Wisdom is not gained through mental masturbation…

My Darling,
what if
the idea that it all has to make sense
is what’s keeping you from experiencing
the exquisite richness
which lies beyond the lines of deduction?

What if
is not to be found in the pages of a book
or on the internet?
Instead, it is to be harvested
through personal experience
through application
through the full engagement of senses
through the sounds which occur
at the precise moment
your eyes caress a new surface
in wonder and amazement?

What if I told you
that the reason you never feel as though you belong
is because the construct you’re using
as a measure of belonging
is false.
Written by another
as their experience,
and instead of allowing yourself to feel it for yourself
from a space of unquenched curiosity
you accept it as true
just because
someone said it is so.

What if I told you
that since YOU are the creator of YOUR life experience
it is impossible for you NOT to belong?
YOU are the centre pièce de résistance!
Everyone else,
simply temporary visitors to your world
called forth by you
to create a feeling…

Some will stay but for a fleeting moment,
as she scans the prices at the check-out counter
perhaps engaging in animated fashion
or being stone still,
others will stay for decades
as they find themselves deeply embedded
within the crevices of your heart.
Your love for them
a soft wool blanket
wrapped around for when they seek warmth
or to be discarded when they seek a fresh burst of cold air.

The duration is completely irrelevant
once you learn deep appreciation
of every breath.
For every breath shared
is a memory created
by YOU
within the fabric of the Universe.

You create therefor you belong in your creation.

How many other ‘truths’
are you eating up
without ever questioning?
In the process
creating an existence of suffering
because what might have been right for another –
then again,
maybe they experienced the pain of a lie
and chose to use it as a tool for manipulation –
could be completely wrong for you?

How many hours of life
are you spending in research
instead of LIVING?

How many experiences will you allow yourself to completely miss out on
because you think that the ‘mental’ stimulation provided through information
can ever be as satisfying
as the real thing?

How much depth in connection
are you sacrificing
as you settle for online relationships
because you’ve decided that you’ve been hurt enough in the physical world?

Instead of using all the pain
the contrast of what you don’t desire
to get crystal clear in the creation of what you DO want.

Implementing your wisdom
in opening your heart beyond what you ever thought possible
as you listen to the sweet caress of his fingers on your skin
hearing without words
the extend of his love for you.

Folding over with laughter
as you helplessly cling to the shaking body of your best friend
delighting in mutual appreciation
of her silly song which makes no sense
but goes where no man has ever gone before.

Have we truly become a society of mental masturbation
telling ourselves
that THIS will bring us closer together?
That THIS has to be good enough?
That THIS will ever create wisdom?

Oh Hun,
good enough is NEVER good enough.

You deserve
and have always deserved

But it takes courage my friend.
It takes a willingness to get hurt.
It takes a willingness to be abandoned by others.
It takes a willingness to be wrong at times.
It takes a willingness to fail.

Above all
it takes a willingness to EXPERIENCE
by having ALL OF YOU
in the game.


Death might be inevitable,
thrive is the choice of the brave.

Live with honour,