Who even knows what to call this?

As I start writing,
I’m not totally sure I’ll be publishing this.

My inner child is feeling really prissy this morning
as though she has something to say,
consequences bedamned.

Which has turned into a bizarre start
where none of my normal ‘things’ were ‘done’.
As from the moment I woke
she took me by the hand
demanding that I stop the insanity of normal routine
in a time that is anything BUT normal,
and pay attention
to what’s happening
which apparenlty nobody’s seeing
and she’s stomping her little foot
screaming in my head


Show them WHAT Sweetheart?
I don’t understand what it is you think they should see
I mean
they can see the undercurrent of fear the system is pumping out.
Thick smoke billowing under their feet
soaking up into their bodies
controlling them from underneath
like puppets on its strings.

Surely to god if they WANTED to break free from the cage
which they all seem to be running into
painting on their pretty smiles with Chanel
faking it once more
they would throw their arms up in defiance of their programming by now
and walk
from the chants of ‘let’s all stay positive and sing kumba-fucking-yah-yah’.

That’s not happening.

Instead they’re flocking to the bling bling
‘nice’ people who say they have the magic pill
the elixer that will have them feeling better
and they’re downing that shit like an ice cold beer on a blistering hot day.

Drunk on the promises
they continue doing

of what some have been doing before
MORE desperation
MORE fear
MORE shit
that’s creating
MORE shit and shizzles for all.

Standards are dropping even further
fuck mastery
fuck dedication
fuck the art of anything.

You just buy a page in the clouds
you choose the best sounding title
figure out how to screw with their minds
and viola.

is what the masses WANT child.

It’s what they choose.

Free will.

It is what it is.

But what about the freaks Anel?
What about the freaks????


The freaks?

The freaks…

Where are the freaks?

They’re feeling crazier than ever before
as they watch the descent into chaos
guilt washing through them
as this is what they’ve been craving for the longest time.
A breakdown of the structure.
A glitch in the system.
So more could wake up.

Except the system has done it’s work so thoroughly
instead of awakening
the masses are pulling their heads further up their arses.

Being locked down in their homes,
grabbing another bottle of booze,
caught in the online spiders web a little longer,
dishing out more punches and validating the abuse with the insanity which comes from forced isolation, job losses and a plummeting economy.

Which leads to more creatives opting out.
Throwing their hands up in defeat
as clearly they’re NEVER going to belong on this planet and plane.
Why even bother anymore…

And I get it child.
I mean seriously,
how much suffering do the masses want to endure before questioning,
before bringing it back to the ways of the masters of old – with honour, integrity, purpose and LOVE?
How many more lies do they want to believe
of what actually matters and what doesn’t
before they realise that they’ve sacfriced their life force
for a machine?

They’ve turned pain into their pleasure,
suffering into their badge of honour,
their story into their identity.
Addiction has become their master
they are the tamed bitch of complacency.
It is what it is what it was what it will be.

So you’re just going to leave them all to their pain?
You’re going to turn your back on EVERYONE that you’re here to serve?
Because ‘they’ tell you that NUMBERS matter?
Because it’s NOISIER than ever before which means you can no longer whisper sweet nothings into the realm of humanity?
Because you’re TIRED of resisting the truth of where you thrive?

So you’re just going to pretend you don’t care and carry on with your ‘things’ to ‘do’?

So you’re going to be a



Tell me you didn’t feel that?

I did.

I guess this is where we’re at Darling.
This is where we get to choose
not what got us to where we are today
not even today
but where we will go FROM today.

It’s where the outcasts are being asked to choose
to honour themselves
to accept themselves
to appreciate the gifts so unique to them
that the masses will simply NEVER understand or be able to see the brilliance,
which they call insanity,
treating everything that doesn’t fit into the 2 inch box called ‘normal’ with a pill or a lotion.

This is where the Empress within
you sacrifice the Slave you’ve been pretending to be.
As Imposter Syndrome never came from not knowing enough
but from living out of integrity with who you truly are
as your absolute BEST self.

It’s where the Alpha Female stops looking for her mate on some boy-made app
and allow Him to find her by searching for the essence which calls to him across life-times, through the dark, facing her dragons and instead of thinking he needs to slay them, he becomes the Dragon Master leading them out peacefully whilst claiming his Original Queen.

It’s where we stop talking to the masses
allowing our message through unfiltered and unrefined
so that only those who resonate with our vibration of love
hear the call and our pack of Alpha ‘Freaks’ play in the realms of the gods.

Death is inevitable,
but if you will just be willing to see things differently
by blurring out the illusion,
you will see where your thrive awaits.

Live with honour,

PS: Ready to see things differently?

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