WHY are you castrating your magic?

This is not a debate,
this is me inviting you,
from a space of unequivocal love,
to open your eyes to the remote possibility
that you just might be full of shit.

Opting for a ‘sweet ride’
just because you got tired of having a little roughage,
you’ve become constipated
with mundane existence.

From a vibration of
same shit different day
you’ve allowed yourself to sink into a life
of less then
fucking spectacular
and anything less than lifegasmic
is spiritual and creative suicide
for an Alpha Female.

It’s time for you to pay attention
to your language Darling.
I’m listening
and all I hear
is you telling me why YOU have started believing
that their made-up rules have any power over you.
Of how they are even remotely applicable to you
when you,
my precious,
came here
to create like a god!

It’s time for you to pay attention
to your thoughts.
The ones you have about the fallacy that you don’t NEED elegance,
as long as it’s functional it’s good enough.

Just to be completely transparent:


That is ballsack talk and I won’t hear any of it.

Life is supposed to be a RICH experience
that WE get to create.

You have been gifted
to enhance your life experience

Why on earth would you not want to create a
in every room,
every conversation,
every moment
of your life?

I’ll tell you why not:

Because you’ve become fucking lazy!

It’s too much effort to take the time to sit your sweet arse down and decide on the experience you desire to have.
To take the time to see what is being done by others with exceptional standards for themselves and their worlds.
To take the time to create ‘mood boards’ for everything from your home to your wardrobe to your brand to your health to your romance.
Allowing your body to FEEL THE VIBRATION you ultimately desire to experience,
the one that has your pussy throbbing with absolute delight,
wet with anticipation,
ripe for creative forces,
powerful joob joob.

It’s too much effort for you to spritz your journal with perfume,
to light the candle,
to find just the right music,
that invites your Supreme Feminine into the conversation with your Supreme Masculine.
Infused with juicy desires
you watch as your pen cast spells onto the page,
into the creative fabric of the Universe,
all that will bring you to a state of joy and delight
the energies of manifestation
which has your Supreme Masculine pay attention
and once he understands your exact standards
bows his head
“Yes my Lady – your wish is my pleasure”
and then
get out of the way and allow him to deliver.

It’s too much effort for you to pour the glass of wine or coffee or juice or whatever tickles your fancy,
to put on the sensual saxophone melodies
and taking your sweet time,
prepare a meal
infused with love and creativity and artistry

for yourself.
And, if you have someone you adore,
they get to share in the experience of nourishment not only of the body, but the soul, the heart, the mind.

It’s too much effort for you to go within
smashing down their rules in your mind
walk away from the tribe mentality
no more victim talk
no more scarcity thoughts
and from a space of complete stillness,
bring to humanity
new possibilities
new creations
never seen or thought of before
which is how we can create
a better next year
for future generations.

But here’s the catch:


You have to be willing to smash YOUR self-imposed rules,
you have to walk away from YOUR tribe,
you have to stop being a victim,
you have to stop living in scarcity.

That’s right Sweet-pea,
you have to BE the fucking change you want to see in the world.

Sitting there
telling us what you want to see happening
doesn’t mean Jack-Beans.

Sitting there
complaining about the powers that supposedly control
doesn’t change Jack-Beans.

In fact
you have to become blinde to the bullshit
and bring all your focus
all your energy
all your creative powers
to your desired frequency.

takes discipline!

It’s time for you to stop pretending
things don’t matter to you
as we both know you’ve simply given into the suffocation of mediocrity
allowing it to castrate your magic.

You’re going to die,
I don’t understand why you would continue to choose mundane existence,
when you can choose to thrive.

Live with honour,