Will this be another year of delusions and false starts?

This is not a motivational piece.

It’s not in keeping with the celebratory atmosphere currently prevailing.

Everyone high on hope-amine with the potential of 2019 lying ahead.

And maybe you’ve even started taking action on those New Years Resolutions you so love setting!

Maybe you’ve not had a drink in two days.

Maybe you’ve thrown away the cigarettes.

Maybe, OMG be still my beating heart, you’ve even been to the gym today.

Which has you feeling like such a rock star because you’re showing us all,

this time around is going to be different.

This time, you’re going to do it!

All the way to the end.


Just because you’ve said so.

No other reason.

It feels great!

Those around you praising you every step of the way.

They’re so proud of you.

Go you!


Yes, I’m going to be that prick that bursts your bubble.

Because unless you’re doing it drastically different from before,

I’m calling bullshit.

If there’s one thing I’m really not available for anymore, it’s lip-service.

And yes, sometimes action is part of it.

I’ve simply been around the block too many times,

have studied human behaviour for too long,

to actually think that you will get any different results from before

just because you’re riding the wave of new year false starts.

Just fucking stop it.

Stop torturing yourself.

Stop setting yourself up for failure.

Stop going through the hardship of getting started,

the discomfort of change,

the pain of detoxing,

if you’re not committed to the outcome.

Committed to the outcome as set up at the start.

Have you even taken the time to do the foundational work?

Have you sat down and written out the vision of the next level you after successfully achieving your goal?

Have you done the introspection of why you’ve not made these changes before and how you can possibly sabotage yourself on the journey?

Have you connected to the real reason why you’re committed to this outcome?

The reason that rips your heart into pieces.

Tears pouring down your face.

Until you would rather die than fail again.

Have you taken the time to identify who or what you need to get into place to ensure success?

And I’m not talking about your friends and family who will blow smoke up your arse until you give up and then smother you in blankets of understanding and sympathy.

Fuck that shit.

I’m talking about getting yourself professional support.


Have you figured out what stories are running your show,

the ones in your subconscious mind,

on replay,

creating a well of emotion,

driving your behaviour?

Have you created within yourself a clear mental picture of the environment that is in vibrational alignment with your new successful self,

and then identified what in your current environment needs to go?

Have you gone out and started collecting the books that will feed your brain and give you new perspectives and tools and insights?

Have you started researching groups where others have already created successful results in that specific area?

THIS is what COMMITMENT TO SUCCESS looks like.

Anything else,

I’m rolling my eyes.

Maybe you’re jumping onto your high horse and saying that you can’t afford to get the support you need.

I call bullshit.

Start adding up how much you’ve spent on your bad habits in the past and you’ll be blown away at the funds available to you right now.

Maybe you’re saying this is a little excessive for what you want to achieve.

Then this piece is not for you.

I’m not talking boring AF mediocre goals and change.

In fact, none of what I say will resonate with you, so save yourself hours of anguish and unfollow me right now.

Maybe you’re reeling with indignation,

telling yourself it’s cold-hearted bitches like me that cause others to feel demotivated.

If you’re still externally motivated, this piece can be your saving grace.

The one that makes you realise that true motivation is an inside job.

And until you OWN that shit for yourself,

you live at the mercy of others.

Look, you can keep going the way you’ve been going.

In all honesty, you’ve been happy enough up until now.

You’ve surrounded yourself with people who ‘love’ you just the way you are.

It feels good to them.

And change will toss all that up in the air.

Which is probably why 99% of people give lip-service,

1% get results.

I’m just keeping it real for you today because I’m tired of people living in a state of delusion.

Which causes continuous internal friction – between what you say and what you do.

Make your actions your word and drop the judgement you have around it.

At the end of the day,

your happiness is what matters.

Only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving is always the choice of those brave enough to be honest with themselves.

With love and appreciation,