Will you remain with the dried-up pussy brigade, or choose to thrive?

I rarely talk about this
as most still label me as crazy,
turning away as they feel exposed in my presence,
judged by their judgement of themselves. I in fact don’t judge others, as I’ve lived more shit than people will ever talk about.

My wisdom comes from having experienced emotional, physical and sexual assault and abuse, rape, expulsion, abandonment, bankruptcy, failure, shame, addiction, self-starvation, self-inflicted pain, obesity, suicidal depression, codependency, and more.
I’m not sharing this for any other reason than for you to understand that my learning does not come from books alone, but from living.

I know things,
and if you’re truly an alpha,
you do too.
It’s a knowing that we all have access to
but since it requires
a willingness to see things differently thereby risking being branded as a trouble-maker,
a willingness to question that which we’re preached as truth thereby risking expulsion of the tribe,
very few people allow themselves to know.

It feels safer in the herd.
Stuck in fear
not willing to see without their eyes,
they stay glued to the media as their source of information
thereby simply creating more of what they witness.
Considering the media uses horror, terror, scarcity and fear as the basis of their power of influence,
sprinkled with a ‘feel good’ piece to inject an ounce of hopeamine,
guess what the masses are creating more of?

As an empath my power is not limited to connecting to the feelings of others,
but also to see the patterns created by emotions in the universal fabric as weaved in front of my eyes.

Shit I now know: Humanity is in the midst of an extraordinary evolution.

The days of mindless service to the machine is grinding to a halt and like the dinosaurs of old, those who cling to the idea of results through human doing instead of a human being, are either going to opt out fast or suffer slow as the insanity of mere existence is becoming apparent.

Shit I now know: The gap between those who thrive and those who suffer, is becoming bigger and there will come a time when the elastic band will snap.

It’s YOUR CHOICE which side you’ll be on.
There are NO victims.
There’s NO circumstance that is more powerfull than YOUR decision.

Your choice is reflected by your language so pay attention!

Saying things like “We’re being pushed down” is simply not true.
by the average groups you insist on clinging to as you’re terrified of being alone with yourself,
your thoughts,
your emotions,
knowing in the silence you’ll have to face the truth that you’ve NOT taken responsibility for yourself, your life, your health, your wealth, your purpose!

Shit I now know: Most are wearing a harness of conformity.

Conformity through the disempowered beliefs and thoughts you insist on keeping because everyone else says it’s so.

Conformity through the curse words you use every single day and every other imbecile applauds you as it’s the accepted ‘get out of personal responsibility free‘ cards of a cult that does NOT want you to succeed!

Words like:
not enough
not good enough
if only
one day


Shit I now know: Taking responsibility for others, is nothing more than an unwillingness to take responsibility for yourself.

Saying that you have to suffer because of your parents, is an insult to them and to yourself.
Saying you have to suffer to protect your partner, is an insult to them (I know, I did it for a long time and in the process I WAS the problem).
Saying you have to suffer for the sake of your children,
well that’s not just an insult to them,
it’s just plain vomit-inducing horse manure.

The faster you start making better choices for yourself,
releasing the attachment you have to those around you,
the faster they’ll have the example to make better choices for themselves,
or not,
it’s still up to them.

Here’s what you need to realise as well:
wherever you are today,
is NOT where you will necessarily be tomorrow.
However your CHOICES today,
is a pretty powerful indicator of where you will be tomorrow.

For today is your foundation for tomorrow.

Saying you’ll do it differently tomorrow is BULLSHIT as you’re still making the same decision today as you did yesterday when you said tomorrow.
Saying you can do it on your own,
you’ll just get more resillient,
you’ll simply work harder,
do more,
do better,
is an outright lie!

You’re NOT going to do it on your own.
You’re NOT going to change your words, change your thoughts, change your actions whilst remaining in the same environment.

But you keep lying to yourself Sunshine,
and all those sheople around you will keep applauding you,
blowing smoke up your arse,
because they know
you’ll still be here tomorrow and next week and next year.

You can keep lying to yourself,
but now you know better and you can never again NOT know and it will feel like shit.
Then again,
as long as you choose NOT to thrive,
which let’s be honest here, very few are,
you choose to feel miserable as misery LOVES company.

Death might be invevitable,
but will you be one of the very few choosing to thrive?

Live with honour,

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