Alpha, THIS is why you will not thrive…

The sadness runs deep inside me today
as I see you
I feel you
struggling with the storm that IS you.

Cultural bullshit dictate you reject who you truly are
in your raw form,
without the well rehearsed niceties
and appropriate behaviours.

It says that in order for you to thrive
you have to study the right books
give them the right answers
receive the right accolades
followed by years in service to the machine
they will pay you
in currency called money.

You’ve cracked their code Darling.
You’ve outworked every fucker in the room.
You’ve received the admired titles.
Your bank account is envious,
when it comes to the one thing you desire most in the world
even though you won’t admit it
as it’s seen as a sign of weakness in the arena of high performing women,
you’re desperately out of alignment.

Let’s start by admitting that every Alpha Female desires
her mate.
The One who, through his mere presence
has her let go of any need for empty words.

The One who, with his energy
allows her to release
into her shadow self
no longer needing to prove herself to the light
as he sees beyond her physical attributes and accomplisments
and her essence captivates him.

He is not the little-boy prince of fairy tales.
He is not the slave to her every whim.
He is not the beta who believes himself to be beside an alpha.

For only one of pure alpha energy can ever hold the space required for the Alpha Female’s magic which commands the new to be created from her chaos.

Only He has the authority over demons and angels
to ensure that She is left undisturbed to be in her zone of genius as she brings forth to the world that which is ready to be birthed from her.

She craves him in her restless sleep.
She hungers for him when disconnected.

Once their energies are allowed to merge but for a moment,
the connection is

This idea
in and of itself
is terrifying for most.

Beyond human words
the relationship is

When you try to form words to describe the KNOWING
you fumble and stumble as man-made vowels and consonants are not enough to describe the FEELING.

From the very first extension of his hand
regardless of the distance
you know
that shit just got real.
At first
your natural reaction is to retreat
for it’s crazy
yet it’s true.
As you feel him
the game has just been taken to a whole new level
where you are about to either step the fuck up
into true thrive
or settle for
less than all you’re capable of receiving in this life.

For how can you possibly receive a being so powerful,
when you’re unable to receive the true power that is you?

How can you receive a being so unapolegitically certain in himself expecting his desires to be met,
when you’re unwilling to completely appreciate your own desires?

How can you receive a being so unconcerned with the drama of man,
when you’re unable to completely respect yourself as one apart of the low vibrational concerns of those who refuse to believe in themselves?

How can you receive the unconditional love of Him,
when you’ve never loved YOURSELF unconditionally.

You see Darling,
every other area in life can be ACHIEVED
through mindset and relentless action.

But the One,
requires you to put aside your conditioned judgements,
your well-worn masks,
to stand before him naked
not only in body
but in essence
and from this space
just BE
through heartset.

The heart that’s been ripped apart so many times before.
The heart that you’ve carefully guarded so as not to get hurt again.
The heart that is ugly from decades of scar tissue.
Which makes you feel soooo fucking vulnerable
that the idea of showing it to anyone
leaves you trembling to your core.

Until you’re willing to let Him in,
until you’re willing to allow Him to see all of you,
because you’ve walked the path of darkness
dropping all your achievements along the way
divorcing all your stories of old
and came to the point of reconnection to your true self
you will NOT thrive.

It is the mutual receiving of the empowered masculine and empowered feminine,
in their true essence,
that restores balance
through love.

THIS is ultimately the evolution of humanity
by releasing all the egotistical pretences
which is nothing more than a pretty prison
and BE
once more.

Death of my physical body is inevitable,
will you take my hand and thrive?

Live with honour,