When will you start living for YOU?

It’s interesting how so many of us were raised with the belief that it’s all about others.

Love has to involve another.

You have to learn so you can make others lives easier or better and be of value to society.

Which is why so many people are NOT living in alignment, NOT creating THEIR art, NOT persisting without applause.

This is YOUR life my darling, for YOU to have YOUR best experience and what you’ll find is when you are, and you’re thriving, you just naturally share because you simply can’t contain yourself.

The difference is that you’re not attached to being liked or approved of or any of that fear-laced BS.

Unleashed through Love is a ten week journey for ten women who are ready to THRIVE for themselves and in the process, reconnect to their muse, create their empires of impact and have a bloody marvellous time doing it. Details at https://anelbester.com/unleashed/