When you’re done driving yourself nuts, just make yourself proud.

Hot damn woman,
are you quite done with this mission impossible
quest for perfection?

The perfect body.
The perfect relationship.
The perfect eating plan.
The perfect training plan.
The perfect marketing strategy.
The perfect funnel.
The perfect bank account.
The perfect product.
The perfect home.
The perfect kids.

First you tell me how you’re going to ‘get it right’ this time because you have the perfect list with boxes to tick.
Then you self-sabotage as it doesn’t flow naturally in the first place,
you know, you squishing yourself into the container of another.
Followed by you feeling like shit.
Shaming yourself to kingdom come.
Trusting yourself even less.
Going into hiding until you’ve kicked your own arse blue because “You’ve got what it takes dammit and you will prove it to everyone”.
Same old cycle – wash, rinse, dry, repeat.

you sound like a broken record
and to be perfectly honest with you (see what I did there? LOL)
I’m bored with this bullshit.

First off,
you’re already perfectly imperfect according to the norm,
the way you were meant to be,
as there is no ONE perfect mold for what a woman should look like or sound like or live like.

There is ONE perfect way that YOU can look, sound, live and contribute to a better world,
by BEING MORE of who you are,
remembering that who you are
comes down to love.

You simply have to stop looking around at what everyone else is doing and what everyone else is posting on ‘fraud media’
and start making decisions which fill you with pride.

As a grown ass woman,
instead of continuously living as a little girl,
seeking approval and permission from everyone else
who are, quite frankly, little toy soldiers themselves,
which is why we’re finding ourselves in a world full of tantrum-throwing toddlers in adult bodies,
kicking and screaming with no control over their emotional expression as they have relinquished control of their mental faculties.
Weak minded minions controlled by the Puppet Masters.

You get to make the choice
right here and now,
and I’m going to include my beautiful male counterparts as I love you as much as my Ladies and it’s about time you know it:
you can continue on this path of self-destruction filled with misery, shame, immature blame and quite frankly, disgust
you can choose to BE the woman and man you KNOW IN YOUR HEART you were always meant to be:

  • Lover who honours your values and speaks your truth unfiltered
  • Sovereign who decree that which will be with authority and conviction to build your empire of positive impact
  • Warrior with boundaries, principles, honour who show the fuck up and does the work every day to train in your craft, creating your art
  • Magician who remembers connection with All, and who allows the natural rhythm of LIFE to flow to you and through you for magnificent growth and opulence in our world.

In other words Darling,
you get to decide if you’re going to be a sheople staying in the illusion of ‘safety’ of the cult of mediocrity or an Alpha vibrating on the FREQUENCY of love, truth and excellence.

For those who choose Alpha –
there is no ‘plan’ to follow for ‘their plans’ do NOT take into consideration every choice you have made every single day up to this point which has crafted your path and left footprints in your energy;
‘their plans’ do NOT take into consideration exactly where you find yourself today and your precise tone as depicted by your words;
‘ their plans’ do NOT take into consideration your unique genius meant to create ORIGINALITY instead of this continuous paint-by-numbers copies we see EVERYWHERE OMG I’m so bored with everyone sounding the same and looking the same and posing the same;
‘their plans’ do NOT take into consideration your unique personal core values;
‘their plans’ do NOT take into consideration your SOUL VISION as it is gifted to YOU and YOU ALONE to bring to fruition, your SOUL LESSONS, your SOUL RELATIONSHIPS
which is why

and all you have to do to access it
is to be silent and connect with your Inner Being and ASK for guidance and then have the courage to take the first aligned action regardless of how scary or absurd it may appear.

Your Inner Being will not only gift you every single step you ever need to take,
He will ensure that you are strong enough to receive your true desires by being your sparring partner, your personal development coach, your protector,
you simply have to learn to trust again my Love.

How do you know you’re on the right path,
taking the right action?

Easy – it will leave you feeling proud as punch.

If you can use HONOUR as your compass and LOVE as your path you simply WILL NOT fail
and I define failure as getting to your last breath and dying with regret.

And yes
death IS inevitable,
but thrive is available to those who so choose.

Live with honour,