When your soul is black as a moonless night.

Tut tut
I’m ruffling some feathers,
rubbing some victims up the wrong way,
allowing their fear to show
in the form of their attacks
from the safety in the ‘cloud’.

Saying my soul is black as night
as though this is supposed to insult me.
Oh Hunny,
if only you knew how dark she is
you would run

For she dwells in the realm beyond mere shadow
where white sheople dare not enter
as it’s where they would have to face
their own dark selves
and heaven forbid
they should spot the shit
clogging their wool.

Let’s have this conversation today Alpha.
It’s time for you to remember
that you too
belong in both the light AND the dark

Enough of the pristine illusion
of ‘light perfection’
which quite frankly has set humanity up
for defeat.

It’s time for you to remember
that you too
come from love

and as far as I know
love does not have a colour.
You ARE love.
You are LOVED.
And have limitless capacity to love
regardless of painful human experience.

In stark contrast with what we’ve been preached
black is not evil
and white is not good.
This lie is what keeps most preoccupied their entire lives
fighting themselves
shaming themselves
keeping their beautiful selves out of the game.

The idea that some people are good
and some people are bad
that having some ‘things’ make us good
and having some ‘things’ make us bad
when you take a step back and think about it soberly,

It’s bullshit like this
which is keeping us seperated,
putting each other in ‘camps’,
teaching our children which are ‘safe’
and which are ‘dangerous’ and should be avoided at all costs.

Yes, I agree
some behaviours bring more beauty into our world
and some behaviours break down.
And yes
I aim to create more beauty every day
but you know what
I’m not ‘perfect’ Darling,
I’ve done some things that broke down,
and I could sit here in a heap of deep remorse for the rest of my life,
labelling myself as a ‘bad’ person,
which wouldn’t change a damn thing.
I choose to assess and say:
‘Well fuck Anel, that was not cool. Do better’
and then
I do better.
It’s my ability to be real with myself
that is the foundation of my compassion with others.

Let me cut to the chase here:

As far as I’m concerned
if you have a beating heart
you have love flowing through you
and that is what I choose to focus on.

The fact that you’re still getting up every day
means you’re a warrior.
You are more powerful than you believe you are
and that is the part of you I choose to speak to.

The end.

You are priceless.
You are perfection from your pubic hairs to your eyelashes.
You are one in uncountable.

Your unique gifts that are freakishly weird,
If you allowed yourself to unfuck your mind,
your original ideas and thoughts,
What you have to say,
The empire that you’ve been holding back on because it makes no logical sense,
The romance that you are craving with every fibre of your body,
Your appreciation of beauty,


Their judgement of you,

If you are honest with yourself
the ONLY reason
you’re NOT showing the fuck up
for your dreams
is because you’re still buying into the lies
of black and white
good and evil
perfect and faulty
you’re surrounding yourself with those who believe the same
and don’t hesitate to make you feel like doggy doo
the moment
you show your dark soul.

You’re choosing to play in the splash-pool
with the small-minded individuals
who think their farts smell like lavendar.
You’re choosing to hold back
so as not to stand out
just in case
some faceless person on LinkedIn
shouts warnings to everyone
that your soul is black as coal.


Come play in my ocean
where we admire the beauty in sharks
as much as in dolphins.
Each gets to be appreciated
for their individual gifts.
Each gets to be accepted
for their perfect imperfections.
And each gets to play
to their max
in absolute exhiliration
for this
is the way of the Alpha.

Live with honour,