Which energy are you feeding today – bitch or beast?

You know the story about the two wolves within every man –

one is supposedly good and the other bad,

and which wins depends which we feed the most.



I’ve also noticed that people have two energies inside them:

one is being a little bitch

and the other

bring it on beast!


And they choose to feed one or the other with


From the food they eat

to the programs they watch,

the music they listen to


most of all,

the questions they ask.


Lately, my response to a lot of questions has been –

I simply can’t relate.


Seriously Darling,

if you’re feeling ashamed of your current choices,


Publicly shaming yourself for doing things that makes you feel ashamed,


what on earth is that about?


If you don’t like your lack of discipline,


Just decide what you’re actually committed to achieving,

identify the actions to take,

schedule it in,

and it’s DONE.

No excuses.

No debating with yourself.

It’s just done.


If you don’t like your habit of procrastinating,



If you don’t like your life passing before your very eyes,

whilst you’re sitting on the sideline

shivering with fear,



These questions are not in the energy of  those committed to finding the answer that will shift them,

but victims seeking sympathy.

And boy oh boy,

do they get a ton of that.

Or academic BS answers of proven methodologies crammed with so much hoyty toyty jargon

that NOBODY knows what the hell they’re actually supposed to do next.



Life is really simple Darling.




And it starts with who you choose to be.

You can choose to be one of the billions of people thinking they’re here at the mercy of some big brother waiting to pounce on them and screw them over,

you can choose to be one of the victims who simply can’t live beyond the stories of others,

you can choose to ask the wrong questions,

the symptom questions,

because you’re looking for some pollyfilla to fill your cracks,


you can choose to be the powerful creator of your reality.


This is the realm of the Alpha.

It’s not for everyone,

and most people look at us with a mixture of awe and revulsion because

you know

we have the audacity to call a spade a spade.


Why do I not console,

not even myself?

Because quite frankly I simply don’t have the patience to tell the little bitch in me the lies she feeds on.

I don’t have time to kiss her toddler arse

until she subsides

sucking her thumb

rocking herself to  sleep

so that

my beast can get shit done.



I allow my beast energy,

to reign supreme.



Does it mean I’ve killed off my wee bitch?

Hell no – I honour and adore all parts of me.

I still feed her ice-cream and love songs when I feel like playing with her.

I still watch “The Notebook” with my box of tissues.


But when it comes to living my life,

building my empire,

training my body,

it’s pure



I feed her every single day,

listening to hardcore music whilst training,

surrounding myself with those who challenge and inspire me to go even higher,

putting myself in the game,

knowing that this is where I will ALWAYS have the most transformational growth.

And without daily growth,

there’s daily decay.

I’m in no way ready to walk around as another zombie.


My invitation to you today is to start paying attention to the energy of your choices.

The energy of your food – does it leave you feeling energised, light, and ready to go run a marathon?

The energy of your music – does it have you shaking arse with wild abandon feeling like a rock star?

The energy of your friends – do they challenge and inspire you to go do the work to be your best self?

The energy of your work – does it fill you with absolute pride knowing that you get to bring a positive experience to another?

The energy of your questions – do they come from a space of empowered determination to committed growth?


If not,


What’s the benefit of you feeding the little bitch?

Is it that you’re feeling lonely and sorry for yourself and it gets you attention?

Is it that you actually love being a victim because people look at you and tell you the shit your momma never did?

Is it that you don’t have to take responsibility for your choices and so you can keep fucking up with your ‘get out of jail for free’ card?


I don’t mean to be rude.

I just want you to be honest with yourself.

There’s always a benefit Sunshine.

That’s why we do what we do.


Are your pay-offs the stuff that fill you with pride?

If it’s not,

just be compassionate with your past choices,

and consciously choose your next!


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the Alpha who’s willing to be real.


Live with honour,



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