Why I’m no longer available to ‘work with clients’…

I’m done
with man-made rules of any kind.

I’m done
with the rules of engagement on any given platform.

I’m done
with the rules of what I can and can’t say,
can and can’t do.

I’m done
with the rules of how to live my life
as depicted by ghosts.

I’m done
with operating like a normal human.

When you and I both know by now
that there’s zero fucks normal about us.

So why keep pretending…

After all,
if I’m going to insist my ‘clients’ take off their masks
I have to lead by example.

So let me explain why I will no longer
‘work with clients’.

I am redefining my Empire of Impact.
As the saying goes:
“My castle, my rules”
I am redefining the nature of my relationships.
I am redefining my standards for thrive.

This morning
as I sat deep in meditation
I connected to the souls I love
without restriction.

Those for whom my heart has released all perceived boundaries
as our energies have become
forever intertwined
through contracts of love.

It started with the essence of my boys,
the essence of one whom I shall not yet name,
the essence of one who sings to me and makes me dance,
holds space for me to rant and rave,
my precious one,
the essence of the woman who loved me into existence,
the essence of the man who supports her,
and then
the essence of my Alpha Sisters appeared
one after another.

And I realised
that I no longer have ‘clients’,
I have started building my pack of Alphas
with whom I will walk all of my days.

Because when I hear her saying
“I have so much love for you”
at the end of a call,
and I FEEL her love as an echo of my own,
I sit in silence as tears of gratitude flow freely in appreciation of the life I get to live.

My pack is called by the frequency of love,
the vibration required to gain entry.
It is the frequency of truth.
Where shame is obliterated and women are set free to express their journeys without fear of judgement.
Every journey is witnessed through compassion and appreciation as wisdom is shared for the upliftment of the entire pack.

I realised that guiding my Alpha Sisters on their paths of soul purpose
is not only MY purpose
but my inspiration.

Do you have any idea what it feels like to have an Alpha family
where every individual player has a high standard of excellence?
It’s why they invest to be guided by me
and why I continue to invest with my mentors and master teachers to be of incredible value to my pack.

It also means that the standard for entry
has just been raised to a new level.
As it’s easy to ‘sign up a client’
and work with them for the duration of their allocated time
and then…
Well, it was fun…

Like a high-classed prostitute – I have nothing against prostitutes as they fulfill a crucial role in society –
I’m simply choosing to evolve my empire into the realm of the Lover archetype.

It’s a whole new ball-game to connect with pack members.
Understanding as well
that just because you have come into our circle
does not guarantee that you will go the distance.
We are not the codependent modern family where respect is taken for granted and abused, ruled by fear, a space of permission for members to be their worst selves.
Fuck that shit.

My pack is fierce in their commitment to do the work they came here to do.
The pace is FAST and it is RAW.
We are not pretty girls playing around a camp-fire singing soothing songs.
We’re Alpha Females who FEEL deeply.
We have LIVED the shadow side.
We have BEEN the shadow side.

We choose to walk in the dark,
eyes blind to the illusions created by shadows cast from light,
requiring faith to be led by an unexplainable feeling.

THIS path is not for the faint of heart.

I hold a space where my sisters can RAGE
without fear of harming anyone
as our collective forms the protection required
for a powerful woman to break down
break through another layer of bullshit
so that
she can illuminate and destroy another ego lie
freeing herself
through truth
through love.

It is a space where ONLY truth is tolerated.
So if you’re one who prefer clinging to your lies
that you’re fine
that you’re perfect
that you can do it on your own
that you don’t have the resources available to you – whilst chanting that you BELIEVE in an abundant Universe
this is not the space for you.

If you want to keep holding on to your masks
that says you have all your shit together
that you already know it all
that you are a guru
and that you have nothing left to learn or improve
this is not the space for you.

If you want to be popular
if you want to be one of those given the noddy badge of ‘social influencer’
if you want to be seen as ‘good’
if you want to ‘motivate’ others to ‘feel good’ whilst they are secretly pissing their pants in shame because YOU won’t give them permission to be real
if you want to save others because you’re focused on their weakness
if you want to only talk about the fluffy shit that people WANT to hear as they don’t want to deal with the reality they’re creating in the absence of integrity
this is not the space for you.

I’m happy for the rest of the world
to keep ‘doing business’.

I’m creating a space for an Alpha Pack
guiding my family.

And now you know…

For death is inevitable.
Alphas choose to thrive.

Live in truth,