When you’re not feeling the joy in receiving

My Love,

I get it.

Probably better than most.

For I have walked in the shoes of self-preservation,


until there was more hole than sole.

It felt safer to be in lack,


than to receive.

Sounds so crazy doesn’t it?

The ego goes on the defensive,

saying that’s just stupid.

‘OF COURSE I am open to receiving all that I desire.

Why else would I say I want it?’


what we say,

and what our physical reality shows us,

doesn’t always align.

It’s been my experience that when I find this discrepancy,

it has very little to do with the external world,

and everything to do with what’s going on in my subconscious mind.

Let’s start with something small,

for everything is connected,

and sometimes when we start with the seemingly inconsequential

it’s easier to have the breakthrough

which we can then apply to the ‘big’ things.

I’ve historically not been good at receiving compliments.

For various reasons.

Compliments on my beauty  has resulted in rape by those who desired to claim me as a shiny object to possess.

Compliments on my intelligence has resulted in humiliation by those who felt less smart.

Compliments on my success has resulted in creation of chaos to resolve by those who had no desire to step up and create their own success.

Compliments on my strength has led to emotional abuse, bleeding me dry energetically, by those who refuse to train their own resilience.

Looking at all of this, it’s no wonder that I shrugged off compliments faster than a dog shakes excess water after a bath.

I choose to have compassion with myself.

There was also another side to the coin.

In receiving a compliment,

from those who came from a space of love, appreciation and respect,

I placed an expectation on myself,

to step up even higher so as not to disappoint.

The achiever in me continued to raise the bar,

even when the bar was already so high.

And considering how hard I was working,

how exhausted I was at night,

I wasn’t sure I could cope with more.

More compassion was required.

Now, the bitch comes when we discover that energy doesn’t compartmentalise.

It’s impossible to NOT be in receiving of compliments,

and then BEING in receiving of abundance.


Which meant that once I received the awareness there was some serious introspection to be done.

Where else was I not allowing myself to receive,

because of a fear of retaliation,

or an expectation of having to step up?



Not receiving support?

Well darling, the truth is that if you allowed yourself to be fully supported, you would HAVE NO MORE EXCUSES as to why you’re NOT showing up fully for your purpose work.

Not receiving money?

It’s in the receiving of money that we receive freedom of choice which means you have to let go of codependent, toxic relationships, you have to stop settling for mediocrity and only accept excellence, you have no excuse to NOT being well nourished, high vibe AF, happy and yes Sunshine, orgasmic.

Not receiving excellent health and high levels of energy?

If you didn’t have your excuse of being so tired all the time, you would have to take aligned action.

No longer would you be smothered by those sympathisers which means,


you would have to own your badassery!!!!!


Honestly, I have so much empathy for you.

Personally, I’m still working on receiving.

On feeling safe to receive.

On feeling worthy to receive.

On feeling enough even whilst I receive.

So that I can receive even more.

I’m also working on TRUST.

For if I don’t trust,

I will not feel safe,

I will not receive.

For 45 years, my life has been a masterful creation of contrast to safety, trust and receiving.

I’m choosing to be a little more patient with myself than my normal standard.

To receive a little more every day.

Until I feel ready,


and enough,

to receive a LOT!

In the interim, I’m enjoying this wonderful new awakening,

I’m choosing to make this fun,

I’m choosing to be proud of myself.

All of this to say that I have compassion for you if you’re not receiving your desires Darling.

But for things to change in your life, YOU have to start choosing to receive.

And you’re probably not going to do that by just chanting

“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I know I can…”

Unless of course you’re The Little Engine.


how about growing a pair,

and figuring out WHY you’re NOT receiving?

What’s the fears lurking behind the blocks?

What’s the hidden benefits of your living in lack?

Sort out that shit first,

and then,

with a sense of excitement,

allow yourself to receive the little things available to you right now.

Setting the intention that your capacity will increase daily,

until you too can joyful surf avalanches of abundance.

Only death is inevitable,

as always thriving is the choice of the brave.

With love and appreciation for you,


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That seems an awfully long time to commit to a program…

To commit to building your business…

To receive THAT level of support, accountability and learning.

Which is exactly WHY it’s 6 months.

This is not another program you rush through,

having piles of notes taking up space in the cupboard,

half of which you never implement or even remember.

It’s NOT for the polyfilla entrepreneur who thinks they simply need to slap some white goo over the cracks, and then prettify business for sales.

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a layering on of systems, structures, habits and awareness,


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