When it feels like the boat is burning with no life jacket in sight!


If you’re choosing to read this, I know that somewhere in your life, something is burning right now.

And it’s not as if your arse is on fire with passion.


Fuck no Darling,

it’s hurting like hell and chances are you’re sitting there,

freaked out,

wondering how on god’s green earth you’re going to get yourself out of this one!


I was walking in the dark this morning,

talking out loud to the gazillion stars and telling Creator that I’m either having the time of my life,

or I’ve actually lost my motherfucking mind and ready to be locked up.


As I find myself without a boat once more.

Except, where in the past I would have broken down in a heap of despair,

I’m actually dancing!


I’ve learned that for some of us,

sitting in a little row boat feels like heaven,

for others that luxury cruise ship is the dream,

for Alphas,

it’s being dropped into shark invested waters with no vest that has thrills run down our spine.


Your choices:

Thrive or Die!


That’s it.


And the good news is,

that even when it feels at times that this shit is happening TO you,

A – it’s happening FOR you; and

B – you’re the one who doused the boat with fuel and dropped the match behind your back.


Because your soul has become BORED with the sameness,

IMPATIENT with your baby steps when she’s ready to leap off that cliff and FLY!

Your soul knows your true desires and your insistence to hold on to false safety of the known has become a little TEDIOUS.


Or is it just mine?


I know for SURE that every time I raise my hand and say YES, I’m ready for more,

shit happens lightning fast.

WAY before I think I’m ready.

Before I have ticked all the boxes of what I want in place before closing the door behind me.


The gift for me is that

because of who I choose to be,

because I am a resilient fucker,

because I am committed to success,

because I am not afraid of pissing my pants,

because I believe myself when I say “I Can, I Will, I Choose to, I AM”,

I tap into the most astounding creative source when I’m under pressure.


When I see those sharks closing in,

I don’t scramble like a headless chicken,

exciting them with my fear-dripping energy.

I USED to,

and learned very quickly that they will take chomps out of your arse before you have time to say ‘Ouchy!’

and then it’s game over as their feast begins.


Instead, I give myself a short container of time to freak the fuck out!

To completely lose my shit in whatever way I need to.

To lean into the fears that’s ready to engulf me.

I move IN

so that I can move THROUGH.


And then,

I give myself an honest talking to.

I’ll keep that piece to myself, as most will require therapy after hearing my words.

It’s raw.

It’s real.

It’s passion-infused.


I kick my own sweet self out of victimhood,

out of my self-induced pity party,

back to my Alpha Bitch Core.


Yes Darling,

I too put that t-spoon of cement in my coffee,



Sharks eat pussies for breakfast.

But they flee in fear from purpose-focused-driven-committed Alphas.


I reconnect to my unshakable belief that EVERYTHING in my life happens FOR me.

I drop into appreciation of the current events.

And I commit to figuring out the gifts.

What has been taken off the table to create less distraction, more clarity?

How does this connect to what I’ve been brewing in the background?

How can I use this to my advantage to move even FASTER than I thought was possible?


By which stage I’m smiling from ear to ear

as the new possibilities FAR EXCEED what I thought was available to me before.




Back on top.

Back to calm.

Ready to thrive.


Now I’m also going to say that this is available to me as I’ve created the evidence through years of practice.

I chose to commit to personal development first and foremost in my life.

I know that mindset IS the strategy,

because a weak mind will have you shit your pants and run in panic every time someone says BOO!

I know that an indestructible mindset comes from






And you have to PRACTICE this every single day until it is infused into every fibre of your being and then keep practicing it.


This is when obstacles become part of the course that YOU choose to run.

Because it’s fucking EXHILARATING to cross the finish line and you KNOW you will!

Even when you’re face down in the mud.

Even when you’re bleeding out of your rectum.

Even when you’re puking in your mouth.

Even when snot, tears and sweat makes a mess of your face.


It’s who we choose to be.

It’s what makes us unique.

It’s what makes us Alpha.


Here’s my invitation to you today:

If shit is hitting the fan,

if it feels like everything is burning around you,

if the boat is sinking right out from under you,



Freak the fuck out and work that fear through your system in a designated container.

Then sit yourself down and remember who the fuck you are!

I know with every breath I take that you CAN rise from the ashes EVERY SINGLE TIME.


Put the t-spoon of cement in YOUR coffee and HTFU.

Reconnect to your vision, your desire.

Drop into appreciation.

Get the gold.

Take a deep breath.



Death might be inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the Alphas.


Live with honour.


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