Will you FINALLY surrender to the muse?

The only way I can think of describing it is
complete and utter surrender.

Such as when a woman finally meets that rare speciman of an alpha male who has the emotional maturity and strength to hold space for her.
Allowing her the freedom to lie back,
close her eyes,
releasing all her inhibitions,
enveloped in raptures of pleasure all night long.

This is what it’s like to create with your muse.
It’s an entanglement of energetic bodies
as sweat makes your fingers slippery on the keyboard
electric tingles running through you,
and you could allow yourself to play into the nerves
or you can let go
and willingly receive the message.

She demands total surrender to her,
to drop the struggle and the fight of your fear.
She will not colour inside the lines
or take the shape of their cookie cutters.
She is beyond the game of numbers and statistics.
She sure as fuck won’t dance on demand to pay the bills.
And if you think that you can get away with watering her down,
you’re sadly mistaken Darling.
For she doesn’t play those games and you’re either going to be faithful to her,
you’re going to be faithful to your fear.
You have to choose.

Everyone has met their muse at some stage of life.
Most choose to imprison her at a very young age,
bowing down to the cult of average and trading their true creative power of thought for the price of ‘perceived safety’ and approval.
Giving away their right to think for themselves,
to speak for themselves,
to fail repeatedly without care of shame,
opting instead for mundane existence that will lead to white picket fences and a fridge full of wine to numb the pain.

Others make it a little further down the road
all the way to young adulthood with their rebel clothes and screw you attitude.
But even they eventually cave under the pressure when disapproving parents, combined with an insurmountable amount of credit card debt, finally becomes too much.
So off they trot to stand in line
heads hung in defeat
growing old overnight as the stress of self-abandonment takes a heavy toll on the body
and no amount of botox or tucks can hide the evidence of a woman void of self-respect.

Maybe you’re one of the rare ones
who reached your thirties or forties
maybe even your fifties
and then you decided you simply couldn’t tolerate the suffering one day longer.
That the suppression of your truth, the sacrifice of your desires, the imprisonment of your muse,
is simply NOT worth ANY amount of money,

as their lies have been revealed and you now see how the system is nothing more than a fear-induced enslavement of humanity.
So you couregeously say that THIS year you’re going to DO IT!

THIS year you’re going to start writing,
THIS year you’re going to start coaching,
THIS year you’re going to start singing,
THIS year you’re going to start doing what you came here to do
and then…

You go sign up for another fucking course that will teach you the correct ‘how to’…

Because you still don’t get that ‘creative’ entails the NEW as in, not the same.
You still don’t trust that you were born with your blueprint of your success.
Instead you get the piece of paper that says you can now do what you came here to do
the same mothereffing way everyone else is doing it.


I know you’ve had glimpses of what it will feel like to dance to your own beat.
Arms flung overhead as you swing your hips and allow your head to roll back,
eyes closed,
sweet music inviting the movement to naturally occur as your body already knows what to do,
she always has,
you always have.

You feel it when you read something that sounds like the voice in your head,
the voice in your heart,
and it makes you sigh with longing for more.

You feel it when you hear something so out of the ordinary that it makes you sit up and pay attention.
The sound of passion unmistakeable and even if it doesn’t make any logical sense,
you don’t care,
as the EMOTION takes over and the thrill of excitement is undeniable.

Or you see something and it is just so provocative that your pussy starts pulsating in response to the undeniable essense of LIFE and you know that if you continue this lack-lustre existence, you will end up killing yourself,
and your children in the process because hunny,
we NEVER came here to replicate.

Not US.

Not Alphas.

We came here as part of the 1% meant to BE the change.
Those born to disrupt the status quo,
to say fuck all the rules and the little bandwagon they’re driving,
to be an example of what THRIVE looks like, feels like, and THRIVE does NOT happen inside a box!

Look Buttercup,
is an all or nothing game.

Unlike marriage or a job or diet pills,
there’s no cheating faith.
You either BELIEVE the Universe has your back and that you were born for the crazy vision that won’t let go,
or you don’t.
You either BELIEVE that the muse will always be there,
every day,
at the divine right time,
to give you the inspired words,
the inspired action,
or you don’t.

And yes,
you can absolutely choose to give in to the fear and follow the proven way and make some money,
but are you HAPPY????
Are you PROUD of yourself and the work you share with the world?
Are you SATISFIED at the end of the day when you look at what you’ve just created and whether you make a sale of it or not is irrelevant because FUCK it feels good?
Are you standing in front of the mirror loving what you see, WHO you see?

Because if you can answer NO to any or all of that and STILL tell me you’re doing great,
that what you have is enough,
that you don’t need any of that,
then this is not the space you want to be in because honestly,
I don’t fucking get it.

It’s not that I don’t have compassion for where you’re at,
I’ve been there,
but I REFUSE to say I’m okay with people suffering in silence just because that’s the way of the street, the neighbourhood, the city, the country, the world.

You don’t know when your number is up,
and you can continue bullshitting yourself and say next year,
or you can actually say
fuck this shit
and BE the woman you came here to be.

Free will baby.

Death IS inevitable,
and you can hang in there waiting for the relase from your torture,
thriving is always an option available to those brave enough to free their minds and surrender to the creative juices of their muse.

Live with honour,

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Ten women.
Ten weeks.

I’m not going to teach you THE system, THE rules or THE way,
I’m holding sacred space for women to see things differently so that, from an energy of loving certainty, you can connect to the vision of the life you were born to lead,
by falling in love with who you truly are,
rekindling the pleasure in your body,
attracting sensational relationships,
and then DO the thing you came here to do by BE-ing the woman you came here to be.

You’ll know Unleashed through Love is for you if you’ve NOT been showing up as ALL of YOU, if you’ve NOT been faithful to the muse and you know it’s the source of your suffering, if you’re READY to finally allow yourself to say YES to the only thing that’s ever truly mattered,
you living in integrity with you.

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Ten spaces only so you can keep saying later knowing later always turns into never,
or you can say NOW which is the only women I’m really interested in having in this space.