and completed.
I taught my clients to do the same 🙁
I taught them how to ‘organise’ their lives so that they could get more done.

Now tell me that’s not insanity.
Tell me that’s not FEAR to the max!

For where is the space to just BE?
Where is the space for receiving?
Where is the space for magic?
Where is the space for deep connection with self?
Where is the space for thrive?

Yes, you can absolutely keep up this crazy approach to life,
you can keep setting those goals and take relentless action every single minute of every single day,
you will even have some measure of success,
you will definitely be praised for your efforts,
but you will be so exhausted when you arrive at the feast of your manifested desire,
instead of enjoying it to the full,
you’ll be curled up under the table in foetal position,
waiting for the end so you can get a little bit of sleep
before starting all over again.

you can choose to see things differently,
choose to be different,
and arrive at the feast prepared for enjoyment to the max.

Only death is inevitable.
Thriving is the choice of the true alpha.

Live with honour,

PS: Unleashed through Love is starting

This program is really for the Alpha Female who knows that she is born different, that the normal rules don’t apply to her, that she has an important message, an impact to make, and she’s willing to see things differently to allow herself to FINALLY unleash herself with conviction, fun and thrive and most importantly, from LOVE.

PM me for details or go to https://anelbester.com/unleashed/

Personally I think you DESERVE this,
but do you?