Whose blood is on your hands?

When did we become
a society
of murderers?

When did we become
a world
of destroyers?

When did we become
so cruel
that we willingly and unapologetically
in broad daylight?

When did we become
the monsters
in herstory?

allowing themselves to be treated like shit
beaten down by their ‘beloved’
keeping the disgusting secrets
as they feel they have to protect their punishers,
humiliated by their own weakness,
lying to themselves
that they don’t have a choice
that they have to stay for the sake of the children
I know
I was her…

becoming martyrs
convincing themselves that their happiness
their visions
their art
is not important.
That the only thing that matters
is their kids
and that as long as they sacrifice themselves
their precious brood will one day
have better
do better
be better
I know
I was her…

walking around as high-class prostitutes
selling their genius for a nickle and a dime
bartering their dreams for the false security of bills paid
sacrificing their true values for the sake of belonging
diluting their truth so as to be liked
I know
I was her…

GIRLS walking around in grown up bodies,
pouting and sulking about how unfair the world is
how hard life is
how tired they are
all the time
I know
I was her…

My hands are stained crimson
as I’ve massacred
moments created for deep connection,
moments created for release in passion,
moments created for unbelievable joy,
moments created for thrive,
moments I butchered
believing this is the sacrifice required
for me to be a good woman
for me to be a good wife
for me to be a good mother
for me to be good
for me to be good enough
for me to be enough.

I’ve stopped scrubbing my hands in an attempt to have it fade.
I’ve stopped wearing gloves in an attempt to hide them.
I’ve stopped drugging myself so as to escape the vision of red.
I’ve stopped running away from myself.

I’ve stopped hiding behind my excuses and my fears,
instead I now choose to be real with myself,
proudly facing the woman in the mirror
as to the new choices I make on a daily basis.

I witness the stains as a reminder
of how fucked up the social conditioning is.
For mindless obedience and execution of who we truly are, is the price we pay to remain in the flock of fear.

It’s time for us to stop lying to ourselves
and everyone else
about what’s happening
and how love, truth, dreams, art
is being murdered without remorse
so that those with no intention to BE all they can be
can feel better about their piss poor excuse of existence.

It’s time for us
to stop dumbing down society
for the sake of those
too lazy to make an effort to unlock their genius.

It’s time for us
to stop making excuses for ourselves,
and for others,
as anything less than extraordinary is an insult to who we truly are.

It’s time for us to grow the fuck up
become courageous
become disciplined
become honourable
showing up as the sovereign beings we were born to be
in order for the next generation to have the role models
that will finally break the back of the machine.

It’s time to
Rise Alpha Females!

It’s time to drop your shame as it no longer serves us,
to take your fear as it’s day is done,
put her on a little boat out to sea and burn that fucker down!

It’s time to
Rise Alpha Females!

It’s time for you to stop hiding your bloodied hands under the table,
to connect with your pack
where nobody pretends to have a spotless background.
Instead, with honour, integrity, love and respect
we do better
be better
moving forward.

It’s time to
Rise Alpha Females!

If you think this piece is NOT applicable to you,
it was probably written JUST FOR YOU.

We all have blood on our hands.

My question to you is:
what are you going to do from here on moving forward?

Live with honour,