What would you be thinking about, if it wasn’t for the drama?

You hear them too don’t you?

It’s okay,

you can tell me.

I won’t think you’re crazy.


Those voices in your head.

Running on repeat in the background

every waking moment.

The narrative sometimes going unnoticed,

except for how you feel.


How are you feeling most of the time?

Are you feeling light, excited, in-love for no apparent reason?

Are you feeling badass, confident, like you’re taking on the world,

and winning?

Are you feeling irritated, worried, anxious?

Are you feeling out of sorts and you just can’t put your finger on it?



stop trying to puzzle out your emotions

and turn your attention instead to



Okay I’ll be serious.


I’ve written about this before,

yet the message came through so strong this morning that clearly someone needs to hear it again.

Maybe that person is you.


We’re finding ourselves in a time of humanity when society is addicted to DRAMA.


SOOOOOO much drama.

All you hear about is how people are struggling,

they’re overwhelmed, burning out, depressed, broke, addicted, exhausted, insecure, abandoned, abused and on and on it goes.

I’m not making small of this,

I’ve lived through all of the above, or so I told myself.


When I was INSIDE the story,

the voice in my head gave Shakespear a run for his money.

I felt like a complete and utter victim.


waiting for Jesus to save me,

or a prince on a white horse,

or the president,

whichever came first.



I was simply victim to my own bullshit.

You see Gorgeous,

no force on earth is greater than YOU!


That’s right.

YOU are unstoppable,



and so in order for you to fit in to the prevailing cult of mediocrity,

you turn on yourself with your greatest asset:



Because let’s be honest,

society don’t like you when you’re too happy.


Since taking control of my life,

my mind,

leaving behind the shit that I had erected around me to stay in ‘captivity’,

I’ve been really fucking happy.

In fact,

I have nothing to complain about.

Which irritates the shit out of most people.


So every now and again,

I catch myself thinking there MUST be something wrong with me.

I MUST have something that’s not good,

not working out for me.


And I go make up a story,

around anything,

just so I can feel ‘normal’.

I know, I know,

being human can be a bitch at times.

Then again,

this is the game we’re here to play.

Might as well make fun of ourselves whilst playing it.


I have to confess,

it doesn’t last long.

I’m #sorrynotsorry

but honestly Gorgeous,

bullshit doesn’t taste as good as chocolate.

And momma loves chocolate.


It’s really easy to turn this around by the way.

You can do it in an instant!


First of all,

start paying ATTENTION!

Mostly to how you’re feeling as that is easily accessible to you.

The trick is NOT to make your emotions wrong,

because when you do that you just become defensive and that screws you over.


become curious.

“Aaaah, I feel like caterpillar poop.  What’s that about?  What’s the story I’m telling myself at the moment about my body, my relationships (oh we LOVE this category for drama), my money, my business?”

Just notice,

with a sense of humour.

Now, you have a choice:

you can go to therapy for the next 5 years trying to make sense of the story,


you can just ask yourself:

“What would I be thinking about if I didn’t have this to focus on?”



You’re welcome.


Your answer is going to give you a wealth of information and indicate the action to take!


First off,

if you don’t have a really exciting vision pop into your minds’ eye that IMMEDIATELY lifts your energy,

THAT’S where you need to start.

Sign up with a coach RIGHT NOW.

Without a vision,

you’re fucked.


And don’t tell me you’ll do it yourself,

if that was true,

you would have a vision already.

Stop being so cheap with your life.


If you DO have that vision,

shift your focus on that.

Right now.




Set yourself up for success.

Work with a coach that challenges you to the extend you don’t have time to think about your drama.

If you’re working with a coach already and you’re still saturated in the soap-opera of life,

I would consider finding a new one.

No offence,

coaching doesn’t tolerate lame-ass excuses for NOT being your BEST self.


Train your body insane so you train your mind-muscle to BEAST.

Clean out your eating – constipation (aka being full of shit literally and figuratively) doesn’t just slow down the energy in your body, but also the clarity and creativity in your mind.

Stop talking to your usual crowd,

for if they were any good for you,

you wouldn’t find yourself in a position of melodramatics in the first place.


Before you say a single word of how you can’t or don’t have the money or don’t have the time or don’t have the ambition or this is just not the right time for you or you need to sort out something first or have to discuss it with your partner or have to think it over,

ask yourself this:

is that story making you feel like the queen of the world?

If not,

know this:

it’s just a STORY you’re telling yourself.


Until you understand THIS,

NOTHING will change in your life.


Change the story,

change your life.


It’s that simple.


Death is inevitable,

drama is boring,

challenge is exciting,

thriving is the choice of the Alpha with 5 seconds of insane courage.


Live with honour,



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