Why Alpha Females Are SO Misunderstood…

Every now and again,
the marketing peoples have me go out and identify my ‘competition’.
And every time I do this exercise
I’m astounded at just how little most of the so-called ‘experts’ know about Alpha Females.

In fact,
I’ve only found ONE article that gets remotely close to understanding the true complexity of who we are.
It was written as an
‘If you meet one of these rare beauties, don’t fuck it up!’
piece by a man sharing that few will ever be lucky enough to capture the heart of an Alpha.

As for the rest,
it’s a clinical approach leading to a superficial label
with the intention of educating on:

How to cope with an alpha female”
How to manage an alpha female”
How to coach an alpha female”

followed by all the reasons why Alpha Females are
so intense,
so aggressive,
so competitive,
the queen bee syndrome.

They talk about us as the typical A-type personality.
The driven achiever.
The whatever the fuck.

It’s superficial, academic, ALL mind,
as their emperical evidence is based on what they can measure and observe,
completely void of the internal piece which is
what we truly FEEL.
These emotions are not freely spoken about as, after decades of being outcast and slayed, we understandably keep our true feelings close to our hearts, rarely spoken about.

Sadly, alphas are buying into these bolony labels because they themselves are not making sense of the ‘crazy’ inside of them.
In an attempt to feel ‘normal’ for just a day or two
as most of the time you look around thinking
Did I miss a turn that I ended up here???’
you drink the cool-aid,
increasing the pain as you continuously have to abandon your most beautiful parts
that’s raw
and a little savage to the masses
to fit into the paradigm given to you.

Here’s what the ‘experts’ don’t know,
and this is the core difference
which most Alpha Females have not realised,
explaining why most alphas are so frustrated and pissed,
responding to the onslaught of assholes attempting to domesticate us,
studying us as though we’re an exotic breed of frogs,
so that
they can ‘manage’ us.

Being an Alpha Female is NOT a personality type Darling,


(side note – this is also why we don’t buy into the whole ‘gender’ distinction, for we understand it’s about the masculine and feminine ENERGIES, but more about that another day)

It’s the frequency where we are dialed in
and we show up as a force of nature
for we ARE the storm
which only we can direct
through a deep connection to our emotions
through a conscious focus of our thoughts
through a chosen release through our actions.

It’s the way in which we speak
that has others constantly accusing us for being insensitive or politically incorrect
and whilst we’re wondering
‘what the fuck are they on about?’
we nodd our heads because quite frankly
they’re NEVER going to get us.
We’re on a different frequency.

It’s the way in which we live
that has others calling us obsessed and disciplined
when in fact
it’s simply who we choose to be.
They choose to breathe,
we choose to train,
we choose to live with purpose,
we choose to show the fuck up
every day.

It’s the way in which we see things.
Whilst others get caught up in the drama caused by their old paradigm,
we see things differently.
We see the patterns.
We see the next dimension
and we already know how to be in it.

It’s the way in which we approach life,
there’s no time for the little steps and holding back in fear
when all we desire is to constantly leap in faith,
quantum baby,
and grow wings on the way down
for even if we crash and burn
we simply rise as the phoenix from the ashes.

It’s this frequency that I have embraced
activating it as part of my DNA
and this is the frequency that I HOLD for my clients.
Which is why
in my presence
their bullshit blows up
as masks crack
lies they tell themselves, to the point where they are convinced it’s the truth, gets revealed
and for the first time in their lives
they have to get real
and deal
with the mess that happens when an Alpha finally chooses to

I have no judgement.
I have no shame.
I only have compassion for my clients,
for my Alpha Females,
for I understand that the lies was the only way she could get through a life lived out of integrity,
thinking her standards are too high
when in fact her tolerance is too high.
Thinking there’s something wrong with her that she can’t wrap her head around believing people are weak and need medication for every emotion
when in fact her emotions guides her to truth.

Been there, done that faster and harder than most so that I could do the work I came here to do by BEING who I came here to be.

I’ve been saying that 2020 will see the Rise of Alpha Females.
It’s not a physical getting your arse off the floor Sunshine,
it’s a raising in your frequency
to where you authentically vibrate
in harmony with your Creator
unleashing the true magic running through your veins
through the only vibration that’s ever made any sense to you:

And THAT is the missing piece in everything you’re being preached.

For YEARS I was all about the mind-set (Masculine energy).
It’s all about how we think.
And yes,
that is part of it.
Then I became obsessed with the body-set (Masculine energy).
In fact, if you Google Alpha Females, most of what comes up is physical training – BEAST MODE ON!
And that is part of it.
But what was missing all this time was the heart-set (Feminine energy).
It’s inviting our Inner Alpha to the game
which takes it to the next dimension.

THAT is what unlocks your Alpha Frequency.

Do you see how most operate in the masculine energy of mindset and body-set. That’s why so many Alpha Females struggle to RECEIVE as this is a feminine energy.

It’s also why in my CAA methodology I move the outcome of the masculine mind through the invitation of feminine heart which impacts the action to be balanced!

Until you bring all three parts together,
you’re operating as a high achiever,

Death is inevitable,
Thrive is a choice in frequency.

Live with honour,