Why I don’t buy into New Year’s Resolutions and other mediocre bullshit

You can always see when the year starts creeping towards its end.

For one thing, more and more people start asking about New Year’s Resolutions.

Have you achieved them?

What are you going to set up for 2019?



I want you to understand right now that these little celebrated social practices,

are complete

and utter


It’s nothing more than an excuse for average people to NOT step the fuck up,

to NOT commit fully,

right now,

in the moment.

It’s nothing more than a waste of your precious time because quite frankly Darling,

nobody expects you to keep your word.

Honestly, if you’re serious about change,

if you’re aspirations are your non-negotiables,

you make the commitment to change IN THE INSTANCE OF AWARENESS.

You don’t connect to your goals,

your vision,

your dreams,

on a deep DEEP level,

the level that has you on fire,

the level that has you jumping around fist pumping the wall,

and then say,

‘okay so I’ll stop my shit in 3 months from now and start taking the aligned action.’

It’s the same as all those times that you shout from the rooftops that

you’re going to sculpt a killer body,

starting Monday.

It’s when you say that you’re going to quit smoking

once you’ve finished the pack.

That you’re going to be a phenomenal lover and partner

once you’re stress free.

That you’re going to be fully present

once you’ve finished the next Destiny raid, and the next one, and the next one.

Oh please,

why don’t you just go sing to a choir of toads.

Because I can’t listen to the cacophony of empty promises a moment longer.

The fact that we consider this as ‘normal’

is just sad and my personal opinion is that you completely and utterly reject it.


Stop doing the stupid shit that normal people are doing.

Stop making the excuses for NOT being your BEST version self that normal people make.

If you’re a born achiever,

and I’m not talking lip service Darling,

I’m talking the real deal,

where NOT achieving is soul-suicide,

making you feel sick to your stomach,

retching in the stench of disappointment,

I want you to list down all the ‘normal’ things you are constantly hearing.

Either from the mouths of idiots,

or maybe even an echo of your own voice.

Ask yourself,

‘is this seriously acceptable to me?’

And if it is,


Why would you settle for anything other than excellence from yourself?

Why would you choose to continuously look in the mirror, dread and disappointment reflected in your eyes?

Why would you set yourself up for a life of emptiness, shuffling along in the line of the walking dead?

Why would you not kick your own arse?

I want you to list out all the ‘normal’ things you’re constantly doing.

Are you still setting New Year’s Resolutions?

Are you still setting goals and then mapping out what you will do differently next week, giving yourself today off?

Telling yourself that you just first need to get your mindset right?

I want you to list out all the stupid shit you’re clinging to even though you KNOW in your heart that it’s sabotaging your dreams.

All those toxic chemicals you insist on digesting.

All those mind-numbing activities you insist on doing at the end of the day.

All those energy vampires you insist you need because “This is love”.

Ask yourself,

when will you sacrifice the low vibrational things SO THAT you may receive your high vibrational desires.

If not now, WHEN??

Commitment doesn’t happen on the first of January.

Commitment doesn’t happen on Mondays.

Commitment happens NOW – or it doesn’t actually happen at all.

I work with those who are ready to commit in the moment.

Those who don’t tell themselves that next week, next month, next year will be different.

Because they understand that for things to change, they have to make different choices RIGHT NOW.

If you’re reading this, feeling triggers going off like a fireworks show,

and you’re done with your own excuses;

If you’re ready to raise your standards, ready to magnify your ambitions, ready for a real challenge,

then let’s connect.

But only if you’re serious about committing to your goals.

Zero excuses.

No hesitation.

Only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

With love and appreciation,