Which tune are you swaying to?

It’s the most glorious of mornings!
I can hear the soft soothing crashing of waves onto white sands,
the awakening of birds as they sing their greeting in joy of the new potentials of the day,
the buzzing of bees as they’re already harvesting the sweetness of bright purple lavendar flowers outside my bedroom door.

my darling friend,
is good
and it keeps getting better and better.

It’s a peculiar thing,
how majority of society is not tapped into this energy of thrive.
Took me some time to figure it out myself,
of how we get to create our own experience
through our focus.

We all know that saying that what we give our attention to, multiplies.
What we focus on, grows.

But have you taken the time to really CONNECT to the physical application of this?
Or is just more words you recite like a parrot
the way you did with history dates to pass your exam.
All in the head,
never in the heart.
Considering heart is where wisdom resides.

For heart pumps blood through your body,
infusing your limbs with life-force
and when that blood is energised with life experience
your body is alight with wisdom.

So let’s dive deeper and maybe after today you’ll choose to look at the world a little differently,
which will completely transform your experience of life.

Two things I would love for you to connect to first, is emotions and energy.
Everything is energy –
Emotion is the indicator of the energy you’re focusing on.

Everything is created through the combination of energies
which comes from our focus
which then takes manifested, aka in your experience, form.
We then call it our reality.
our so-called ‘reality’ is our history as our true ‘reality’ is where our focus lies energetically.

Okay now I’m just sounding weird so let me speak like a normal person.

Think of it as musical notes!
When we bring together certain notes, in a certain order, with a certain rhythm, we create a melody.
This melody sets the tone for how we’re going to feel whilst listening to it and how we feel really indicates the tone of the melody.

We can make it a happy, shake my booty kinda experience,
by taking the same notes and putting them in a different order, a different rhythm and pace, we can create the feeling of the world is crashing down on us, sobbing on the floor because OH MY GOD life is so hard and he doesn’t love me anymore and how can I possibly cope without him because the prick has found a woman half my age with bigger tits and that means I’m going to be alone for the rest of my life.

Have you noticed how the longer you listen to the song, the MORE you feel the emotion?
You can start off feeling a little happy and by the end, you’re dancing and howling like a wild woman,
laughing out loud,
your smile radiant,
and life feels simply lifegasmic!

The opposite is true as well.
You can start off feeling a little down and by the end of the song,
you’re wailing in misery as though life is not worth living.

Let’s take it further.
Let’s say you’re listening to the song on YouTube,
and because you’ve picked a certain genre,
the wonderful gods of the world wide web lines up a similar song for you which starts playing automatically.
Now you’re feeling the same emotion even stronger!
This will continue until you CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE another song with a different beat.

Now every now and again there will be a song with a different potential emotion – creating an experience of contrast for you.

It’s simply an opportunity to choose again.

I guess even the gods of YouTube get bored with monotony.

Life works the same way!
You get to pick the first song through what you’re giving your attention to, and the Universe will keep bringing you MORE thereby enhancing your experience.

Isn’t she kind????

Every now and again a different experience will pop up, creating contrast, and you get to choose again.

You can look at ANY scene in front of you
and you can choose to focus on the things that makes you feel good or on the shit that makes you feel bad.
The longer you focus on it,
the more it accentuates the characteristics you’re looking at,
the more energy it creates,
the more things you attract to make it MORE and BIGGER.

The way you’re feeling at any given time is an indicator of whether you’re looking for good joobjoob or bad pooh.

I understand that right now society LOVES the tragic songs. The ones that sing about fear and hardship and doom and gloom and oh my god how will we ever survive this era????
It saps energy,
making people sluggish and slow and depressed and most are walking around as though they’ve already given up.

you’re not a fucking participant in the musical of another.
Get your arse out of there
and choose to start dancing to the beat of your own drum!

When you actively LOOK for things that are pleasing to you,
when you consciously search for things that delight and surprise,
by giving your subconscious mind instruction,
like a hound dog,
‘Here girl, smell the pretty roses, now go find more!’
you will set off on a wonderful adventure filled with delicious unfurlings as she will come running back every few minutes,
tail wagging,
mouth drooling with enjoyment,
and you get to give her a big fat kiss
“Good girl! Thank you. More please.”

Sometimes she’ll come back with an old shoe.
You’re not going to kick her and tell her she’s stupid are you???
So stop doing that to yourself.

Here’s my invitation to you today:
Take out your journal,
look at your environment and write down EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that makes you feel good.
I don’t care if you’re sitting on the toilet reading this.
Then write down ‘toilet paper’ because heaven knows, you’re not making a number one whilst reading this long, which means, toilet paper is pretty damned good right now!
Write down why you like it.
What about it you like.
What you appreciate about it.
How it makes you feel.
Why you’re grateful to have it in your surroundings.

ONLY the good things.

Now how do you feel?

I bet pretty damned good if you actually committed to the action.
Go to the next place and do the same.
And again.
And again.
At the end of the day,
as you’re sitting in bed,
take a read at all you wrote and go to sleep with a smile on your face because life is good and keeps getting better and better.

After a week,
let me know what’s changed for you.

ONLY the good!
Become unavailable to anything else.
Come on – it’s only a week for god’s sakes.
You can commit to finding good things for a week, can’t you??

Death might be inevitable,
but thrive is a choice of focus.

Live with honour,


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