The Will To Win In Every Area Of Your Life

Are you sick and tired of sitting down and trying to figure shit out?

Are you done with feeling like you keep following the steps that’s so clearly working for others yet which delivers no results for you?

Are you still hungry for success?

Are you ready to win?

Then I’m going to give you the same advise I’ve given every executive, leader, high flying entrepreneur and creative I’ve ever coached.

Start learning differently.

Understand that these boys and girls bring me in because there’s some serious shit going down in the company they’re struggling to get through.  Or they want to launch something brand new and have hit a block on how to do it in a way that brings phenomenal results.  Or maybe they’ve just had it with their team and they don’t know what else to do to get better results from them.

I listen to their greatest frustrations and real life problems.  I assess the structure of the departments, the personalities involved in their teams, their strengths and areas of improvement.  Then I look at their physical condition and where they’re at mentally.  We set the outcome goals desired in their business and then I inevitably drop the bomb “Pick your poison of sport and enter an endurance race”.

Never what they expect and yes I absolutely get resistance.  They don’t have time (have I seen their calendar??), they haven’t trained in years, maybe they’ll consider just doing a little 5 km race, it’s not on the current agenda, and on it goes.

But I’m relentless because I know that the learning they will get in doing the race is far greater than any degree.  There is magic in doing endurance racing.  A fact that all my clients who embrace this will attest to.  Because every time they come back from the race, they are their next level self.  And the company goals get smashed in record time.

So let me share some of my learning with you and you can figure out if I’m crazy or if it’s time for you to set that endurance race goal.  Whatever I’m sharing I want you to keep asking, how can I apply this to business?

First things first – the reason I go for the long races is simple: it’s a different mind-set and personality who does the more challenging distances plus the course designers assume you’re more competent so they throw in more technical shit.

People who generally do the fun runs are there for just that – fun.  They chat along the way.   They train when the weather is nice and they’ve had a good night’s sleep and the kids have been little angels and life is just hunkey dorey.

Those who go for endurance are all in.  You train regardless of the weather, the kids, how much sleep you’ve had.  You know the race is going to hurt like a mofo and every session you choose to miss is weakness you bring to the line.  By the way, you can even spot them in the short distance races as doing short races is part of the strategy to do the long ones.  But they don’t walk and they don’t chat.  They are focused and pushing and strategizing all the way.

Secondly my clients are generally high achievers and I know that they will be willing to endure shit tons for feeling accomplished.  You simply don’t feel the same from completing the short distance with hundreds if not thousands of people compared to the long distance which always has fewer numbers.  The longer the distance the smaller the number of participants.  You want to be part of the 1% of the 1%.  Not just another 1.

So let’s jump to the actual day.

Any endurance athlete will tell you that the hardest part of the journey is actually getting to the start line.  The amount of hours you’ve had to put in can be quite astonishing for most people.  Each hour of training represents way more than what appears to be fun to outsiders.  You’ve had to sacrifice something along the way to be out there.  Whether that sacrifice was sleep, spending extra time in bed with your partner, the last episode of Game of Thrones, the party all your mates went to last night which you knew was not even an option if you were to get out today.  You’re also sacrificing pretty dresses and spending thousands on make-up because majority of your money is spent on equipment, race entry fees, coaching fees, supplements, rehabilitation sessions – the list goes on and on.  Sacrifice is part of the game.

Training HURTS!  There’s intervals, power training, endurance training, tempo training.  Physically you’re hurting most of the time.  Actually that’s bullshit – except for the few minutes warming up, you hurt all the time.

Training means training your mind.  You know that you will never finish that race unless you believe you can.  And quite frankly Darling that takes a strong mind.  Your mind will give up long before your body – this is a fact. You stop the moment the voice in your head says “I’m done”.  Game over.  Never before that.  So you have to train that bitch and control her to do your bidding.

Standing on that start line there’s a level of respect between the competitors that you won’t find anywhere else.  You look around and you truly SEE people for who they are.  You don’t just see the skinny bodies – you see the hours of dedication, sacrifice, determination, focus.   You see them raw – trust me, everyone is shitting themselves.  You see magnificence.  Whether they get to the finish line today or not doesn’t matter.  They’ve earned the right to stand next to you.  And you bow down to that with respect (of course also mentally comparing yourself and picking at least one that you’re determined to beat to the finish line.  Oh come on!  It’s fun!)

