Which part of EXACT do you not understand?

Oh shit,
get ready for some serious bitch-slaps
for my Inner Alpha has joined the party
clothes dropping to the floor
sweat pouring down my sides.


Which part of EXACT do you not understand Buttercup?

When I shared that Alpha is a frequency,
that it comes from the precise fusion of four specific tones
to hit the sweet spot,
what I meant to say was
that if just ONE tone is 1% out,
the whole thing goes to shit.

That’s because in the realm of the Alpha Female,
and Male,
there’s zero tolerance for anything less than SUPREME.

There’s no room for fucking around.
It requires surgical precision.
All or nothing Baby.

Others will look at you
call you crazy
impossible on a whole new level
and they will run the hell away
as your mere presence
will cause them excruciating pain.

The vibration of your being will resonate with their Inner Alpha
and she will RAGE against the constraints of their self-imposed prison bars

THIS is the birth of the Alpha Archetype.

An energy stream of consious unconsciousness
in the playground of gods
of chaos
of darkness
of magic.

For you to enter the portal
you have to sacrifice ALL that is of lower vibration
screaming in agony as old thought patterns and beliefs
rip chunks of flesh off your dripping bones
in their last desperate attempt to keep you in the illusions of victimhood, self-sacrifice, scarcity, constraints, wanting to be saved by someone or something that you insist has greater power than you.

You will have to go into the shadows of your mind
pulling those bitches out from underneath the bed
and burning them to the ground
allowing for the alchemization of your fears into fuel for your passion
your glorious creations
your Empire.

Do you honestly think that any of this is going to be possible
if you choose to hold on to ONE old limiting story?
Do you honestly think that any of this is going to click into place as long as you choose to lie to yourself in any area of life?
Do you honestly think that you will rise to your rightful place as long as you hide behind one pussy-strapping relationship?

Oh Hon,
I’m #sorrynotsorry to tell you,
but it ain’t going to happen.

Which is why
when I sat on a call with my pack yesterday
I looked straight through them
to the secrets they hid behind their backs
insisting that they will still BE their legacies
if only
I will let them keep this one little security-blanket…

Here’s the thing Darling:
I’m not going to wrestle that shit from your grip and throw it into the fire FOR you,
oh hell no,
I’m not a bully and I’m not anyone’s saviour.

I hold strong for YOU to choose.

You can choose to hold on to that ONE TEENY WEENY LITTLE BARITONE NOTE
knowing that you will soon leave the pack
for the pack is moving forward at quantum speeds
and we don’t have time to wait for you slogging around the extra weight
or you can choose to find the courage, the conviction, the commitment to your greatness,
to what you TOLD me you were committed to,
and with tears streaming down your face
you can throw the illusion into the blaze of truth to be turned into the particles of your liberation.

For the pack
is pure

Which means
we are only available for your absolute BEST
we are only available for absolute TRUTH
we are only available for those who understand that total commitment means
TOTAL commitment.

When the pack told me they’re raising their standards for me to orgasmic
I raised my game
to pulsating pussies in meditation
and lifegasms by connecting them to the fucking spectacular visions residing inside their god-hearts.

This doesn’t happen unless we’re willing to go all in
regardless of how obscene it looks to everyone else.

The pack is ready to receive you,
the question is,
are you ready to receive yourself?

Death might be inevitable,
thrive is a choice available to those committed to levels of supremity.

Live with honour,