When it’s more than a G-string riding up your arse.

We like to think we’re so clever.

When in truth,

we are simple creatures of habit.


It goes way beyond our habitual actions,

although they’re the most obvious.

Everything that we get to perceive externally

originates in the mind.

Until you start paying attention to your habitual thoughts,

you’re pretty much a slave to whatever the fuck is going on in there.


The real conundrum comes in when you understand most people

  1. Never question where those thoughts come from; and
  2. Never question the usefulness of the thoughts, just in case they prove themselves wrong.


The humiliation would simply be too much to bare!

Best we just leave well alone.


What I find interesting is when someone has a conversation with me,

and they’re HORRIFIED by the stuff that comes out of their mouths as they get asked unfamiliar questions.

They think that it’s WRONG to want more than what they’re settling for.

They believe they’ll be JUDGED and SENTENCED for secretly wanting more, or worse, living out their desires in mainstream disapproved ways,

so they quickly judge themselves as harshly as possible,

project that shit onto me,

then use this as an excuse to go back to their life of self-induced imprisonment,

effectively punishing themselves so they won’t be punished by anyone else.


I have the most fascinating conversations in my head.

This is one of the main reasons I’m never lonely.

It’s like a 24/7 debate with some delectably wicked characters!


Does this make me crazy?

Ha – no Darling, it makes me honest.


If you think this is not happening inside YOUR head,

you’re simply part of the lulled masses who continuously attempt to drown out the voices through noise.


I wanted to grasp the concept of mind-talk and figure this shit out.

So I started switching off the external noise,

to hear what’s being said internally.

At first I felt like a naughty child listening in on her parents conversation behind closed doors.

I would be driving in my car,

without music,

and listen.


It wasn’t pretty.

In those days, the ruling party was Victimhood.

They advocated that everything was happening TO me.

That somehow, the gods of fate decided I deserved to be the helpless pawn on the board of narcissists.

There was nothing I could do!

I simply had to wake up each day,

bend over,

and take it up the rear.


There was the party of Indignation.


After all, I am a helpless little woman!

They were supposed to protect me.

To respect me.

To wrap me up in strong arms,

and carry me off into the sunset to live happily ever after.


let me just bend over and take it up the rear.


There was the party of Fear.

Telling me it’s better to suffer in silence than be out in the big bad world on my own.

That in this world, if you’re a single woman, it must mean there’s something seriously wrong with you if nobody wants you.

I simply didn’t have the analytical brain capacity of a man that is required for business.

I really should learn to keep my mouth shut,

as my words continuously got me into trouble.

The sound of my voice unpleasing to those around me.

So, just bend over and take it up the rear.


One would think by this stage of the fight there would be a party in opposition.

That there would be someone taking a stand for me.

That I would have someone fighting on behalf of me.


One would think wrong.


That’s because Love and Empowerment,

doesn’t state their case in the presence of Victimhood, Indignation or Fear.

They couldn’t be fucked.

Why waste their breath when you have free will?

If you CHOOSE to tell yourself that shit all day every day,

Love and Empowerment simply sit there,

watching you with no judgement.

They might even hand you a roll of toilet paper.


Love doesn’t give a shit if you’re off in Lala Land making yourself miserable.

That’s because Love doesn’t judge your choices and find you lacking.

Love simply loves and appreciates you.

All of you.



And make no mistake,



Nobody can tell you what to think.

Oh they can tell you what THEY think,


and try to convince you they’re right,

but it’s their beliefs and theirs alone.

YOU get to choose what YOU ultimately think or reject.


Nobody can make you feel anything.

Now now,

I know that we LOVE to pin our emotions on others.

Oh you make me so happy, good boy.

Oh you make me so sad, bad boy.

Oh you make me so mad, you selfish BASTARD!


You’re the one who puts conditions on your emotions.

You’re the one who decides what has to happen for you to feel happy,

for you to feel valued,

for you to feel loved,

for you to feel respected,

for you to feel valuable.


If you’re waking up each day,

stretching into delicious pleasure,

of another magnificent day of exciting possibilities,

I know that you’ve decided to tell yourself habitual stories of badassery.

You’re one of the few who understand that you get to choose to feel happy, valued, loved, respected, valuable,


because you choose to value, love, respect and honour yourself!


If, on the other hand,

you’re one of billions waking up with a heavy feeling on your chest.

your habitual stories STINK and you’re shafting yourself!

You have taken all your power and given it to everyone else.

You think you NEED them to save you.

You NEED them to be happy.

You NEED them to be complete.


This is EXACTLY what they want you to believe.

Because they NEED you to believe it.

Otherwise, in their minds, chaos will rain down on humanity and everything will go to hell!

Can you imagine the anarchy if people actually lived with honour?

Can you imagine the destruction if people were actually happy every day?

Can you imagine the apocalypse if every person actually took FULL responsibility for themselves,

and consciously made choices that had them moving in the direction of their thrive????




Time to pay attention Darling.

What are your habitual stories,

what are the habitual emotions they trigger in you,

what are the habitual actions you take from this space?


That will show you why you get your habitual results!


Simple, yes?


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.


Live with honour,


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That’s because coaching is not about learning some systems like a monkey and then regurgitating ‘the one and only way’ like a brainless parrot.



From within YOU.

It’s about YOU BEING a coach.

By doing the work every day,


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It’s about an unwavering BELIEF in the magnificence within people,

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