When shit hits the fan, I just choose to HTFU!


**HTFU – Harden The Fuck Up**


For alphas,

life is always happening at a million miles an hour.

People coming and going,

sometimes at such a rapid rate

it feels as though there’s a revolving door and they don’t even get more than a hasty ‘hello’ in.

Creative geniuses,

there’s NEVER a cap on the amount of projects we have on the go.

Normally overlapping,

one is just underway

when the next one is already coming through us in so much vivid detail

there’s no way in hell we’re going to ignore it.

Our fitness is non-negotiable,

Train mean.

Eat lean.

That’s how we stay Beast.

Family is KING.

I’m talking real family Darling,

not the socially dictated familial lines through biology.


In short,

there’s very few days that shit isn’t REAL AF!


People have always been astonished by how much I can keep going,

without batting an eyelid.


that’s because I deal with my batting in private.


There’s times when I look up at the enormity of what is on my plate,

and just for a moment,

I feel ‘human‘.

I get into that

‘What the fuck have I bitten off now?’ mode,

questioning my sanity.

If I give in to chewing it over,

I can even start going into a sense of overwhelm,

a little freak-out creeps into my mind.



my darling Alpha,

is when I give myself FULL PERMISSION


and HTFU!


I have zero tolerance of myself for being a little bitch.

I just don’t have time for that shit.

Things to create.

People to inspire.

Lives to transform.

Worlds to conquer.


Is this me not dealing with the underlying emotions?


This is me not being available for my own bullshit!


I understand that most people LOVE their little labels,

it gives them comfort to put everything into a neat box,

makes them feel less like an outcast.

Well, there’s only ONE mental health label I am interested in:


That’s it.

I don’t care for any of the others.


Why do I train to the point of screaming in agony?

Why do I push to the point of lying in a heap of exhaustion and then get up?

Because I KNOW,

that regardless of how tired I am,

regardless of how scared,

regardless of how challenging the journey,

there is ALWAYS more strength available to me.


I learned this during my Sky Run.


When you’re sitting in a bog,

pitch dark,

exhausted after more than 16 hours of running and hiking over the rugged mountainous terrain,

adrenaline seeping out of you to overcome your terror of heights,

feeling so small as you see the immensity of earth,

the only nourishment still left is you eating your own vomit from the pain in your twisted knee and sprained ankle,

and you KNOW,

you KNOW,

it’s ‘move motherfucker or DIE’- time,



You go to wherever you have to go,



you conquer the exhaustion

you connect to a power greater than you

that’s part of you

and your will to live

shows you what the hell you’re truly made of.


Are you pushing the boundaries of what you believe is possible for your physical body?

If you’re not,

you’ll NEVER know what is possible for your mind!


#RiseAlphas and move your arses!


The ONLY process I’m interested in,


whether it’s dealing with trauma

or loss

or anxiety

or failure


That’s it.

I just fucking DECIDE

that this happened FOR ME,

and I drop into the deepest of appreciation

for all the players on my board.

I receive the learning,

I say “Thank You Universe for gifting me ALL that was required to get me to THIS point in time,

now let’s rock this house like a wild woman!”



You can choose to continue believing that you have to go through the seven prescribed phases and stages and whatever the fuck.


why would I prescribe to what works for ‘everyone else’?

I get to live life on my own terms

trusting my own rhythm

and before you tell me that I’m not allowing myself what is required to get to lasting happiness, answer me this:

Who is waking up with a LIFEGASM in the morning?



I simply DECIDED that if I had ONE DAY LEFT TO LIVE,

I don’t have time for their tedious steps and stages.


QUANTUM Cupcake.


If you’re anything like me,

right now,

you have a shit ton going on.

My question to you today is:

Are you whining like a little bitch to everyone and anyone who will give you the time of day,

addicted to sympathy and drama?

Or are you putting that t-spoon of cement in YOUR coffee?


Sympathy will get you nowhere in life.

Other than enfolded in the arms of the average who love it when you pretend to be like them,

it makes them feel less shitty about their own crappy choices.


Challenge will keep you BEAST.

Make no mistake Darling

Alphas are beasts to the core.


Time to leave behind your wooly blankets and



Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the fierce.


Live with honour



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