Then the gun goes off and so do you.  Adrenaline wants to take over and this is your first call to discipline and strategy.  You have to know yourself, what’s your strength and what’s your weakness?  I know I’m slow as shit, but I’m a diesel engine baby.  I can keep going at the same pace for-fucking-ever.  I’ve learned that getting caught up in the excitement of the start and going balls to the walls bites me in the ass every time.  I blow and then my goose is cooked.  So I slow down to speed up.  This is MY race!

Oh that’s the other thing.  Most people who do endurance races are NOT there to compete against others.  They are ultimately there to compete against themselves.  Against the pain in their bodies.  The pain in their minds.  How far and how hard can they push themselves today?  Which obstacles can they overcome?  Which barriers can they break through?

Then there’s the journey that happens on the race.  There’s an emotional roller coaster that you won’t find anywhere else.

You start off feeling like the Hulk – Yeah, I’m invincible.  I’ve got this!

Then creeps in the lows – OMG this is hurting so much, everyone is overtaking me, I’m such a loser, of fuck I don’t think I can make it to the end.

There’s hope – Wooohoooo a water table!  I’ve made it to the water table.  Oh thank you God for the water table.

Anger – who the fuck designed this course?  I’m going to kill the asshole.  What were they thinking adding all these hills?  Inconsiderate bastards.

Determination – I will show you motherfuckers!  You’re not going to beat me today.

More hope – only 5 kms to go.  I can do this.  Fuck yeah!  I’ve got this bitch.  All the way, all the way.

The darkness – I can’t do it.  So near yet so far.  Where’s the fucking end????  They said only 2 more kilometers and I swear I’ve done another 5.  Lying bastards.  It hurts so much.  I don’t want to do this anymore.  Where’s my mommy?

Along the way you see others ending the journey due to injury or fatigue.  Not all days are created equal.  Every athlete knows this.  Every athlete knows that you can do all the preparation, all the work, and on the day something goes wrong and it’s just game over.  Your heart goes out to these athletes.  You always call out to them, acknowledging how far they’ve come.  There’s so much camaraderie and compassion on these races.  Nobody ever relishes in the failure of another.  There’s a lot humanity can learn here.

And then, finally, you hear it.  The music playing.  The voice over the speaker system.


Thank you God!





You dig deeper than you thought you had.  Your legs pick up speed.  You have no idea where the strength is coming from, but it’s there.  It’s been there all along.  You just had to get rid of all the BS stories and the ego to uncover it.

When you get to that finish line the crowd goes wild.  They don’t care how long it’s taken you.  They don’t care what position you came in.  In fact with majority of the seriously hard-core races you will find the winners back at the finish line to honor the last athlete.  Because they know it hurt that warrior way more.  We acknowledge that at endurance races.

There’s the elation – that lasts about 5 seconds by the way.  I’m not even kidding.

The last bit of adrenaline soaks the ground around you and the real pain sets in.  You crumble to the floor and you promise yourself and everyone around you that you will NEVER do this crazy shit again.  You’re done!  You’re hanging up the boots.

Three days later you’re sitting on Google looking for the next race.  That’s the true addiction of accomplishment.

Shit this piece is getting long and I can say so much more.  I can write a book!  Maybe that’s what I’ll do.

But are you starting to get it?  Can you see how all of this can be applied to every one of your goals, whether in business or your relationships or your lifestyle?

Do you get it?

Can you see why the CEO of a multi-million dollar company will come back from this event and walk into that boardroom a changed man?  A wiser, more powerful man.   A man who’s in it for the long haul and thinks strategy rather than adrenaline.  Because somewhere along the line he stopped comparing himself to the rest of the field and went inside.  Understanding that nobody is going to get him to the finish line other than himself.

If you don’t, get on a call with me and I’ll help you connect the dots because this shit is life changing.

Stop looking around you!  Fucking nobody is going to make you successful.  That’s all up to you Darling.

Yes people can share with you what has worked for them.  But personally very little of what works for others works for me and I’m willing to bet you’re the same.

That’s because you’re a leader, not a follower.

You’re a creator not a consumer.

When will you take the plunge and start the journey to your endurance race?  Because you and I both know it all starts with a decision.  A decision to say HELL YES to yourself and getting the fuck out of your comfort zone.  It’s about embracing the learning and the journey and a willingness to face your own demons.

I can guarantee it will hurt.

I can guarantee it will change you.

If not now, then when?

If not you, then why the fuck not?

Death is inevitable.   Thriving is a choice.


With love,


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