Will you ever burn those bullshit stories to the ground?

This one is for my global soul-family, my highland soul comrades-in-arms, you know who you are – thank you!


What if today I came face to face with my Creator?

What if she asked me why I played so small?

Why I held back?

Why I neglected to use the force which creates worlds, which has always been available to me?

Why I didn’t show up more radiantly – attracting those ready to rise?

Why I settled for mediocre anything in my life when limitless abundance has always been my birthright?

Why I didn’t give myself permission to love freely?

Why I didn’t stand on that stage, sharing my message with millions?


What would I say to her?


Well God,

as you know,

I grew up as that awkward kid who never felt like I belonged.

I walked like a duck resulting in endless teasing, crushing my self-confidence.

That definitely made me want to hide.

I was told that I’m obstinate,

never following the rules,

resulting in tons of trouble, scolding and punishment.

Remember how I grew up poor and then went bankrupt in my thirties?

How about the fact that my parents modelled a broken marriage,

and then I lived my own Nightmare on Elm Street?

That really slowed me down.

Then there’s all those who tried to break my body with their fists, crush my spirit with their words.

That wasn’t very nice.

There’s all those years when I was told I’m a cold fish.

All those people who didn’t like me.

All those who abandoned me when I started showing my true colours.

It hurt like a mofo.

So of course it makes sense that I would pull back.


Don’t even get me started on the fact that I’m simply NOT good with technology.

I must be the only person on the face of the earth who managed to wipe clean every piece of memory and programming on a computer.

I suck at the whole online marketing thing.

Every time I invest in their colour-by-numbers systems and then,

when it’s time to implement,


The unoriginality of it all filling me with the urge to shit my pants.

I don’t understand why I have this insatiable hunger to do it my way.

It must be a short-circuit in my hypothalamus. 


I’m not a nice person God.

When people want to sit and make small talk, or tell me about how hard life is every day,

my eyes roll backwards and I want to just RUN AWAY!

No wonder they don’t like me.

It must be true what he said:  I’m a cold, insensitive heartless bitch.

Plus, I have this tendency to say what I think and people don’t like that very much either.


I think you put me on the wrong planet.

I think you dropped me into the wrong time-space dimension.


Actually, yes,

it’s not my fault I lived like a pussy God.

You fucked this one up.




Would I say that?

Because looking back, it’s very close to the story I told myself for most of my life.

All the excuses I’ve used over the years (with another two truck-loads we don’t have time to unpack today),

as if this gives me a valid reason to NOT be all of who I am.


Now you can sit there and think to yourself “Yip, this chick has finally lost that fucking screw”

You can say thank goodness YOU’RE not so full of shit.

That YOUR stories are way more valid and real.

That YOU know that you’ve simply done your best and that should be good enough.


You could do that.

I did that too.


Until I decided to get real with myself.


The truth is, NONE of us have reached our full potential yet.

If we had, we would be dead.

I’m still breathing.

You’re still reading.

We’re not done yet.


I also happen to know that I’m quite the shy and timid little old woman

who really don’t like drawing attention to myself.

I suspect that’s one of the reasons I LOVE coaching –

I get to melt into the background,

holding the space for my clients to absolutely SHINE on stage.


I can do it because I have continuously (and continue to) created evidence in my own life of what is possible.

I have taken my greatest fears and used them as the instrument for my most epic adventures.

I have taken my most painful experiences and transmuted them into the burning flame of love inside of me.

I have taken my most humiliating moments and created a foundation for an unshakeable sense of humour.

I have taken my unexplainable rebellious nature and use it to fuel my creativity.


This has blessed me with the talent to see past my clients debilitating stories and fears,

right into the very core of them,

their unlimited potential.

I place them centre-stage of their lives,

and the moment the curtain rises,

they show the fuck up 

and I stand in the wings

tears pouring down my face,

in awe of them:

their beauty, their power, their radiance, their talent revealed.


My clients rock my world.

Without a doubt.


And why do they get on that stage, legs trembling yet trusting?

Because I have created inside of myself a bottomless well of courage Darling,

from which they can freely draw,

until their own overflows.


YES, this is the power of our lives.

This is what we were born to do.

Our stories of pain,

of failure,

of fear,

becomes the stuff of legends.


And right now, the world needs more legends.

The world needs YOU.


Yes YOU.

I don’t care what your story is right now of why you’re not worthy of absolute fucking MAGNIFICENCE.


A belief is just a story you’re telling yourself over and over again.

It’s just a story.

And you keep starting the next chapter regurgitating that which you’ve told us before.




How about you take this weekend and go write down your own stories.

The ones you know you’ve been telling yourself your entire life,

that got you to this point.

Then highlight the EPIC shit,

the ones that serve you greatly,

evidence of the fact that you’re a motherfucking magician Babes.

Tear out those pages,

and burn the rest.

Let that shit go!


Come Monday,

you get to write your next chapter.

Starting ONLY with your badassery.


Fucking exciting yes?


Looking back now, my life is a priceless collection of evidence of a strong and independent woman who turned fear-laced limitation into courageous thrive, providing all the material required to inspire and impact millions.


So God, I guess you got it right after all 😉


Yeah, I can hear her laughing her arse off in delight.


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.


You know I love you,


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The ones who are prepared to do whatever it takes.

I’m unfiltered, passionate and I don’t pull my punches.

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