Without honour the people perish



For the most part,
words that have lost meaning
in a society
built on

Now, more than ever,
it’s time to stop and reassess,
to acknowledge what’s truly going on,
and make better choices.

You teach your children to lie from the moment they open their mouths and speak the truth.
Telling them they are being rude.
That they are responsible for others feeling bad
as truth
is not always

You lie to your children
telling yourself that you have to protect them
from the pain your choices are causing you
and instead of womaning up
having the transparent conversations so they can learn from your experience
you teach them how much shame there is in fucking up,
that you as a person should always save face,
and that being human is not good enough.

You lie to everyone you know
by NOT sharing the truth
of what happens behind closed doors
even when you know
that millions of others are going through the same motherfucking torture
because heaven forbid, someone actually has to be accountable for their choices.

And I’m not talking about mud-slinging, naming and shaming, victimhood or blame.
and from a space of having dealt with your shit
you share the learning so humanity can wake the fuck up
and smell the stink
of addiction (substances, entertainment, work, exercise, porn, sex, food, shopping, online gaming, pain, the list goes on), neglect, abandonment, abuse.

Oh but wait,
that would make the addict feel bad
as they can’t stop themselves
they are just helpless victims
they need help
in a dark and dingy room where shame drips down the dirty steps
and then we expect them to choose differently.

Fucked up.

You preach authenticity
when you yourself hide behind your brand
where marketing dictates what you can and can’t say
even if it’s your truth in the way your SOUL would say it
because heaven forbid what the people will think
if you actually drop the f-bomb on a public forum.
Or even worse,
you are not predictable
now you’re just confusing the peoples and they can’t trust you!

You want me to be predictable sweetheart?
I’m a fucking tornado of unpredictability – one day the radiance of my smile will blinde you, the next you will run for cover as my rage brings the storms.
I’m predictable in my standards.
I’m predictable in my truth.
I’m predictable in my mission.

As for the rest,
leave them wondering what the hell is coming next 😉

You choose to have a public persona
and a private persona
and then wonder why people are confused when the two don’t add up.
All you’re doing is giving the bored and boring sheople the opportunity to seek out discrepancies and the moment they find one they will drag your sorry arse out to the gallows,
throwing rotten tomatoes and insults,
and you will hang your head in guilt-ridden shame.

Humanity have created yet another mind-prison for those choosing to play by the ‘rules’
instead of allowing themselves to be SEEN
understanding that some will love them
some will hate them.
Not your problem Buttercup.
I’m only interested in YOU being proud of who YOU choose to BE.

You insist on iron-clad legal contracts:
‘Just give me 2 months to study the fine print
and then have my lawyer look it over
and my husband
and actually let me just read it to my dog as well
as I don’t fucking trust myself
so I refuse to trust anyone else
no longer believing in goodness and integrity.’

Oh, but all of this entails two things:
Trust in SELF
PERSONAL Responsibility.

Here’s my invitation to you today:

How about you take off those big-girl panties,
sit in the buff,
in fact,
just take everything off
from your clothes
to your make-up
to your false nails.

Go sit in front of the mirror
and take a real
at yourself
your life
everything you’ve created
or not created
and ask yourself:

  • Does this fill me with pride?
  • Am I speaking my unfiltered truth to myself and to others every day?
  • Am I showing up as my absolute best self in every situation?
  • Do I trust myself completely to the point where I don’t care about a contract or what anyone else does or says or what’s happening in the world?
  • Am I creating good joob joob in my home, in my profession, in my relationships, in my world?
  • Is THIS how I want to be remembered?
  • Is THIS the legacy I want to be?
  • Is THIS what my ABSOLUTE BEST looks like, feels like, speaks like?

If the answer is yes to each of these,
You’re ready to die as there’s no room left for improvement, you’re perfect, you’re complete.

If the answer is no,
if you’re actually still busy with your human experience of growth, learning, improvement,
it’s time for you to decide what needs to change
and for once
to the vision.

We can continue to fuck around
allowing our world to perish
or we can start Alpha-ing UP
and bring back that which was lost so long ago:
love, truth, honour, excellence, creativity, upliftment, deep connection, interdependence, integrity, authenticity.

If you understand that right now you’re so caught up in your lies that you’re unable to distinguish between TRUTH and illusion, and if you would like my assistance in illuminating your fears to reveal your power, let’s connect.

Live with honour,