When you’re ready to reclaim all of you – #RiseAlpha

Holy SHIT,

What a FABULOUS time to be alive!


A time of change.

A time of chaos.

A time of re-awakening.



Are you paying attention darling?

Are you waking in the morning,

checking in with yourself,

pushing out your tentacles of consciousness,

connecting with the vibrational charge of emotion within?


Because they’re your clues.

To how far off the path you might have stumbled.

In your attempt to belong.

Believing that you’re loveable, as long as you are loved by another.


Have you noticed how their levels of love for you constantly fluctuate?

One day they love you wild,

the next they want you tame.

One day they love you loud,

the next they tell you to be quiet.

One day they love you independent,

the next they need you to need them.

One day they love your truth,

the next they want you to swallow.



If you want obedience instead of the love of a passionate woman, go get yourself a dog.


Which is why,

for the love of pumpkin pie,

it’s time for you to stop believing the bullshit ideology that love has conditions or rules,

or that love is for another,

whilst you can’t stand the sight of yourself!


I want you to realise today that the ONLY reason you’re not MADLY in love with yourself,

is because you’ve ripped out pieces from your very core,

and threw it into the dirt for others to trample on.

You’ve taken all that makes you different,

deliciously unique,

your curious intricacies as a wild one,

told those parts they don’t belong in your being,

and flushed them down the toilet to Poopville.

What will it take for you to realise that you are indeed the most glorious of beings in the universe??


Every single thought,

every single emotion,

every single sway of your curvaceous hip,

every soft stroke of your delicate fingers,

every sigh of satisfaction escaping your lips,

every crows-feet tracing experience on your face.


I remember the feeling of your parts being shattered and scattered.

I remember the feeling as elevator doors close, the reflection filling you with disgust.

I remember the feeling lying on the floor,

gasping for air,

the pain excruciating,

as his words rain down on you,

of how fucked up, broken, ugly and filthy you are as a human being.


I choose to remember.

I choose to remember how easy it is to beg for forgiveness for not being pleasing enough.

I choose to remember how easy it is to crawl back into the arms of your assailant for protection.

I choose to remember the pain of peeing blood from keeping your mouth shut.

I choose to remember Darling, because it’s in my remembering that I choose LOVE.


It took me forever to understand that I can only love another when I completely love myself.

And yes,

that meant leaving everyone in my life behind,

for they had all played their valuable roles in my journey of self-abandonment.

It was simply not possible for me to reclaim all of me, in their presence.


It’s been an interesting time of exploration,

finding my long-lost and forgotten parts,

and I’m still spotting more areas where there’s a little less than all of me.

I’m a work in progress.


It’s been the most joyous of celebrations every time I reclaimed another piece of me.

I might look like a once broken vase stuck back together with glue,

there might be imperfections and lines criss-crossing my body and soul,

reminding me of all it took for me to get back to me,

but I look in the mirror,

and I see astounding beauty!


Most importantly,

I wake in JOY!

I wake in FREEDOM!

I wake in LOVE!


For the first time in my life I truly LOVE every single person who’s had an exchange with me.

Not only the ‘nice’ ones.


Especially the ones who were willing to drive me to my breaking point.

I now know this is what I desired to experience in this life.

This is what I wanted to remember.

Deep and unconditional love.

From a space of love overflowing within,

it’s impossible not to love another.


I also know that part of why I’m here is so that you don’t have to reach breaking point.

I know that I’m here to share my message with zero shame, blame or apology.

It’s time for us to stop making us wrong.

It’s time for us to stop the horrendous cycle of abuse which originates with the abuse of self.

It’s time for us to break free from codependency.

It’s about bloody time for us to reclaim ourselves.




You are not alone Darling.

You are not the only one feeling insane in the mornings,

for keeping your mouth shut,

for the suffocation you experience in mediocrity,

the oppression from conformity.


You are not alone in looking around thinking this is simply not good enough anymore.

You’re not crazy for wanting ONLY THE BEST for yourself.

You’re not wrong for wanting nothing more than to be all of  YOU.


Your time is NOW.

You are ready.


To take off the muzzle and HOWL your song of liberation.

To run FREE in the wilderness.

To RECLAIM your magnificent self.


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of those brave enough to love themselves unconditionally.


Live with honour,




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