Whose beliefs are you allowing to run the show?

Coaching is not for pussies.

It’s raw.

It’s real.

It’s confronting.

It challenges every thought you’ve used to built your life on thus far.

And then, demands that you choose what you will believe moving forward.


Well, the way I coach anyway.


Yesterday I took a courageous group of women into the underground of their minds.

To where they’ve allowed a story to be written on their behalf.

A story of what is possible for them.

A story of how their wild, independent, chaotic, creative natures,

their lust for life and adventure,

their passion and obsession,

is their supposed weakness.

That this part of their authentic selves, is what stops them from being phenomenally successful.


Leading to a life of self-suppression,





Want to know what this results in?

It results in mediocre outcomes.

It results in codependent relationships.

It results in over-eating, over-drinking, binge watching Netflix,

anything to dull the pain caused by an alpha showing up as a timid little bitch.


As women we’re taught to seek solace in toxic friendships.

A sisterhood bitter to the core.

Not willing to change a goddamned thing.

They have their wine-time,

bitching and moaning,

sympathy laced croutons served up with salad leaves,

and then, they all go home and recreate the same shit tomorrow.



I simply don’t see the point of this behaviour any longer.

It’s about bloody time that women remember we’re built to push babies out of our vaginas!

Our pain threshold far exceeds that of any man.

Which makes us perfect warriors.

Warriors don’t sit around having pity-parties.


When we connect to who the fuck we really are,

what we treasure,

what we stand for,

we will DIE for love.


The time has come to love ourselves first.

Because not doing so, has resulted in mass suicide of the empowered feminine and masculine.




In my world there’s no place for blame.

I make it clear that others may plant the seeds,

but we choose to water those weeds,

until even the mighty oak is denied any form of nourishment,

never taking root,

never growing tall.


It’s up to us to do the deep introspection which leads to an uprooting of all the limiting beliefs keeping us in self-induced comas.

It’s up to us to unearth all the stories we’re telling ourselves every single day which results in us feeling not good enough.

Not special enough.

Not beautiful enough.

Not smart enough.

Not tech savvy enough (I say giggling as one of my favourite excuses is the fact that I’m a tech retard!)


It’s up to us to remember who the hell told us this shit in the first place.

It normally stems from a well-meaning mother,

an over-protective father,

a jealous sibling,

a paid teacher who really don’t give a fuck about your individuality,

a lover who takes personal responsibility for your well-being,

and how you make them look.


Whoever it was,

it wasn’t YOU!

YOU know that your stubborn streak is what makes you RESILIENT.

YOU know that your crazy is what makes you a powerful ARTIST.

YOU know that your passion is what makes you INVINCIBLE.

YOU know that your wild abandon is what makes you IRRESISTIBLE.



And you get to choose who runs the show from this point forward.


You can choose to hold on to those comfortable old beliefs which fits like your favourite baggy sweater.

It will require no change in behaviour from you.

You get to keep everyone who is currently in your life.

You can keep self-medicating,

painting on your Chanel smile for the world.

You will be held tight in the embrace of complacency.

And only you will know the deep-seated sadness as you mourn the death of every dream you’ve ever had.

Convincing yourself it was all just silly childhood fantasy.

That THIS after all, is real life.

It is what it is.

You’ll just settle.

And be happy with what you’ve got.


You can choose to reclaim yourself!


You can choose to eradicate those limiting beliefs, thanking them for all the learnings they’ve brought you.

You can give them back to every loving person who handed them to you.

They are no longer yours to own.

You can choose to connect to your true nature:








Gorgeous from the inside out.


You can choose to rewrite your avatar of who you will be moving forward:

Potential UNLEASHED.


And you can start building your EMPIRE OF IMPACT.


Everything is a choice.

Which most reject because it’s so much easier to be a victim of circumstance, culture, sex, upbringing,


Minds have become weak,

Emotions have been suppressed.

You think you can’t handle the pain so you numb it with all the socially accepted means.

Except your drug-induced state is leading to an over-dose suicide whilst you think you’re flying high as a kite.


Stop being such a scaredy-cat.

Connect to the pain.

Make it hurt like a motherfucker!

By getting real with yourself,

admitting the price you’re paying for NOT being ALL of you.

Pain is a powerful motivator for change, Gorgeous.

Rip off that band-aid,

pull out the drip,

and FEEL what’s truly happening on the inside.


From your pain you will harness your power.

Rising with pride,

rising with conviction,

rising with honour,

rising in love.


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the brave.


Live with honour.


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In all honesty, I don’t work with just anyone.

I work those who are serious about success.

The ones who are prepared to do whatever it takes.

I’m unfiltered, passionate and I don’t pull my punches.

If you’re a little fragile, if you prefer a soft touch, I’m probably not for you.

And I know that for you to TRULY become confident, showing up in your power, takes attention.

Which is why this program is limited to a very small number of hand-picked apprentices.

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It will take courage.

You will feel out of your depth.

You will feel uncomfortable.

Which is the first hurdle.

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