Why are we clinging to the rules?

I’m bored.
Are you bored?
Not with life – but with the fucking RULES:
of how we’re supposed to do business
of how we’re supposed to do relationships
of what we’re supposed to say and more importantly NOT say
of what we’re supposed to eat and NOT eat.
Shit, we even have people telling us how to breathe!!!

It’s just sooooo tedious to constantly hold myself back because heaven forbid I should fuck it all up
thereby pissing on the egos of those writing the rules.

Sometimes it feels as though there’s a squad whose sole purpose is to suck the fun out of everything.

Let’s take business as an easy example –
how would you do business if there were ZERO rules?!
No marketing rules.
No sales rules.
No nothing.
How would you do business in a way that feels fun and uplifting and orgasmically satisfying as you bring your unique gifts to the world and exchange it for money,
as money is our current exchange currency,
with no pushing or pulling or fear of ‘am I doing it right?’ or ‘what’s wrong with ME that it’s not working the way it apparently works for everyone else’?

What would you create if there was no cap on your creativity? If instead of thinking “what will make me the most money the fastest?” you thought “What’s not been done before that will just blow my people away with absolute delight?”

What would you say if there were no rules on how you use your words – yes I know, I’m constantly told that I don’t say it proper and I should go take a course in writing,
you know what they can do with their course…
Why on earth would I want to take the energy of words and put them all in a neat row like little ducks when I could have them dance wildly across the page,
increasing the pace and rhythm at just the right time to have your juices flowing a little more,
or slowing it all down, allowing a moment for introspection,
a gentle smile,
an unexpected laugh,

What would you post if nobody told you what you can and can’t say and how long you can say it for,
you just let the message through,

your truth in this moment,
sharing your experience and what you’ve learned on this incredible planet,
not because you want to convince anyone to change their minds or their ways,
just sharing from a space of deep and unconditional love and allowing those with similar values and desires to resonate and learn thereby empowering them to get ahead faster and in the process ensuring faster progress for all.
What would it feel like to actually use your motherfucking vocal chords the way they were intended instead of talking the way we’ve been taught to fart in public.

but you don’t believe in the good in humanity, do you?
Not really…
You think that if we let go of the rules anarchy would reign as people will go out to screw others over and say mean shit.
yes and I believe THEREIN lies our ACTUAL problem.

People have stopped believing in the good of people!

We’ve bought into the story that people are born bad and we should use all the days of our lives to try and make up for our imperfection, except, you know, you’re BAD and the world is filled with BAD temptation so you’re pretty much doomed.

We’ve bought into the story that there’s only one pie that everyone has to share and that if you take more than your bite, someone else goes hungry – which I guess is fair in a culture of mindless consumerism instead of consciously creating from a space of unlimited abundance which creates MORE abundance.

We believe that we are responsible for everyone else, responsible for their thoughts, for how they perceive us, for how they feel, for their actions, for their results.
In the process we turn our focus outwards, continously putting out fires whilst all the while our internal world is teetering on the brink of insanity.
And you might have noticed that the attempt to keep everyone else happy, never succeeds.
For you are not the god of another – they are free to feel however they want to feel, think whatever they want to think, do whatever they want to do.

You might think me crazy,
but I don’t see the point in believing people are inherently bad and that I’m generally going to get screwed over, and that I have to have anus-tight contracts in place to ensure people do right by me, or that I have to create my art in a certain way.

I would much rather be that weird freak constantly changing my game, experimenting, failing, thinking people are saying nice things even when they’re not.
I would much rather get to my death bed knowing I actually gave it my all in this time-space dimension by living outside of the box.
I would much rather be rejected by the masses than rejecting any part of myself ever again.
I’m done being ashamed of my life experience or any part of it.
I’m done being afraid of doing it ‘wrong’ when I believe that I live in a friendly Universe that always has my back and that regardless of what I do or where I am right now, it is perfect for where I desire to be next.

My name is Anel, and I am the instigator of a thrive evolution for Alpha Females.

Creating a space where alphas give themselves permission to see the good in others and to have that reflected back to them.
A space where alphas give themselves permission to share the crazy shit in their heads as they know they will not be judged but instead asked the provocative questions from a space of genuine curiosity thereby allowing conversations to bring massive insight, healing and new creativity.
A space where there are no rules as each takes full responsibility for her thoughts, her emotions, her actions, her life and from this space operates with integrity and honour.

If you’re an alpha female with PASSION and PURPOSE,
an alpha female who KNOWS that you’re here for something big,
an alpha female who CHOOSE to operate from heart,
welcome Darling.

It’s our time now.
Let’s play.

For death might be inevitable,
but by the gods we will thrive until then!

Live with honour,


Anel is the Instigator of a Thrive Evolution for Alpha Females.

Her work is aimed at empowering women to trust themselves and their intuition, reclaiming their authentic voices, and creating a life they’re madly in love with.

Through enhanced self-love, self-worth and self-confidence they know the satisfaction and pride of a woman who lives unapologetically aligned with her purpose.

Those ready to step up and receive support on their journey are invited to connect through a potential partnership consultation.