Why your goals might be screwing you over.

You’re still not getting it Darling.

so why in the glorious fires of hell
do you keep
the shit
they’re doing??

You’re still choosing to operate solely from your head.
your beautiful self into the ground
through your exhaustive lists to tick off
taking relentless action that has you feeling completely overwhelmed
and then
telling yourself
THIS is what life is all about.

Another accolade will make you more valuable.
Another goal smashed will make you more desireable.
As if
a priceless work of art such as yourself
have to do ANYTHING to prove you are enough.

And then,
one day
in a land far far away
you will finally hit the sweet spot
and be

with love
and truth
wake the fuck up.

I know that everyone says that you must set a specific goal
in a specific area
and dedicate yourself to THAT
and THAT alone
which is why the coaching world is filled with people who promise you specific resutls
in a specific area
because quite frankly
that’s all they can do
through their formula
which got THEM success
in THAT area!

Coaching was NEVER about learning a skill!
It was
and is
in it’s purest form
about personal growth, development and transformation
to higher levels of
YOUR magnificent self.

Think about it this way for a moment:

You’re driving a sleek, black as as moonless night, Lamborghini
and you find that all your tires are flat.
You pull that baby into the garage
and you only pump up ONE tyre.

you know,
once THAT tyre is all round and fat and juicy
it will be a sensational ride for you
except you’re not going to stay parked
as you’re told to be going at a hundred miles an hour
all the time
to show us
how good you are.

In the meantime
you’re destroying the rims of the other three wheels
not to mention the sparks you’re creating,
setting fire to the world you love,
all the while
stuffing your ears with deafening music
to drown out the horrendous scraping
as metal meets tar,
convincing yourself that enduring the pain of the uncomfortable AF ride
will be all worth-while
as once THIS one is good and going
you’ll tackle the next.

Oh Hon,
Come now!

better than that.

There’s a reason your tires were flat in the first place
and it’s because you have prostituted yourself
your standards
your truth
your desires
for the sake of belonging to the tribe.

You’ve dimmed yourself down
swallowed your truth
believing them when they tell you that you’re too much
too loud
too passionate
too full on
that your expectations are too high
that you’re impossible to please
so you settled for barely good enough.

Your pain
your suffering
wakes me at night.

The HOWLS of your soul,
the part I call your Inner Alpha,
reverberating in my bones!

A caged animal
left out in the rain
dripping sorrowful tears
onto her bleeding paws,
scraped raw in a desperate attempt to break the bars in front of her,
as she can smell freedom,
but her fear
the stories she tells herself
the stories handed down to her through social mind-fuckery
has her so caught up in her head
that she’s not allowing herself to look right
and see
the fucking door is unlocked!

So focused on the ONE goal in the ONE area!

the reason for your dissatisfaction,
and if you’re honest with yourself
your secret misery,
even though you’re hitting their balls out of the park,
is that you’re not vibrating
on your true frequency
with for an Alpha Female

as anything
down to the coffee you drink
which is NOT on this level
leaves you out of tune
a sour note
which has your entire BEING cringe in distate.

It’s time for you to get back into the training arena.
To strip back all the curtains
you’ve pulled so cleverly
to hide the shadows of yourself
your secret shames
and transmute it into your greatness.

It’s time for you
to find the courage
to walk into the pack,
even as you tremble with uncertainty,
witnessing their fangs dripping blood
joyous in their immense satisfaction
as they’ve finally revealed themselves for who they are
relishing in the chaos and darkness
from which they create original works of art.

It’s time for you
to take off all your masks
and show your scars.
Allowing those who were always on your true frequency
to admire the beauty of ragged edges and bulging tissue
obscuring the ‘perfect’ lines of plaster and plastic
and instead
basking in the warmth of true love
from those who have learend how to truly love themselves.

You can keep suffering until you die
or you can choose to thrive.

and thrive doesn’t happen once ABC is in place (can you feel me rolling my eyes out loud??)

Live with honour,