Will you go beyond lip-service for your children?

When I first had this conversation with myself
it was snotty tissues
sobbing on the bed in foetal position.
And after another weekend of tears,
as a new layer was peeled off,
I’m still feeling pretty raw,
the message wants to be heard so here I am…
Fingers flying over the keyboard whilst secretly cringing inside.

have I not told you?
Erm yes,
this work,
is for the rest of your life.
It’s not a case of you getting to choose something once and then viola,
decades of indoctrination and programming falls away in an avalance of release
and you get to float through life.

Not for Alphas.

Alphas are born warriors Darling.
Not in the sense of we have to fight all day every day,
we take a stand for purpose.
It means we’re willing to do the deep work required to bring healing from the suffocating mediocre mentality reigning supreme at this time.
It means we’re willing to stay connected with our hearts, feel our emotions more intensely than the rest of the human race who tend to suppress and drug emotions because it feels TOO much.
Which is why we’re often told WE’re too much!

But I digress,
hiding from the words you need to hear today.
So here goes,


you did NOT come to this life to give your children more lip-service.
There are billions of women talking way too much, saying all the wrong shit and thinking that it makes them nice.

I believe MY generation of
Alpha Females

made a vow to experience some of the greatest atrocities of our times
so that
we can choose differently
and BE the change we desire for our kids.

Why do I speak so openly about rape, abuse, addiction, bancruptcy, abandonment, etc?
Because I made a decision
that I would NOT allow this shit to spill over to my children
putting it on THEM to do better,
to break familial patterns
whilst knowing I was too much of a ballsack to do it myself.

And yes,
it took me a long time to get to that point,
and yes my children paid witness to my experiences,
and they also get to witness my journey at this time where I say ENOUGH AND NO MORE!
Where I actively seek out familial patterns,
generation after generation.
I allow myself to immerse into the pain it’s causing
for this pain forms part of my passion
from which

I have the immense privilege of working with some of the strongest women walking upon the face of Mother Earth at this time,
women who are achieving incredible results,
women who are living on a higher frequency than most ever will.

Yet they work with me because they know it’s not enough.
They know there’s more they’re not seeing.
Something that’s holding them back from living their best lives,
from being their best selves,
and I’ll tell you that 99% of the time,
it’s the lie
that we have to sacrifice our joy, our well-being, our dreams, our sexuality, our pleasure
for the sake of our children!

I’m going to invite you to see what’s REALLY happening,
and I want you to bring MASSIVE amounts of compassion to yourself and every generation that came before you,
for they did not know,
and neither did you,
up till now.

First of all:
we don’t TEACH our children jack dicks,
we SHOW our children what we really believe
through our life choices.

Every time I ask a woman if THIS is what she desires for her kids
and she passionately shakes her head
‘NOOOOOOOOOO I want much better for my children’
I call

If you’re NOT living your BEST life, you’re showing your children that they are not really supported by the Universe and that THIS is what’s ahead for them.
You’re showing your children that they’re not worthy in and of themselves and they have to work themselves to the bone to DESERVE any measure of joy and success.
You’re showing your children that once a woman has kids it’s game over – ‘sorry for you hunny, your children become your albatross and they are RESPONSIBLE for YOUR suffering.’

Know this woman –
your child is making a subconscious vow
and if she has any love for you
that vow is that she will HONOUR YOUR SUFFERING
by recreating it in her own life.

Unless of course you expect HER to do the healing of this particular familial wound
even though YOU are not prepared to do it
because it’s hard
and it feels raw and tender and you cry
OMG you cry so much
as you’re doing the energetic healing for,
get this:
SEVEN generations forward and
SEVEN generations back.

THAT’s why it hurts so much Alpha!

For every pattern and cycle we choose to bring to completion and heal we do so with a MASSIVE energetic impact.
That’s why I find myself down on the floor
pain breaking me apart
allowing MY TEARS to wash clean the pain of my mother and her mother and her mother and her mother and her mother and her mother and her mother!
It’s a lot of fucking pain and a lot of tears.
I do so with love and with compassion and when I come out on the other side I know that the next seven generations have received this healing!

It’s what I came here to do.
It’s what I’m choosing to do.

Because I refuse to consciously witness a cycle and say
‘Oh I’ll let my kids deal with that one.’

So let me ask you today,
and I want you to be completely honest with yourself:
What are the patterns you witness?
What are the things that you’re ‘enduring’ for the sake of your children?
What are the things that you’re living that you say you don’t want for your chilren?

Get it all out on the paper,
and then ask yourself:
Who will you make responsible to heal this shit?
Will you be the one who says
bringing an end to it thereby choosing to BE the woman you desire your children to be?
Or will you cop out
and keep giving me lip-service
making it your childrens problem to end one day,
or their children,
or their children,
or do you simply not give a damn?

It’s time for us to stop lying to ourselves,
it’s time for us to stop saying that we’re willing to endure because we love our children when we are dooming our children to our fate,
it’s time for us to stop pretending that WE are not here to BE the change,
it’s time for the hypocrisy to stop.

Right now, in this moment, you ARE the woman your children will be.
Are you proud of your choice?

Death might be inevitable but
thrive is a conscious choice to be made.

Live with honour,

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