Whose life are you living for?

Sitting on top of a mountain,
with no technology,
no interference,
just the view,
has a way of putting life into perspective.
I highly recommend it.

As I sat basking in the sun like a lizard
the thought occured that if the earth should qauke and shake
I would go tumbling into the abyss
never to be seen again.

And quite frankly,
the massive big world beneath me,
would simply carry on.

Shocker right?
One would think that the entire planet would stop rotating,
everything floating off into the galaxy,
the world revolves around me LOL.

You might never even know I’ve croaked.
In fact,
you might feel a moment of annoyance that you didn’t get your soul-smack for a few days,
you might even send me a message with a
“WTF Anel? Why aren’t you posting?”
If you don’t get a reply you’ll write it off to just another online asshole gone bottom up and carry on as you were.

Oh, let’s just keep it real.

The truth of the matter is
we give ourselves way too much fucking credit
for the importance we have in the lives of others.

In the process
we focus on all the wrong shit,
putting so much pressure on ourselves to say just the right thing,
do just the right thing,
be availabe to everyone else,
even take their abusive behaviours when they’re in a crappy mood,
all so they will like us.

I know they tell you that the only way you can be happy is if someone thinks you’re special.
If you’re their ray of sunshine.
If you make a difference in the world.
I know they tell you that you’re here to serve the community.

can kiss my sweet round arse!

In my not so humble as always opinion
the days of our lives
are gifted to us
to have an experience!
get to choose what kind of an experience you get to have.

Will you choose an experience of misery because you’re not ticking the socially approved boxes of success even though the boxes bring you not an ounce of joy?
Do you even know the name of the person who wrote the “CRITERIA OF SUCCESS?”
Do you?

Will you choose an experience of suffering at a torturoulsy slow pace of living because the cult of mediocrity says your drive is something to be ashamed of and you should stop making others feel bad about their choices to remain the same?

Will you choose to be another goddamned martyr sacrificing your dreams because someone said your testicles means you have to take the ‘responsible’ route ensuring you bring home the bacon to a family of vegans
or your vagina means you have an inborn need to nurture and take care of everyone else whilst you’re lying on the bathroom floor sobbing in complete and utter exhaustion because cleaning up after everyone day in and day out drains your life force?

You think I’m exaggerating except I’m not!
This is the bullshit I hear all the time,
and then they justify their choices with
“I don’t have a choice!”

And just before you think I’m being all hoyty-toyty,
except for the testicles part,
I used to do and say the same shit!!

In fact,
I was a hot mess
with a pretty outfit on so nobody would ever know the difference.

and it almost killed me.

I want you to really connect today to the truth that

You have NO IDEA when that moment is going to come along.
One moment you’re here,
the next you’re not.
And yes,
some might miss you occasionally for the rest of their lives,
but they will carry on.
will give you a thought for a day or two,
and then,
they will forget your name.

Even if you make the history books your story will be misconstrued to fit the political climate of what the current regime want the little children to believe.

I don’t know about you,
but I’m not planning on leaving anything behind except for energetic impact.
No tomb-stone.
No grave.
No nothing.

I’m committed to living a life of thrive
every single day
understanding that by choosing JOY
I’m in fact making a difference in the energy of the universe.
And energy
is everything.

Does it make me happy to ride my bike?
Fuck yeah.
Does it make me happy to write?
You bet your arse it does.
Does it make me happy to eat well?
Does it make me happy to get on a call with an extraordinary woman committed to her own thrive and support her?
Does it make me happy to prepare a meal whilst playing music and dancing in my socks, sliding on the kitchen floor?
What do you think?

So guess what I’m going to be doing today???

Are you brave enough to give social expectation the middle finger and ONLY doing that which brings you joy Darling?
Or do you have a story going on that life has to be hard for you to be worth your salt?
Are you daring enough to ONLY engage with those who choose to be happy in and of themselves?
Or do you have a story going on that YOU can make others happy?
You can’t.
Are you audacious enough to surround yourself with beauty that leaves you feeling like a queen?
Or do you have a story going on that you don’t ‘need’ beauty and so you should just be grateful for crumbs?

Thrive does not come from others.
Thrive does not come from sacrifice of delight.
Thrive does not come from conformity.
Thrive does not come from settling.

Death is coming.
Thrive is a choice to LIVE in a state of thrive,
every day.

Live with honour,

PS: Clearance2Clarity kicked off

What really lit me up on our first group call,
was the shift in energy
the sighs of relief
the nodding of heads
as I set the scene for the coming weeks
which is 100%

Doing what feels GOOD and ALIGNED.
No martyrdom.
No self-flagelation.
No guilt.
No shame.
No bullshit.

Done are the days where women act in suffering thinking that doing ANYTHING in this state will get them to thrive.

If you’ve been wondering if this program is right for you it’s easy, ask yourself if you’re ready to fall madly in love with yourself and your life?

If the answer is yes, then Clearance2Clarity is indeed where you’ll set the foundation.
If, with love and true appreciation for your journey and your choices, the answer is no, if you’re wanting to hold on to the stories where hurting makes you a good person a little longer, then no, it’s not the right group to join as we’ll just trigger and irritate you.

Find the details at https://anelbester.com/c2c/