‘Where are all the alpha females?’ she asked…

Short answer:
they’re hiding.

Either dressed in woollen coats pretending to be a ‘nice gir’l,
so that the others can like her,
so she can feel as though she belongs,
skipping in the crowd with arms linked,
feeling completely alone behind her mask.

Or playing with the gents
as let’s just be honest here,
alpha females have a strong masculine energy
and quite frankly
men are so much less complicated
less intimidated (I’m talking about men not boys)
more supportive
and in many ways
more fun for women like us.

We love the hustle,
we thrive on the challenge,
on biting off more than we can chew,
chomp chomp chomp,
and men never tell us to stop and wait for the moon to line up with our cycle.

It’s been my observation that alpha females LOVE being in the zone, in other words, when I’m IN the zone, don’t fuck with me, don’t distract me, don’t ask me to stop what I’m doing to give you attention.

They know there’s shit that needs to get done during our lifetime and they came here to do it! Talking about how we’re going to be fabulous ONE DAY is simply not good enough for Alpha Females. We’re action orientated as action will get you to the next level thrive,
talk is just so blah blah blah.

There’s very little time and zero true interest to sit around chatting about marriage, kids, and all the domesticated things that quite frankly is boring to the tenth degree!
We have stories to tell, wisdom to share, people to influence, empires to build.

All in all,
who we are ,
is repulsive to the average,
who brand us as selfish, rude, inconsiderate freaks.

Thank you very much 😉

it’s not as though we don’t try every now and again,
letting our defences down and reaching out to other women who LOVE our energy, our take-no-prisoners attitude, our passion, our conviction,
for a while

and then
they feel confronted with their own bullshit
as our tolerance level is,
and there always comes a day when we hear the same old story and our eyes roll out loud.

Before you can say “Twiddle Dee”
claws come out
hissing like a cornered cat and their loud
calls forth an army of alley cats,
the prim and proper domesticated princesses,
viscious when their comfortable prisons are threatened.

Been there,
got scrated,
so at this stage of my life,
you can take your sweet pussy smiles and stay the hell away from me.

Now here’s the clinger:
my generation was raised by those misinformed that there can be only ONE alpha.
I’m not blaming, I have so much compassion for those who came before me so that I can see things differently.

In the process alphas have lost faith and trust in other alphas.
And since we definitely DON’T belong with the rest,
we’ve been forced into isolation which is why right now the lone wolf persona is our default.

Well Sunshine,
I’m here to bring an end to that.

I’m here to instigate a motherfucking THRIVE EVOLUTION of Alpha Females
and the world will NEVER be the same.

For when alpha females come together in powerful packs,
each committed to her best self,
committed to her purpose,
her passion,
where every day is gifted to be BETTER than yesterday,
and there’s not a drop of sympathy for excuses,
we play hard,
we play rough,
we curse freely,
we sing atrociously and loud,
we create MAGICK!

The greatest challenge for alpha females right now,
is to come out of hiding,
to trust her fellow alphas,
to know that there can be an entire pack of alphas.

you’re going to feel challenged AF as you will be amongst your equals Darling which means no more half-arsing it. You’re going to play harder than ever before and you’re going to LOVE it!

You’re going to feel like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, they are AMAZING, and they will feel the same about you and that will feel weird to be seen and fully ACCEPTED for who you are.

You’re going to have to get over your imposter syndrome stories as you’re only being an imposter pretending to be anything LESS than spectacular and that is eating you up alive on the inside.

I’m also going to tell you this Alpha,
nobody is going to lick your arse to join the pack.
We’re not like the others who are going to convince you of anything,
we’re not going to tell you lies of how anything is guaranteed and how there’s no risk,
we’re sure as fuck not going to prevent you from the learning received through failure.
Shit woman,
we’re going to applaud your face-plant and then sprint off leaving you to choose to rise again!

Still think you’re an alpha?

Show yourself.
Show us you’re one of us.
If you have the courage to drop that socially approved mask and join the pack.

For death is inevitable,
and pretending to be less than you are is torture,
thrive is a choice of the brave.

Live with honour,

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